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Fyora's Dream Vacation

by precious_katuch14


Hello, dear readers! This is Kat and Dimitris, the Elite Journalists Of Neopia , or EJON for short. Today's mission is to get an interview from her Highness, Fyora, the Faerie Queen. Our main goal is to penetrate into her wildest dreams; as you know, she hardly rests with all those faeries to keep an eye on. However, today is no normal occasion. This is Fyora Appreciation Day and we'd like her to tell us about her secret dream vacation. Who knows? Maybe some Neopians will offer it to her in the longtime. Let's move on, though, to her castle!

*A few minutes and a couple of trips later*

Kat: Ouch! You didn't have to push me so hard.

Dim: Well, you were going too slow! Okay, so here we are! Wow, is this a castle, or is this a castle? Now, where's the throne room again?

*Several more minutes and a few wrong turns later*

Now, this is EJON, reporting from the Throne Room, Faerie Castle, Faerieland! Here we are with none other than the queen herself, Fyora! Now then, on to the questions!

Fyora: This isn't going to take too long, right? I have a kingdom to rule, after all. Actually, it should be a queen-dom or something. As much as I'd like a break from all this, it is my sworn duty and responsibility to make sure Faerieland is always doing well, and not a single piece of cloud is out of place. Now, if only there was such a thing as a vice-queen...

Dim: Of course it won’t take too long, my Highness. We wouldn’t want to interfere with your busy schedule in any way. Shall we start? *passes some papers to Kat*

Kat: So... even the oldest of Neopians would agree that they’ve never seen the Faerie Queen go on vacations. Why is that?

Fyora: Hah, you wouldn’t like to be in my shoes, I assure you. Things are always running around here. Faerie quests, Sloth issues, running the Hidden Tower... I left for just one day to visit my sick mother and you witnessed the catastrophe: Faerie Wars. They almost managed to eliminate themselves in just one day. Leaving on vacations? I don’t find it suitable for me, for now at least.

Kat: I see. Well, we see why it's rather...erm, hard to take a vacation with that kind of work on your shoulders. Now then, if you somehow got a chance to leave Faerieland for even a day, where would you go first? How would you spend your vacation?

Fyora: Where would I start? Why, I would want to get away from here, for one thing. Faerieland is nice and all, but I've been here for so long that I really want to see how the rest of Neopia is doing. Maybe I could start off with a trip to Mystery Island, work on my tan and just lie about doing nothing... for once. Or, if it's really hot, I could just hole myself up in the remotest, highest inn in Terror Mountain, or... oh, the possibilities are endless!

Dim: Oh yes, we couldn't agree more. Mystery Island and Terror Mountain are both great ideas! Something else... would you want to employ some servants for your vacations, or decide to leave alone and travel incognito perhaps?

Fyora: I'm a Queen, young man, and every normal Queen does have some servants. In my case, I have a pack of faeries who accompany me wherever I go, like a council of advisors. Not this time, though! When I dream about vacations, I imagine valuable alone-time. Just me and the sun. If I decide to go on vacations some day, I'll choose a nice secluded place, not known by the Neopian majority. Ah yes... *daydreams*

Kat: I can see why. Anyway, Fyora, in your opinion, how would your loyal subjects react if they find out you're going on vacation - not just some visit to your sick mother or a random mission to save the world, but just to kick back, relax and get away from the - erm, the work?

Fyora: Well, since you asked my opinion, I think I'd rather not know. After all, there was the riot that happened when I tried to see dear Mother... what more if I get away from it all on purpose, and for more than a day? The same thing could happen again - and then before I know it, they might even start fighting for the throne... I can't bear to think about it! It's too much! *starts pulling hair out* EIRANNA!!

*A light faerie appears out of nowhere in a flurry of shiny sparkles and bright, golden... light*

Eiranna: You called, your Majesty?

Fyora: I need my tea. No sugar.

Eiranna: Yes, your Majesty. *disappears again*

Kat: *hides behind Dim* Sweet Fy – oh.

Dim: *twitch* ...So, we can clearly declare that the Faerie Queen is not going on vacations any time soon. What are your future plans, therefore?

Fyora: Nobody can tell for sure, not even me. Well, the Kingdom needs my help at this point. Jhudora has issues again, the Library Faerie is running out of crosswords, new faeries AND faerie pets to welcome... nothing a good Queen can’t put to order, they say! Then again, it’s the new plot... but I shouldn’t be revealing that so soon...

Dim: A new plot?

Fyora: If you put that into your article... Faerie Castle has a nice dungeon perfectly cut off from all outside contact and even contact from the castle besides the guards.

Dim: Aw, dung.

Kat: Anyhow, we’d like to thank you for the interview, your Highness. We wish you, on behalf of all your fans, a Happy Fyora Day! *bows* Anything you would like to tell your fans?

Fyora: Brush your teeth, eat fruits and vegetables, don’t dabble in evil magic, never poke a sleeping Sloth in the eye... erm, okay, I think they know that already. And I feel so loved by all my loyal subjects, faeries, Neopets, whatever. Yes, even the EJON.

*Kat and Dim bow repeatedly as they exit the throne room*

* * *

And there you have it, folks! Looks like Fyora’s itching for a vacation... of course, the question is, who’s willing to give it to her? We would give her an all-expenses-paid trip to Mystery Island, or Terror Mountain, or whatever her favored destination would be, but we’re broke. Writing isn’t exactly the best-paying job in the world...

Kat: It’s a PASSION, I tell you!

Dim: Let’s end the article now. Happy Fyora Day, everyone!

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