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50 Excuses For When Your Homework Has Gone "Missing"

by angeleyes123789


HOMEWORK - The dreaded 8 letter word, something we all probably hate and wish we could turn into a pile of sludge (hehe).. Unfortunately, there is no way we can get out of not getting homework, but there is a way to get out of turning it in!

Here are 99 clever excuses for when you forgot to do your homework (or when you just chose not to do it). But BEWARE! Mrs. Owen is a little to smart for some of them, so USE THEM IF YOU DARE!

1) My Abominable Snowball melted on it, and all the ink washed off, so all I have is this blank piece of paper.

2) Queen Fyora summoned me to Faerieland to help save Neopia with my irresistible good looks and strong powers, and I got back to late to do my homework...

3) What?! You don't believe me?!? Go ahead, Neomail Queen Fyora and ask her, erm no wait never mind don't, she might not be home!

4) The Classic- My Warf ate it!!

5) Another Classic- My Kadoatie scratched it all up, now its in 1,000 small pieces!

6) I was too busy reading Angeleyes123789's article to do my homework..

7) While I was walking to school, Jhudora stopped me and read my essay about Illusen and she turned it into a Pumpkin Pie. Want a piece?

8) Or vice versa- While I was walking to school, Illusen stopped me and read my essay about Jhudora and she turned it into a cup of water! Want a sip?

9) My petpet Slorg spent the night on my homework, now its covered in slime and I don't think you want it.

10) Sloth pointed his ray gun at my homework and, yeah, you know the rest..

11) My Cirrus got sad and it did the weirdest thing, it started raining all over my homework...

12) I was playing Double or Nothing, and instead of Neopoints, I bet my homework, and well, I lost.

13) Boochi showed up and tried zapping me into a baby, but he missed and got my homework instead.

14) Right before school, I was throwing water balloons with my friends, and a fire faerie showed up and, I um, accidentally hit her with a water balloon and she turned my homework into ash..

15) Well, my petpet did their 'business" on my homework. Are you sure you still want it?

16) I went to the Snowager to get an item, but then he woke up and blasted my homework. Sad isn't it?

17) My Baby Fireball set it on fire.

18) Hannah thought it was treasure and she took it from me!

19) The Dung Faerie came along and turned it into a pile of dung..

20) There is to a thing as a Dung Faerie, careful! If you don't believe in her, she might come after you next!

21) I didn't have enough Neopoints to give the Tax Beast what he wanted, so he took my homework instead.

22) The Golden Pteri came to visit me, but I wasn't a Pteri so he didn't leave Neopoints, he left something else all over my homework if you get what I mean...

23) I got a random event that said, "Oh no, your 3 page essay was stolen. Oh wait, it's just a dream!" But it wasn't a dream, it was really stolen!

24) I found a captured faerie, and when I let it go, it flew off with my homework!

25) Meuka ate my homework, so I can't turn it in, but I can turn in the lovely pile of snot he left behind!

26) King Skarl ordered his guards to collect 150 Neopoints from me, but I didn't have that much, so they took my homework instead..

27) I fainted after finishing my homework, and when I woke up my homework was a pile of dung!

28) While I was doing my homework, a ghost started cackling and when I turned around to look, my homework disappeared!

29) On the way to school, I walked by Lupurus and he decided to eat my homework.

30) Nigel the Stockbroker Chia ran over my homework with his big red car.

31) The Pant Devil stole my homework!!

32) The Ghost Lupe walked by me and said 'If you have a Chia, Ill be your best friend... they are so tasty, never mind I'll eat your homework instead'

33) The Grundo Leader was going to steal my Cloud Petpet Paint Brush, but he decided to steal my homework instead..

34) While I was doing my homework, Hubrid Nox appeared and started staring at me, and then when he left, my homework turned into Mouldy Cheese..

35) On my way to school, a red Poogle hopped by and took my homework..

36) I ran after the red Poogle but I couldn't catch up to it! Those Poogles hop so fast!

37) While walking to school, I found a delicious biscuit on the floor! As I was going to pick it up, someone stole my homework from me!

38) The Bug Brothers stole my homework!

39) My Diddler leaked oil all over my homework!

40) A light faerie appeared and asked for my homework as a quest item!

41) Instead of the tooth faerie giving me Neopoints for my lost tooth, she took my homework!

42) When I visited Coltzan's Shrine, King Coltzan turned my homework into a pile of blue sand!

43) While I was doing my homework, I heard some mysterious chanting coming from far away, and while I tried to look out my window to see who it was, my homework turned into a toad!

44) As I was re-reading my homework assignment, it disappeared into a purple puff of smoke!

45) I got a random event that turned my homework invisible! Now I can't find it anywhere!

46) I put my homework in my carrot backpack, and a Cybunny thought it was really a carrot, so she ate it.

47) When I was playing snow wars, I accidentally used my homework as a snowball, lets just say it didn't work to well.

48) At the Wheel of Monotony, I got hit in the head with a rock, and while I was on the ground, my paper flew away.

49) Woogy the Orange Hasee thought my homework was a Doughnutfruit, and he ate it..

50) Jimmi the Purple Hasee thought my homework was a Doughnutfruit, and he ate it too..

Hope you enjoyed my article! Remember: Use these excuses wisely! If anyone has any ideas for my next article, please Neomail me!

Thanks to c1l2g3 and all the others who helped me!

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