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Revel Roundup Revealed

by babyazndragon


The Lunar Festival is fast approaching, and all the citizens of Shenkuu are looking forward to this fun day of celebration! Unfortunately, the Snorkles needed for the Festival have all escaped. In Revel Roundup, you play Orrin, and your goal is to run around and recapture the Snorkles, plus other items, for the Festival.

If you’ve been having trouble achieving high scores with this game, hopefully my guide will help you collect those items faster!

The Basics

All the items you need to collect are on the left sidebar, and they are greyed out until you collect them, whereupon they become colored. You need to collect all the items within a certain amount of time, or you lose. Collect the items simply by walking over them.

Be careful about what items you pick up! If you accidentally pick up an item you don’t need, an exclamation mark will appear over your head, and you’ll have to walk all the way back to Anshu (he waits patiently in the starting area of the game). To give the unwanted item to Anshu, simply face him and walk forward into him. The exclamation mark will disappear, and you’ll be free to collect more items.

You can keep track of how you’re doing on time with the circle of yellow glowing dots at the top of the left sidebar. As time goes down, the dots will stop glowing one by one, starting with the top right and working its way around clockwise.

There are three stages to the game, and each stage requires you to collect more and more items. Here’s the breakdown of the number of items needed for each stage:

Stage 1 – 6 items

Stage 2 – 10 items

Stage 3 – 12 items

The entire map is laid out in nine different areas in a roughly 3x3 square, and your character can only see what’s in one area at a time. Each area will have exits to all the areas adjacent to them, with some having multiple exits to the same area.

Beyond the Basics

Picking a path – Before you start collecting, you should have a general idea of what path you’re going to take around the map. Since the map is divided into nine areas, you should pick a path that will take you through all other eight areas without having to visit an area more than once. What I generally do is see if there are any items I need in the first screen. If the items are closer to the exit on the right, then I will go into that screen. If they are at the bottom, then I will go down into the next screen. Based on these two starting points, the paths that work well for me are as follows:

Starting from the top left and going towards the right:

Right into the top middle

Down into the middle

Left into the middle left

Down into the bottom left

Right into the bottom middle

Right into the bottom right

Up into the middle right

Up into the top right

Starting from the top left and going down:

Down into the middle left

Down into the bottom left

Left into the bottom middle

Up into the middle

Up into the top middle

Right into the top right

Down into the middle right

Down into the bottom right

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of all the possibilities, but they’re good starting points for reference. You’ll quickly discover your own paths and also how to change the paths you take depending on where the items in an area are located.

Time Bonus – If you finish picking up your items fast, then you get a time bonus! In my experience, the time bonus becomes exponentially greater the faster you complete the stage, so try to be as fast as possible. In Stage 1, it is ideal for you to finish when three or less of the yellow dots have stopped glowing.

Movement – Try to make your movements as smooth as possible, meaning that when you change direction, push the second arrow key down while you’re still holding down the first key. This technique is faster than switching to a new direction after you let go of the first key. It may not seem like much, but the milliseconds you save by doing this can add up.

Changing screens – By changing screens, I mean when you go from one area to the next. You’ll notice that there’s a short delay before you see yourself appear in the next area. In my experience, sometimes there will be an item very close to the entrance to the next area, and you will accidentally pick it up if you’re still moving in the same direction! To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, whenever you change screens, let go of the direction key so that you stop moving right when you cross. That way, your character won’t still be moving forward and will be less likely to pick up unwanted items.

Terrain – It should be pretty obvious what you can and cannot walk on, but just to be sure, any obstacles you see will block your way, and you cannot walk on the water (the moving blue squares). Also, on the left side of the room with the wooden floor, there is a chair underneath the table that will not allow you to walk into the other side of the room. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, you’ll learn where it is after you play for a bit.

“Secret” areas – There are two semi-sneaky areas in the game where items may appear. The first can be reached in the bottom left corner. If you go right under the entrance at the top, there is a narrow grassy way where you can pick up items. The second area can be reached from the middle area. To the left of the bottom exit, there is an opening in the bushes. Walk straight down, and there is another strip of grass that may contain items. Personally, I dislike it when items appear here because they only have one entrance, so you have to backtrack to get out, which wastes time. You don’t need to check these areas especially because they can be seen in other areas, so only go into them if you see items in them.

Snorkles – These cute little Petpets rock back and forth, and they are ALWAYS needed. Sometimes an item you’ve needed before will not be needed again, but whenever you see a little wiggling Snorkle, be sure to pick it up! There are no unnecessary Snorkles lying around in the map.

After picking up an unwanted item – I’ve already covered what you need to do when you pick up an unwanted item, but this is a quick note to let you know that you are then free to walk over any other item without picking it up. You will pass over them, but they will stay where they are. Bad news – you can’t pick up any items you need on your way back to Anshu. Good news – you won’t pick up any more unwanted items!


After completing all three stages, your score should be well over 100 and possibly even over 200! The NP ratio for this game is 4.00, so you will get four times your score in Neopoints. ^_^

I hope this guide helps you score higher in Revel Roundup, and thank you very much for reading!


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