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Roo Island

by lorelaigilmore151


Approximately thirty miles east of Neopia Central lies a sweet little island known as Roo Island. The island, home to many Blumaroos, is about 5,000 square miles and has a population of 275,000. 95% of the population is made up of sweet little Blumaroos, and 5% is other creatures of Neopia.

The weather is warm almost all year round, and there is a light rain shower daily. The small island consists of meadows, hills, and small woods.

Already hooked on this marvelous land? Now you’ll have to find a way to get there. Simple. A ferry service leaves the port in Neopia Central twice a day and the ride only costs thirty neopoints!

Arriving on the island you look around. You see the wonderful sights and already feel comfortable on the charming island. To your left you see young Blumaroos playing in the meadows. To your right you see sweet little villages with lovely homes. The air is fresh and has the feel of friendship. You know this will be an unforgettable experience.

You spot a tour guide and ask if he can tell you a little bit more about the land around you. He explains how the island is run. You learn that Roo Island is ruled under a monarchy in which King Roo is king of the land. He also tells you to be sure to stop in and play Dice-A-Roo, which is apparently a popular game in this land.

Once you learn the rules, you decide to test your luck and roll the dice out onto the table. In the excitement, you play several rounds and end up profiting enough for a snack in town. You remember the name of a place the kind tour guide told you of, Grandma Roo’s Café.

You enter the charming building and you can already tell this is a friendly place. A kind woman walks up to you and asks if you would care for tea or scones. You politely accept and eat up the tasty treat. To make polite talk, you tell her about your visit so far. She seems amused and pleased by the stories you have to tell and exchange with her. When you are ready to pay she kindly yet firmly refuses the money and tells you first time customers are on the house. You smile sweetly and leave a generous tip.

This is not only an interesting place but also very friendly. Everyone is willing to lend a hand or give directions and advice. Not only is this a cute island but it also has some beneficial factors such as Dice-A-Roo which can be found on the games page or from Roo Island itself. A little bit more into the history of this game. King Roo was a great man with much time for fun and games. He might have even had too much time for games. He had played all the games in Neopia so many times they all bored him! Many people tried to please him but no one could please the king. One day a man came in to the king and handed him five colored dice. From these he invented Dice-A-Roo. No game is the same. The King shall never get bored with it.

Next you walk past a shop where the sign reads, “Spring Shop”. Puzzled and curious, you walk inside. You are amused when you find out this is a store that sells springs to make Blumaroos' tails more bouncy! You watch as Blumaroos of all different ages try on springs to make their tails more bouncy than they are in the first place.

Already loving this new land, you pass something else that catches your eye. A Merry Go Round where there are many people, lots of natives, standing in line with extremely happy faces. Some are holding cotton candy and neocola also. A kind looking Blumaroo in a top hat approaches you and asks you if you are interested in taking a spin on his wonderful carousel. Wanting to see everything that there is to see you kindly accept his offer. After waiting in line, you hand the man at the gate fifty neopoints and step onto the ride. You spot a nice looking Cloud Uni and hop on. The ride begins to spin and gradually gets faster and faster until you regret the third scone you ate at Grandma Roo’s Café.

You can truly have your neopets ride the Merry Go Round on Roo Island, and it only costs fifty neopoints. It’s a fun experience that almost every pet enjoys.

Now you have seen all that there is in Roo Island. It is time to think more seriously: moving in. Property is available on Roo Island and is easy to get. You go to the neohomes page and when you choose the location of your property you choose Roo Island. It costs 9,000 neopoints which is fairly affordable depending on your economic status. Wouldn’t you like your pets to play with the friendly natives of this bouncy land too?

So let’s review what we’ve seen today, shall we? Roo Island is probably one of the friendliest places in all of Neopia. Grandma Roo is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet (and she makes great scones too). Don’t eat too many scones before riding the Merry Go Round. Dice-A-Roo is a great game that never gets boring. And all the villages in this magical land would make a great home for you and your pets, young or old.

You catch the last ferry home and watch as all the friendly people wave as they watch you disappear into the moonlit night sky. You arrive home and explain to your pets everything you saw. They are all amazed at all the wonderful things you have done and seen. They are so happy you even suggest the possibility of moving, even though you aren’t sure they would like leaving their friends.

Later that night you walk into their room to say goodnight and see all your pets ready to go. They want to make new friends and play Dice-A-Roo. They want to eat Grandma Roo’s delicious scones every day. They want to do this, and so do you. It is time to move to Roo Island.

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