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WARNING: Grey Day - Do Not Smile!

by puck_vangerwen


Many a Neopian has stared out of a window out onto a gloomy, rainy day and drawn an unhappy sigh. Precious few have not felt inner longing whilst staring at a beautifully melancholy Grey Paint Brush. Only the clueless haven't read the Neopedia article about the Grey Faerie who begins her quest to find her new name. What is the perfect occasion to celebrate all of this? Grey Day, of course! The 14th of this month (the month of Eating) is a long awaited date for many gracefully glum Neopets and their similarly forlorn owners. Neopia celebrates this event in a wonderfully woeful style each year, and this year won't be an exception. But what can you do on this drab and dreary day? Will there even be enough time in your hectic schedule to fit all the sorrowful activities in? No fear - I have compiled a list (in no particular order; all the options are equally depressing) of the most appropriate things to do on this day in the most pensively sad way possible. Remember, a sad or downcast expression is always fitting!

PREPARE - The day before, tell your immediate family (or those in your immediate family who don't already know) that tomorrow is, in fact, *gasp* Grey Day. Therefore you need an extra couple of hours of silence and isolation in the morning to concentrate on the utter desolation of the day (otherwise known as a legitimate excuse for a lie-in - hopefully this will also work with work bosses, but this is less likely). Paint banners, post flyers, shout from the heavens - anything to alert everyone that there's a busy Grey Day ahead!

PRACTICE - Practice what, you may ask - your melancholiness, of course! Perfect your sighs, let your hand cross your beating heart dramatically repeatedly and droop your head at all times. Stare at random passers-by with a hopeless look in your eye and look for their reaction. Peer impressions are always important at rating your effectiveness.

READ - Read the Neopedia article, of course! This can help you brush up on your general knowledge, start a good dinner party conversation ('Hey, did you hear about the Grey Faerie who got locked in a cage with her wings clipped? It was really sad; luckily the poor thing was saved by a eager traveling Kyrii'), and even get you a nifty surprise if it's your first time visiting the page! It also makes for good discussion for her new name; on boring car trips you can even turn this into a creative name-hunting game!

PRIZE - Today is the day of the year where you won't get weird glances by prizing everything Grey. This is why it is therefore important to prize and honor Grey Day in all its glory on a grand scale. Be enthusiastic; show your loyalty and your hatred of everything cheerful in your signature, or have a discussion on the Neoboards about the Grey Paint Brush. The possibilities are endless!

BOAST - If you are lucky enough, use this as a chance to show off your special 'Grey Wocky- Sigh!' avatar. This is also a pretty rare avatar, so you may even gain some respect from your fellow Neopians.

RANT - How dare Jennumara capture the Grey Faerie like that? How can this sort of atrocity be prevented in the future? Rant about it on the Neoboards, maybe even start a safety league to prevent these kind of attacks reoccurring. Or you can whinge about the fluctuating prices of Grey items and the costliness (but in my opinion, the price is worth it) of painting your Neopet Grey. Anything and everything that there is to be ranted about relating to the word 'Grey' can be discussed on Grey Day specifically.

BE WITTY - Occasionally a new Caption Contest round features Grey Day, which offers Neopians the chance to comment cleverly on whichever Grey-themed image is portrayed that week. Use both your extensive Grey knowledge and your wit to enjoy yet another aspect of Grey Day.

RESTOCK - Restockers, listen up - Grey items will rise rapidly in value. Paint brushes, petpets, plushies and even snowglobes may get you a profit on Grey Day, so keep your mouse and your neopoints at the ready in those shops! Don't forget to watch the Shop Wizard occasionally too for some good deals as Neopians fight to keep their grey items selling at competitive prices.

COLLECT - Create a gallery of Grey souvenirs, petpets, items and more, rare and common alike. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your neopoints and your dedication to all things Grey. Also, petpet fanatics will be pleased to know that most petpets come in a shade of grey.

BE GENEROUS - Your Neopets would (naturally) love to be showered with books, petpets and more - so why not use this occasion to treat them with a special theme attached? Grey items are aesthetically pleasing and there is a wide range of petpets, books and flowers that come in a special shade of Grey. Also, I am sure any Neopian would be delighted to receive a Grey item as a gift - the flowers are particularly unique.

Just about every aspect of enjoying Grey Day respectfully and solemnly has been covered in this gloomy article. Rainy days are nothing compared to the utter despairing attitude of this day; Neopia eagerly anticipates the arrival of this day in the hope of imaginative story tales, avatars, wonderful rare items and many other things which make Grey Day one of the highlights of the Neopian Calendar. Neopians from all around Neopia come together to celebrate the gracefulness of the Grey Neopets (as well as envy their owners) and the release of the Grey Faerie (although her new name is yet to be found). They all remember to stick by the most vital rule that ties Grey Day to its very laurels: DO NOT SMILE!

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