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How to Rescue Petpets From the Evil Gargrall!

by rabbit_jade


Rubies, glistening red crystals that come from deep down in Neopia's mines... but who digs up these magnificent gems? The answer may shock you as cute little petpets are being forced by Gargrall, a evil nasty Grarrl to work against their will in terrible conditions. In Petpet Rescue it is down to you to rescue these petpets and bring them back to the safety of Neopia!

Petpet Rescue is a game of mixed opinion. Some people find it easy; others find it infuriating! There is an uber shiny avatar that goes with this game, so I thought I'd write a guide that will *fingers crossed* help you all to master the game and get the avatar! (Please note this guide will NEVER mention the exact score needed for the avatar but rest assured that if you follow my tips and advice and put in a little practice, I promise you will get the avatar with ease!)

The Aim of the Game:

In Petpet Rescue you play a red Scorchio named Samuel. Samuel isn't any ordinary Neopet, though; he is a Petpet Crusader, daring enough to venture into the ruby lava mines and rescue the poor petpets who are trapped down there.

Petpet Rescue is a pretty obvious game, meaning that it isn't a puzzle game that requires you to use your mind. It is a skill game where a little luck is also required to succeed. Your aim is to control Samuel and lead him through the caves collecting petpets, whilst avoiding the lava, boulders and stalactites.

Basic Screen Information:

On the main Petpet Rescue screen it is all pretty obvious, but just for clarification, you start at the bottom of the screen by the door. In front of you is a lava lake with lots of boats going across it on tracks; some will contain petpets, some won't. You need to use these boats to cross the lava lake to the part of the screen above the lava. Here there are usually rolling stones with more petpets.

You have four "lives" in Petpet Rescue (one you start with and three extra), but you should try your best to save these for later levels. You can see how many lives you have left by the number of Scorchio heads shown in the bottom left of the screen. Each level in Petpet Rescue needs to be completed in 99 seconds; the amount of time you have left is indicated next to the word "Time". Finally, your score is shown next to the word "Score".

As soon as you click on the "Play Game" button the game will begin. There is no pause button or entry screen with this game, so be prepared to start straight away and be aware you will not be able to stop until you quit or it's game over!

A message will appear on your screen telling you the aim of the level (how many petpets you need to collect to progress to the next level). After this disappears, you will have 99 seconds to collect this amount of petpets or lose a life! To move Samuel you need to use the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard! The UP ARROW makes Samuel move toward the top of the screen, the DOWN BUTTON makes Samuel move toward the bottom of the screen, the LEFT ARROW makes him move left, and RIGHT ARROW makes him move right!

Collecting Petpets:

Obviously the whole idea of the game is to collect the poor petpets that appear on the screen. To collect the petpets, you need to guide Samuel the Scorchio onto a petpet so he picks it up. Once Samuel is holding a petpet, you need to guide him straight back to the main door (bottom middle of screen). This is because Samuel cannot carry more than one petpet at any given time!

Here is the number of petpets you need to collect per level:

  • Level 1: Rescue 4 Petpets
  • Level 2: Rescue 6 Petpets
  • Level 3: Rescue 8 Petpets
  • Level 4: Rescue 10 Petpets

What you need to avoid:

An important section to this guide is obviously what you need to avoid! In the game there are several obstacles Samuel will need to watch out for in order to not lose lives:

Lava: The red lava pools on screen will kill Samuel if you touch them; this means that you need to take extra care when crossing on the boats not to go too far forward or you may fall in!!

Boats: The boats are your transport across the lava, but they themselves are dangerous. If you stay on too long and Samuel reaches the edges of the screen you will lose a life! So be careful when you get on the boat and make sure you can cross before touching the edges!

Falling Stone-sickles: The stone icicles hanging at the top of the screen aren't just there for decoration; these pesky extras will fall down during your game and should they hit you, Samuel will lose a life! Watch out for these all the time but especially when you're on the boats.

Rolling Stones: The rolling stones can be a real pain but are quite easy to get across. Just be patient and alert. Be extra careful, because if you touch one of these rolling stones, you will lose a life!

Time: Finally you need to watch your time, as if you take longer than 99 seconds to complete a level, you will lose a life!

Bonus Points:

Now for the section everyone likes! There are two things which will gain you extra points in the game; these are gems and level bonuses:

Gems: During each level you can pick up gems, which will add points to your score. Make sure you always collect ALL of these gems to be in with a chance of the avatar! There are four different coloured gems:

  • Pink Gems: these appear in ALL LEVELS and are worth 5 points each.
  • Blue Gems: these appear from LEVEL 2 onward and are worth 10 points each.
  • Green Gems: these appear from LEVEL 3 onward and are worth 15 points each.
  • Red Gems: these appear from LEVEL 4 onward and are worth 25 points each. (These don't appear very often!)

Level Bonuses: After each level is completed you will gain a bonus of 25 points! :)

Top Tips

Ok so it will ruin the fun if I tell you the score needed for that darn avatar, but let's just say... follow these tips and the scores mentioned and you will get the score necessary! When playing the game you should aim to get the avatar around level 4/5.

Tip #1: Turn OFF your speakers! The music in the game will put you off and distract you!

Tip #2: Pick up ALL the gems!! Make sure you get the gems, and I suggest restarting your game if you get less than 3 gems on level 1.

Tip #3: There are two sets of petpets in later levels. In the first level you will find only one lava pool with one set of petpets following, but as the levels progress there are two lava pools with two sets of petpets. This means more gems!!

Tip #4: Try not to lose any lives on level 1 or 2; this will help you later on!!

Tip #5: Be extra careful when planning a route across the lava! Be aware that all of the boats are moving at different speeds so always make sure that you have a fallback plan, i.e. if you can't progress forward, you can go backward briefly!

Trophy Guides:

  • Beginner - 0+ points
  • Amateur - 100+ points
  • Novice - 200+ points
  • Expert - 300+ points
  • Master - 400+ points
  • Grand Master - 500+ points

If you follow the tips above, you should be getting at least a Novice rating, but with a little practice you will see how easy it is to get the higher ranks and maybe even a trophy at reset!!


There you are! If you follow all of these points accurately and correctly, you should have no troubles at all, but if you have any queries/questions, feel free to neomail me!

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