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Shenkuu Warrior: Climbing Your Way To the Top!

by gooie629


GAMES ROOM - So, you want to became a master Shenkuu Warrior and bring home the prized gold trophy? There are a few things you need to know first before you can go out and scale the Shenkuu Mountains. This guide will teach you about the new craze sweeping Neopia: Shenkuu Warrior!

You play as the Emperor’s littlest princess, a green Gnorbu with the hopes of becoming the greatest warrior in her time. You need to help her climb to the top of the mountain to be able to call yourself a true warrior. In addition, the only thing you have to assist you is a shiny grappling hook. Failing to make it up the entire mountain would mean that she would give up her right to become a warrior.

- Game play -

Using your mouse, take aim at one of the many rock ledges. Clicking your mouse will throw your grappling hook and, if your hook hits a rock, will pull the Gnorbu up and beyond the ledge. As you reach the pinnacle of your flight, start taking aim at another rock ledge. It will be harder than your first time around because you have a limited time before you fall and are forced to restart the level.

Each level is made up of three sections. You start at the base of the mountain, which is green and has trees and other foliage. After you get up one third of the mountain, the background will take on a brown, rocky appearance. Once you reach the latter third of the mountain, the background will become white and frosty. After you get your Gnorbu all the way up the mountain, you will land on the summit and fireworks will play for a short time.

Each level is longer than the previous, and more points are awarder in the later levels. After you complete level 1, you will have approximately one hundred points. After level 2, you will end up with about three hundred points. At the end of the third level, you should have around eight hundred points. After the fourth level, you will have about eighteen hundred points and after the fifth level, you should have approximately four thousand three hundred points. The increase in points is consistently higher as you complete more levels. The height of the mountain drastically increases, too.

How good you did on the previous attempt will also affect your score. Let's say that your score is nineteen hundred, and you are able to make it two thirds up the mountain before you fall. Your new score will probably be over two thousand two hundred. But lets say that your score is nineteen hundred and you fall before you even make it a third of the way up the mountain. Your score will probably be go up just a little bit, probably to nineteen hundred fifty.

Another really cool part of this game is that there is no life limit. You can fall from the mountain as much as you want and it won’t affect your score or what level you are on. This takes out a lot of the stress factor that the other games have. It gives you a chance to practice as much as you want and get a really high score without having to worry and keep having to restart.

- Tips and Helpful Advice -

You should try to keep the princess in the middle of the screen as you guide her up the mountain. It will be easier to catch on to the next ledge. Try to avoid bouncy wildly from one side of the screen to the other. If you are on the left side of the screen and the only ledge visible is clear over on the right side, you will need to throw your grappling hook all the way across the screen. Along with the increased chance of missing, this scenario would send you bouncing off the sides, making it much harder to get onto the next ledge.

Do not throw your grappling hook as soon as you aim at the next cliff. Try to wait as much as possible before launching the hook because you will fly much further up the cliff than if you throw it at a ledge right in front of you. If you throw it too late, though, then your grappling hook will not reach the rocks and you will have to restart the level. The skill to aim and reach your maximum height might be hard to get. This is a skill that you will acquire with a little bit of practice and plenty of patience.

Play it safe. Trying to get your maximum height by waiting as long as possible is good to use in the first few levels, but you should try to play it more safely in the later levels. There is no time limit, so you don’t need to hurry through the levels to try and get to the peak as fast as possible. Just take it slowly, even if you might have to cut out some of your valuable restocking time from your schedule. This game is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not something boring or tedious.

Of course, I am sure that you’ve heard this plenty before, but practice makes perfect! All you need to do is to set aside fifteen minutes from your day and keep practicing. You might be surprised just how good you will have improved.

I have one last word of advice for all of you: use the full-screen mode. I learned this lesson the hard way. You might get so into the game that you might accidentally click outside the game screen and you will have to restart. Make sure you don’t do this as you're nearing the top of the mountain! That would be dreadful!

Now you are prepared to help guide the princess up the mountain and become a true Shenkuu Warrior. With a little bit of practice and some determination, you will soon have a shiny new trophy to add to your lookup. Not to mention bragging to your friends about your cool trophy. ;) Good luck, and happy climbing!

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