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Top Fyora Collectibles

by ngc_5128


Are you a fan of Queen Fyora? I know I am. There are plenty of things to admire Queen Fyora for: her beauty, her poise, and her intelligence. Oh yeah, she also rules Faerieland in her spare time. While those are all very good reasons to admire her Faerieness, the thing I like the best is all the incredible swag that bears her name or likeness. Whether you are a fan, an admirer, or an obsessed collector, I hope this list of Fyora items can inspire, or renew, your love for all things faerie queen related.

Deluxe Fyora Day Cake

This delicious cake was first baked to celebrate everyone's favourite queen, Fyora. This cake is pure luxury from bottom to top. The white cake smothered in blackberry icing. No expense is spared in selecting only the finest ingredients. More for a veteran collector or even the more discerning Fyora collector, this cake is not for the novice. You can try to preserve it as best as you can, if you intend to keep it in your collection, or you can do what I did and enjoy every second you spend eating it.

Queen Fyora Rocking Chair

When the furniture makers at Faerie Furniture first made this chair, they didn’t know what kind of winner they had on their hands. This chair was so comfortable, Queen Fyora adopted it as her own personal design after the first time she sat in it. One of their best sellers, this chair is an absolute delight to sit in. It floats a few inches off of the floor, has extra plush cushioning, and the wings on the back can even keep you a little cool when it is hot outside. Even if you hate all things faerie, you must give this chair a chance. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Faerie Queen Doll

This is one of my favourite Fyora items. With adjustable wings and arms, it is great for both collectors and spoiled children to play with. One nice feature is that the glowing eyes light up when you give the doll a squeeze. The only downside to this fanciful item is the price tag. Weighing in at a hefty 2 million neopoints, this is not a doll everyone can afford. This, however, brings me to the best feature this item has to offer. You can meet the Faerie Queen herself by purchasing this at the Hidden Tower, if you can find it. What could be better than adding this to your collection AND meeting your idol?

Fyora Nail Clippers

What is not to like about these fabulous nail clippers? They are purple, they have faerie dust, and they have faerie wings. No matter the appeal, these clippers are an excellent choice for trimming your nails and keeping them tidy. A good tip for all the aspiring Fyora collectors out there is to keep your nails short, or at the least keep them free from snags. You wouldn’t want to accidentally puncture your brand new Fyora ball, or rip your brand new Faerie Queen Doll 20 minutes after you bought it after saving every single neopoints you had for months and months and months. Trust me, it’s worth keeping your nails neat.

Fyora's Magic Airspray

Ever wonder how Fyora manages to maintain a perfectly quaffed do no matter the occasion? Well look no further than Fyora's Magic Airspray. With one spray, your hair can also look great no matter how disastrous, or wonderful, your day turns out. Nobody is quite sure what gives this airspray its incredible hold, but one thing is sure; anyone who uses it doesn’t care, as long as it holds. The atomizer is in the shape of Fyora’s staff, making it a must for collectors.

Chocolate Fyora Crown

Almost every little girl pretends to be a queen sometimes and this chocolate crown can help her live that dream for a few fleeting moments. Big enough to be a decent snack and small enough to fit on the tiniest heads of state to be, it is even sized to fit on the head of an unwilling little brother who was told he had to be the princess of Neopia or he would get both an atomic wedgie and a swirly of the most heinous proportions. Err... scratch that last bit, this crown is for tiny queens and hungry Neopians only.

Fyora's Birdhouse

One of Fyora’s many hobbies is bird watching. Granted, this is kind of hard to do when you live so far above the surface, but she manages to pick her spots when she visits us Neopians below the clouds. If you are lucky, or have the neopoints to spend, you can indulge yourself while birding with a Fyora's Birdhouse. This birdhouse is exquisitely crafted and looks simply amazing, allowing any bird to languish in comfort and style while you examine it from afar.

Fyora Ball

There is only one thing that is better than enjoying a beautiful spring day by playing in your backyard with a ball. I am sure you’ve probably guessed by now that I am talking about playing in your backyard with a Fyora Ball. Fyora collectors will love it for the full colour portrait of Fyora. Ball fans will love it because of a magical enchantment allowing the ball to bounce higher and fly further when kicked.

Fyora's Rule

This book is an excellent read. It contains a chronicle of both the high times and the low times during Fyora's rule as queen of the Faerie kingdom. Great for collectors and non-collectors alike, it functions as an exciting story or a large paperweight with equal aplomb. Just make sure that you don’t shelve it too high; I don’t want to get any neomails with complaints about getting lumps on heads.

Queen Fyora Usuki Doll

This doll is the envy of many collectors. Collectors of Usuki Dolls and Fyora memorabilia both rejoice when they get their hands on one of these ultra rare collectables. This is the doll that will put your collection on the map, making you an elite collector in your field. Rarest of the rare and even more expensive, this is not the kind of item you find in someone’s rummage sale; you will probably only find one of these in an exclusive auction. If you have the neopoints and the opportunity, don’t let the chance to get this doll slip through your fingers, or you will regret it!

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