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Plushies From All Over Neopia

by g_turtle_g


You can go to any shop in the World of Neopia and find at least a plushie or a toy. You might even find them at a plushie or toy gallery. The point is, there are probably millions of plushies everywhere, from a Headless Von Roo plushie to a Cloud Ixi plushie. But what kind of plushies are good for my pets?

Plushies from the Deserted Fairgrounds:

Yes, there are even plushies that come from the Deserted Fairgrounds. If you go there, you might be wondering, 'I heard there are plushies from here, but there are no shops here that sell them!' Do not worry. If you look around, you'll see a wheel. This wheel is called the Wheel of Misfortune. It will be really risky, though. This wheel can make your pet sick, give you neopoints, take away neopoints, turn one of your items into a pile of sludge, etc. However, you'll see a present. I'm not sure if all it gives are plushies, but this is where I won a Headless Von Roo Plushie.

Even though these plushies look deformed like plushies with no heads, or plushies that look like a mixed breed like a Scorcie plushie (a Scorchio plushie head put onto an Eyrie plushie body and they are a rainbow plushie), or even a plushie that has two purple Quiggle heads sewn together that is called a QuigQuig plushie, Neopets still like to play with them. However, just like all of the other Neopets, some Neopets might not like every kind of plushie.

Plain Plushies:

Of course, there are the plain plushies. They are just regular neopets that are either blue, yellow, red, and green. None of these plushies are painted plushies like a white Lupe plushie. Some of these plushies can cost from 1 NP - over 10k NP! Do not ask me why they are that much, but these plushies can cost a lot of money. But, then again, any plushie can make a neopet very delighted.

Painted Plushies:

Since there are plain plushies, there are also painted plushies. Now, you *cannot* paint these plushies with any paint brushes. These are just plushies, not petpets or pets. Painted plushies can cost from around 1 NP - over 10k NP also! These plushies can make a pet as happy as a plushie from the Deserted Fairgrounds.

Petpet Plushies:

There are also petpet plushies. However, try not to mix a petpet plushie from a real petpet that has been painted from a plushie petpet paint brush. For example, petpets that were painted from a paint brush and are not a plushie are called Plushie and then the petpet's name like Plushie Warf. A petpet plushie that is an actual plushie has the petpet's name then plushie. For example, Arkmite Plushie is an actual plushie, not a petpet. However, this plushie has a form of a real petpet.

Another way of telling the difference between a real petpet and a real plushie is the real petpet is colorful. A Plushie Warf is pink with designs and has different colors for different body parts like the feet are blue, the body is pink, and the ring around the eye is yellow. An Arkmite plushie looks like an Arkmite, but it also looks like a plushie.

Paint Brush Plushies:

Like petpet plushies, there are paint brush plushies. These don't look alike, but these can be mistaken for a real paint brush plushie. Do not be fooled by this. If you're at a shop or a trading post, always look at the name of the paint brush and look at the picture of the paint brush carefully. Also, paint brush plushies are a lot cheaper than the real kind. An example is a Baby Paint Brush Plushie, which looks almost like the real paint brush. It was 40k and could've been mistaken as the real paint brush. Be patient and study the picture carefully, or else you might not see the little stitches in the picture.

Magical Plushies:

Have you ever heard of a magical plushie? For example: Magical Fire Lupe Plushie or even a Magical Blue Kyrii Plushie. What do these plushies do? Why are they so expensive?

Magical plushies are more expensive than regular plushies because these can turn your pets into the kind of species and color the magical plushie was. In other words, if your blue Chia plays with a Magical Fire Lupe Plushie, it will turn into a fire Lupe. However, these plushies are getting rarer. You are less likely to find them in a shop, but you can find more of them in the trades and maybe even the galleries. Magical plushies are rarely lower then 95k. Some of them might even go higher into the millions.

Character Plushies:

Of course, there are plushies that are in the form of any kind of character. Pop Tart Plushies are one of them. Character plushies do not have to be in a human form. They can be in a Neopet character form too. An example of a Neopet character is a Sophie plushie. However, you might have trouble finding these with the Shop Wizard. Again, you can find most of these plushies at the Trading Post.

Faerie Plushies:

Yes! There are also faerie plushies. A couple of these plushies are from the Deserted Fairgrounds, but there are regular faerie plushies that can be found anywhere too.

Well, that's about all of the plushies that I know of. A couple of places you can find plushies at are the Marketplace, Island Trading Post, Wheel of Misfortune, Advent Calendar, regular neopet shops (run by Neopets, not users), Snowager, Scratchcard (rare), and any other places that are not listed up here.

No matter what kind of plushie it is, a Neopet will play with it and turn from an unhappy neopet to a delighted neopet. But remember, any kind of Neopet can reject it and say something like 'those are so boring.' Be willing to take chances of your plushie being rejected by your pet.

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