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The Fountain Faerie: Behind The Making

by neo4con


For countless years, neopet after neopet has had the honour of having its color changed at the wondrous, yet mysterious, Rainbow Fountain. I know what you’re all thinking: she’s so wonderful! I have my dream pet now! I am forever in the Fountain Faerie’s debt! But did you ever wonder how she manages to change the color with only water? Well, I’m about to tell you many theories about how the Rainbow Fountain came to be.

Many Neopians believe that years and years ago, Fyora lost a Battledome challenge to the faerie who is now the Fountain Faerie. As a reward for winning, Fyora had granted the Fountain Faerie one wish. Do you know what that wish was? You guessed it – she wished for a fountain that contained every known color. But over time, more and more colors became capable of being chosen, and Fyora only gives the Fountain Faerie colors that she (Fyora) likes. That’s why some colors can’t be gotten.

Others say that it was an experiment gone wrong. Supposedly, the insane Scorchio that works the lab ray had shot the beam at an ice Bori. The ray reflected off the Bori’s ear and was magnified by a window facing the Virtupets Space Station. While in space, chemicals and particles mixed with the ray, scrambling its components. Then it reflected off a solar panel on the station toward the Fountain Faerie’s cloud home. During that time, the Rainbow Fountain was more like a rainbow puddle, although the more it rained, the bigger the puddle got. Plus, the particles and chemicals prevented it from evaporating. And thus, the Rainbow Fountain was created.

Another superstition is that the Fountain Faerie bought every single morphing potion and bottle of sand and dumped them into a hole. She then mixed the concoction together with a Wand of Supernova. The magic within the wand is what made the infinite amount of rainbow water within the fountain. Over time, the Fountain Faerie figured out how to use the color-changing ability to her advantage. This is how the Fountain Faerie quests came to be.

Other Neopians say that she had donated an extremely large amount of neopoints to the Money Tree, and Fyora rewarded her greatly. Fyora never told the Fountain Faerie about the reward because she believed it would upset all the other Neopians that had donated a lot. The reward was that the next wish she made at the wishing well would come true. Well, having never been told of the wish, she hadn’t made a wish for two entire years. Talk about a late present! But when she had made the wish, she wished for the currently existing Rainbow Fountain. This is one of the lesser believed superstitions, but a superstition nonetheless.

Surprisingly, some Neopians believe that Chef Bonju had created the magnificent Rainbow Fountain. He had been experimenting with his cooking pot, trying to make some better foods to sell, when he had accidentally put in a transmogrification potion. This, along with whatever else he had put into the pot, had formed into a rainbow mixture. Chef Bonju had tried the concoction and spit it out in disgust. Fearing that he would be no longer trusted to make food, he went to Faerieland and dumped the mixture onto a cloud. Soon after, the Fountain Faerie moved to Faerieland and set up a house on the very same cloud. Quickly, the Fountain Faerie discovered the mixture, and added a few of her own special ingredients to create the Rainbow Fountain.

Another thought on how the Rainbow Fountain was created is that a massive rainbow had once formed around the entire planet of Neopia. The rainbow had ended in what is now the Rainbow Fountain, but this is not what created it. As it turned out, Dr. Sloth (who really despises anything happy; such as rainbows) had shot the rainbow with a blast from a satellite. The ray had skimmed across the rainbow and ended in the Rainbow Fountain, creating a very loud BOOM! Then that night, a lightning bolt had struck the fountain, causing a bizarre reaction with the remains of the blast. This reaction is what created the power of the Rainbow Fountain. Mostly only Sloth’s minions believe this idea.

These are just some of the tons of superstitions and theories. Although I’m sure many of you wonder why the Fountain Faerie is so nice as to grant so great a gift. Well, once more, there are very many thoughts and theories that some Neopians believe.

Some Neopians think that she is just extremely nice and generous. All she asks for is a simple, normally cheap, item. In return, you get the pet that you have always dreamed about. Isn’t that just the best reward ever? What a faerie!

Many others say that she needs the items to sell so she can pay for food and water. She doesn’t ask for food because the quests would be way too easy for such a prize. She asks for items that are harder to get; that way she can produce a challenge to the lucky recipients of the quests. Also, if she were to drink the water in the Rainbow Fountain, who knows what would happen to her!

Very few Neopians believe this idea, but the little that do say that she is greedy. These Neopians say, and I quote, “The Fountain Faerie can make every pet their favorite color, and yet, she demand items first! She has infinite power over all colors, but she plays favorites and only chooses a select few neopets. That’s not fair to the rest of us at all!” To support this theory, they have proof of her lying to every single Neopian. When you go to the fountain (if you didn’t complete a quest) she says that the fountain is out of magic. LIE ALERT! It isn’t out of magic; she just won’t let you use it because you didn’t complete one of her quests. See, proof! That’s why some believe she is greedy.

After reading this, I hope you think more about the Rainbow Fountain and the Fountain Faerie. When doing her quests, think about whether you should help her or leave her to find another person.

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