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How To Be a Food Fighter

by sara_belle62886


Every Friday morning, I hear cries of disgust, horror, and terror as I click away at my “Give to Neofriend” button as I hover over my inventory. Every now and then, I cry out as I get a head full of spaghetti worms or jelly in my eyes. Why is this? You see, Fridays in my guild are called Food Fight Fridays. I’m not exactly sure how Food Fight Fridays got started but they’re a tradition in my guild now. Here is how my guild explains our Food Fight Fridays. Guildmates who wish to play along either buy or store up any Neopian food they find during the week. The more disgusting and gross the food, the better it is to throw. Then, on Friday, we let the food fly at each other when we get on Neopets. A lot of the times, the people who are targeted are active on our board, council members, or friends we’ve made within the guild. Food Fight Fridays also give my guild a topic to talk about. We like to talk about what we and our pets have been hit with.

Even the poorest of Neopians can indulge in this pleasure of throwing the most disgusting Neopian foods at their friends. Whether you are an outspoken or quiet Neopian, anyone can participate in this amazing, enjoyable goodness. Most gross foods can be found through the shop wizard for very few neopoints or you might even get the food for free from Tombola, Underwater Fishing, Coltzan, Sophie, etc. These gross and spooky foods have become extremely undervalued in the Neopian market. Why have these items sitting in your shop for 1 or 2 neopoints when you could hurl them at your friends and gain pleasure from their squealing? For those of you Neomillionaires, you can enjoy buying some of the more expensive gross or nice food to throw at fellow Neopians. Or maybe you could decide to brighten someone’s day by sending a food item that is more of a gift to resell.

How do you become a great food fighter? Well, I’d be happy to help everyone out by supplying some suggestions. Here are some tips and guidelines that I would like to share with my fellow Neopians about how to be a Food Fighter. The technique of food fighting can vary from person to person in the type of food thrown and the amount of people you are throwing at. Deciding who to throw food at could be harder than finding the food to throw. Here are some recommendations. You could start this up in your guild and send food out to guildmates. If you tend to hang out on the Neoboards, you could send out food to friends you have from there. It is always nice to throw food at people who threw food at you first. Lastly, you could just choose an item and then randomly send it to someone on your Neofriend list.

Obviously, if you want, you can choose to throw gross foods or spooky foods, which are often perceived as disgusting. Some great suggestions would be: Rancid Old Meat, Spring Onion Ice Cream, Yellow Growth, Jellied Eyeballs, Pickled Eyeballs, Eyeball Sushi, Eyeball Fungus, Chilled Eyeball Custard, Baked Beans, Box of Wheat Flakes, Can of Prune Juice, Dandelion and Burdock Drink, Tin of Sardines, Worm Nugget, Finger Crisps, etc. This list can go on and on. You can even send items like the Small Giant Squid, Large Giant Squid, and Lesser Spotted Fish, Inferno Mollusk, Cubefish, Breadfish, Blandfish, Rockfish, Scrawnyfish, Butterfish, Landfish, or Eyefish. Some more evil people enjoy throwing things items like Dung and Rainbow Dung. It’s quite fun to hear your friends squeal that they just got hit by a fish. But if you are feeling like you are in a bit of a nicer mood, you can also throw nicer things, such as Chocolate Milkshake, Cup of Tea, Red Apple, Neoflakes Cake, Tangella, etc. It can be fun to surprise a friend with something a little nicer, especially if they haven’t been having a good day. Cheering up a fellow Neopian is always a nice thing to do.

There are also two distinct forms of food fighting: throwing at multiple users or individual users. Throwing at multiple users is quite easy. All you need is your inventory filled with food to throw and usernames to throw food at. I wouldn’t recommend throwing at complete strangers; it’s the most fun to throw at people you know who will play along with you. Many of the people who you throw at will often return the favor, which gives you more food to throw another day or more to throw right then. Try not to resend what someone throws at you. Be creative. Use food that was thrown at you from other people to throw back at them, but not to the original thrower.

The other form of food fighting is the individual duel of food fighting. This form of food flinging could be considered as more of an art. Often times, this happens when you are bored and you have a fellow Neopian friend online that is bored as well. It can become a competition to see who can throw the most disgusting, gross food. You have to think carefully about what to send and find some different, original ideas of food to throw. Start out at a basic gross food or neutral food. Then, gradually increase how disgusting you think the food is. Also, you’ll want to gauge what you throw off of what your opponent decides to throw. Always try to match or beat the level of disgusting they have thrown.

Now that my fellow Neopians have been schooled in the art of food fighting, I propose for everyone to hold Food Fight Fridays all over Neopia, on boards, in guilds, or just between friends. Indulge in sharing these little-thought-of foods with others. This form of sharing is a great way to relieve stress, cure hoarders by sharing, and have fun!

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