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The Twenty Most Delicious Desserts

by harrypotterfan9001


Desserts – they are oh-so important – how could you resist a treat after dinner? Especially badly-cooked dinner? So, you ask me, what are the best desserts in all of Neopia? What desserts are so mind-numbingly sugary-sweet and powerful and delicious and cute and smooth and chocolatey and creamy and soft and mouth-watering, that they are put into the top-twenty best desserts in all of our Neopia? What? What? WHAT?!? Ok, ok, just calm down. Here’s a top-twenty countdown for the best desserts in Neopia!

20. Fudge

Fudge. Savor the simple name that hardly describes the joy of consuming some fudge. Simple, yet delectable – and it doesn’t cost that much either. And, with some fudge, you could make other fudge-related things – and open up a new category – Fudge Cuisine. Fudge. Feel the fudgey goodness. Fudge. Fudge fudge. FUDGE, I TELL YOU!!!

19. Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Yummy! This is simple, traditional, good-old Chocolate Chip Biscuits. What’s so good, you say? They’re just plain old biscuits with chocolate chips! But don’t judge a cookie by its name – that’s the thing, because the secret ingredients in these biscuits are honey and just a hint of nutmeg. Why do you think they taste so good? Mmm... just like how Granny used to make.

18. Marshmallow Grundo

The ultimate in marshy-mallowy goodness. This plain, but supremely cute Grundo-shaped marshmallow can be dipped in hot chocolate (Grundo Marshmallow comment: Ahh! I’m mellltiiiing...), smothered with melted chocolate or some jam, and collected if you just can’t eat something so cute. These also come in Tchea and Strawberry flavours.

17. Lime Sorbet

Super sour and great for when you want to test how much sourness your taste buds can handle, Lime Sorbet is the perfect dessert for when your Neopets are in the mood for something challenging for dessert. This sorbet is 70% vinegar, 15% lime and 15% sorbet.

16. Chocolate Eartharole

Yet another super chocolate dessert created by the Earth Faeries (they make the BEST chocolate foods I tell you!). A Chocolate Eartharole is just the treat to give to guests and your Neopets when they behave themselves. These are also great for gifts. Caution: Chocolatey goodness of Eartharole may result in addiction to chocolate.

15. Berry Delight

Simple, yet delightful – quite delightful. I know what you’re thinking – it’s just creamy whipped cream in a glass dish, with blueberries and strawberries dropped in. But it tastes great. First-class simple dessert.

14. Chocolate Jhudora

I’m not sure Jhudora was too happy when they announced the existence of a replica of a Jhudora Faerie Doll... made completely out of chocolate. If you have too much fear of Jhudora to buy this, then don’t. If you have too much fear to eat this, then keep it – maybe you could paint it so that it looks just like a Jhudora Faerie Doll, and you could keep it wrapped in plastic and leave it in your freezer so that it never rots. (Hey, that’s a good idea! A cheap, edible, fake Jhudora Faerie Doll –genius!) Or, if you really crave chocolate... eat it! Just make sure Jhudora doesn’t see you eating a chocolate figure of herself!

13. Lemon Faerie Mousse

Lemon Faerie Mousse is a delightful dessert that will make your taste buds tango. The description hardly sums up how delicious this mousse is. It is lemon mousse, shaped like faerie wings, with caramel sauce. It SOUNDS simple, but ALWAYS remember – faeries can make the most ordinary food into bits of heaven.

12. Enchanting Strawberry Cereal

Just like any other faerie food, these only LOOK like regular strawberry-crunch cereal – but really, Faerie Dust can make even the plainest, boring-est of foods into something fit for Queen Fyora. Enchanting Strawberry Cereal is the best breakfast cereal ever to exist in Neopia. (Best eaten with milk from a Faerie Kau.)

