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Petit Four Mania

by yellowstone53


Petit Fours are, in my opinion, definitely the best sweets on Neopets. They are tasty, sugary, and fancy, so you could serve them at a party if you wanted to. What! Are you saying that you do not know at all what a petit four is? How could that possibly be! Why, you have not LIVED until your pet has tried one.

Petit fours are little mini cakes. They were created on the 27th day of Storing in Year 8, otherwise known as Usul Day to most of us. Do you want those petit fours yet? I think that you should by now. WHAT! You think that there is nothing special at all about petit fours? Well, I guess that I will have to let you in on a little secret then. Then you might understand why you should love petit fours. They are not exactly cheap, so these tiny little sweets are items that only the rich people own and feed to their pets. They are restocked at the bakery a lot, so if you want them cheap, go there. If you were to buy one of these petit fours and feed it to your favorite pet, you would officially be a very rich Neopian. They cost approximately 10,000-35,000 neopoints each and they are not even gourmet foods! Now do you get why you should really love petit fours more than any other item? YOU DO NOT! I guess that I will have to keep talking about them then! Ok? Good. Let us move on then.

There are four types of petit fours, and each one of these four types has a unique flavor. Each of these petit fours might appeal to a different type of pet. For example, Usul Petit Fours would probably appeal most to... an Usul! I know what you are thinking right now. What are the odds of an Usul liking the Usul Petit Fours? While the Usul Petit Fours appear mostly to the Usuls (although honestly, all pets love all types of petit fours a lot), the Candy Floss Petit Fours would appear to a kinder and gentler neopet like a Kacheek or a Blumaroo. Here is a newsflash to the owners of “manly pets”. Even though petit fours are not considered very manly, they are fine for any neopets species. Even a manly pet would enjoy a petit four occasionally. Sure, you will probably never see your Grarrl or Jetsam wearing a dress at a tea party, but petit fours are a good way to bring out a pet’s softer, more sensitive side. Now, I think that it is time to look at each of the four types of petit fours so you can see which petit four type is right for you..

The first type of petit fours that I will talk about are the Usul Petit Fours. Usul Petit Fours are sweet, creamy, and oh, so tasty. Here are a few little facts about one of the four most delicious items in all of Neopia.

They look like this:

That looks delicious!

You get four petit fours with this deal. That is only one serving, unfortunately. Pets just eat petit fours up super fast!

They have a rarity of 85. Not quite rare food, so they are good for casual parties. If you throw a party, am I invited?

The “price” of the Usul Petit Fours is 689 neopoints. It sounds too good to be true.

They are really worth 10,000-15,000 neopoints. I guess it was too good to be true.

They have the most amazing taste.

Their description reads: Smooth chocolate covers moist yellow cake layered with vanilla cream.

The second petit four that I am going to talk about are the Cherry Petit Fours, and they are delicious! Here are a few facts about Cherry Petit Fours.

They look like this:

You get three petit fours in this set, but your pet will eat them all at one time.

Their rarity is 86. These are not rare foods either. Is that sad or what?

They “cost” 702 neopoints. That sounds really cheap!

They really cost from 20,000-25,000 neopoints. That is not as cheap.

Their description reads: Each of these Cherry Petit Fours is filled with layers of moist white cake, and cherry filling, all covered in chocolate.

Sounds delicious!

Look closely at the present shaped petit four. Do you see the word Usul on it? I do!

Yummy! Have those petit fours looked really tasty so far, or what? What was that? You don’t think that the petit fours I have listed so far sound cool? Well, those are just two of the four petit fours in existence in Neopia. I have saved the two best petit fours for last. Get ready to hear about the best petit fours ever!

The next set of petit fours that I am going to talk about is called Candy Floss Petit Fours. This is my second favorite type of petit four because of all the bright colors. Mmm! Delicious!

The petit fours look like this:

You get two petit fours, but there is only one serving available to your pet.

The rarity of the petit fours is 87. It is not a gourmet food. WAH!

The “price” of the petit fours is 754 neopoints.

The actual price ranges from 10,000-20,000 neopoints.

The Candy Floss Petit Fours description reads: Layers of moist cake and smooth candy floss cream are topped with a layer of chocolate.

Have you figured out why petit fours are the best items ever yet? You have not figured it out yet? How could you not know that these little mini cakes are the best items ever? Oh, well. I have saved the best for last. My favorite type of petit fours still has to be talked about. Get ready to hear about the best petit fours ever!

My personal favorite of the petit fours has always been the Usul Day Petit Fours Sampler.

Here are some facts about my favorite petit fours.

This is what they look like:

Even though there are four sampler petit fours, only one pet can have them all, so always make sure that you are giving your petit fours to the pet you want to spoil rotten.

When you are looking for a non-gourmet food, this type of petit four is right for you. With its rarity 88, they are perfect for any casual party because they are not gourmet foods.

Their “price” is 789 neopoints.

Their actual price ranges from 30,000 to 39,000 neopoints. That may be expensive, but getting those delightful petit fours makes it worth every neopoint.

Their description reads: This box includes four different flavors of petit fours for your enjoyment.

This particular brand of petit fours is my favorite because my pet can taste four different flavors of petit fours without buying four different sets of them. Yay for the Usul Day Petit Fours Sampler!

Now that I have gone through all four of the amazingly tasty mini cakes called petit fours, including my personal favorite, do you understand why I love petit fours? Please say that you love them. Please? You do! YAY! Now that I have taught you why petit fours are amazing, what flavors do you think should be created eventually? What did you say? Oh. Ok. You think that there should be a lemon flavored petit four? Well, I think that sounds really good.

Well, everyone, I hope that you liked reading my big article on the tiniest treats in Neopia. Are you going to buy some for your pets sometime? I really hope you do. Your pets probably do too.

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