11. Iced Cybunny Cookie

Yum! This cute vanilla-flavored cookie is shaped just like a Cybunny. Its icing adds pizzazz and sugary goodness to this cookie treat. Cybunnies everywhere love this cookie. (Iced Cybunny Cookie baked by Easter Treats Inc. For information, please consult Grandma Cybunny, supreme maker of Easter treats).

10. Chocolate Mint Swirl Illusen Cake

How could you resist it? This is an Illusen-themed cake! How could anyone resist its minty-chocolatey-swirly-cakey goodness... except maybe Jhudora. You could even top off the cake with some Illusen Ice Cream or Illusen Acorns – Illusen goodness! The cake is healthy, too. So stay fit with this healthy but delicious dessert! You could even give this to Illusen as a token of appreciation.

9. Blackberry Gateau

It’s a gateau, and it’s blackberry. That’s all I can say for this flawless blackberry dessert.

8. Illusen Day Jelly

Yummy!!!! One of the best jelly creations ever! This jelly is chocolate with hints of super-cool mint in it. Sweet and minty – deeeellllishhh!!! A great jelly snack on Illusen’s Day. Simply irresistible.

7. Chocolate Faerie Mallows

Yet another chocolate-related dessert. Chocolate is the king of desserts! All hail chocolate! The Chocolate Faerie Mallows are round-topped soft, chewy, sugary marshmallows filled with sweet, sweet strawberry sauce and coated in milk chocolate. There are even faerie wings designs on these Mallows! And, with just a sprinkle of Faerie Dust... the Mallows become much, much more than just any old chocolate-coated marshmallow with filling. Faerie Dust can transform food into bits of heaven.

6. Fluffy Faerie Hot Cakes

These aren’t just any old hot cakes. These hot cakes are sprinkled with some Faerie Dust. I’ve just mentioned that Faerie Dust can transform the most boring and plain of foods into little bits of heaven. And they’re fluffy – soft and fluffy. The description “Warm star shaped hot cakes sprinkled with just a little bit of faerie dust” just about sums it up. These hot cakes are positively DELIGHTFUL, and perfect for tea or on a cold day.

5. Islandberry Ice Cream

Everyone’s heard of the famous Islandberries, discovered by a young Kougra explorer – who hasn’t heard of these berries? Then, these are made into a cereal named Islandberry Crunch (I just love that name – and the cereal). And now, there is Islandberry Ice Cream. One of the best ice creams known to Neopia, Islandberry Ice Cream is just the dessert to give you that island tropical sensation in your stomach.

4. Light Faerie Sundae

What’s that you say? It’s just vanilla with some sort of yellow sauce? You’re wrong! Didn’t I mention that Faerie Dust can make the most ordinary of foods into bits of heaven? This sundae glows in the dark – it’s both a dessert and a night-light, all in one. And the best thing is, faerie ice cream will never melt. Enjoy!

3. Neopia Brownies

Ordinary chocolate brownies can be transformed into a mouth-watering dessert by using icing to make designs of miniature Neopia on these brownies! They are fudgey, chewy, and nutty – there’s nuts in them. Mmm... quite irresistible.

2. Earth Faerie Brownies

I know what you’re thinking – brownies again? These aren’t just your regular fudge brownies. These brownies are created by EARTH FAERIES!!! These fudge brownies are made of the sweetest, purest fudge, and baked in the shape of faerie wings, and there are also bits of acorn and peanuts.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the ULTIMATE, SUPREME ruler of all desserts in Neopia. Please do not complain about my decision to put this certain dessert at the top of the dessert chart. Here it comes. Calm down, calm down, people! The best, most delectable, delicious, sugary sweet dessert in all of Neopia is...

1. Creamy Cloud Ice Cream

Yes. The number one best dessert is Creamy Cloud Ice Cream! This ice cream is so incredibly soft and creamy and smooth, and it won’t spoil your appetite. After you’ve finished a serving, you’ll feel as if you’re floating on clouds in a dream. Just the thing to drown your sorrows in, and it only costs around 1000 NP. This is the ultimate in ice creams and desserts.

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