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Dark Friend: Part Four

by petfriendamy


"Weird?" Laura wondered. "What kind of weird?"

     Kiro took a moment to catch his breath. "You see, I was just showing her around town, and then I showed her the castle, and then we were about to leave, but she kept hearing a voice, then she ran to the castle, and..." Kiro paused and sighed, "...then we were about to go in the castle, when we were stopped by Shoyru guards. They said that we couldn't go in without permission from the King or Princess, then Yollinda said something like 'Calling me... someone is calling me...', but the guards wouldn't let her pass. Then the weirdest thing happened...

     "Yollinda started getting all mad and said something like, 'If you do not let me pass, you will face the consequences!' and the Shoyru guards were like 'Pfft, as if!' and then Yollinda was mad. She started to glow, and she was like 'I am being called, and you will not let me pass!' and then there was this weird, purple, flash of light, and the Shoyru guards were unconscious on the ground!"

     "What??" Wanda yelped.

     "Exactly," Kiro replied. "So then Yollinda kicked open the door and went in, and I was about to follow her, but she stopped me. 'No ordinary citizens may interrupt,' she told me. 'The Indera... bring the Indera... then you may pass,' is what she told me. I'm like, 'Huh? What are you talking about, Yollinda?' and she was like 'Leave... NOW!' so then I ran off and found you."

     "That is just too weird," Aillira said.

     "What did she mean by 'ordinary citizen'?" Cindon wondered. "And who or what is 'the Indera'?"

     "Uh nuh..." Dina tried to hide in Laura's arm.

     "Hey, what's with her?" Aillira wondered, eyeing Dina.

     "Well..." Laura sighed, "I really didn't want to say this, but the Indera... it's... it's Dina."

     "Dina??" Kiro yelped, shocked.

     Laura didn't say anything, she just silently and solemnly nodded.

     "But what does this mean?" Cindon asked. "What exactly is the Indera?"

     Wanda stepped up, "You see, there's a book called 'The Prophecy of the Indera'. It tells of a magical being who is said to come and overthrow the Crown."

     "Mm-hmm..." Aillira nodded, and gave Wanda an interested look.

     "Of course, who would want to be overthrown? Princess Rose absolutely hates the Indera, Dina. But the thing is, about five months ago she found a section in the book that was just what she needed..."

     "What? What'd it say?" Kiro asked.

     Wanda took a deep breath, "It talks about... a way... a way to destroy the... the Indera."

     "Why would that be in a book talking about how great the Indera is?" Aillira wondered.

     "I'm not really sure..." Wanda shook her head. "But it mentions... it mentions a dagger. A magical dagger. The Royal Dagger. It's the only dagger that can... that can truly destroy the Indera... Dina."

     "I was certain that Dina was consequential, in some way," Cindon said.

     Wanda nodded. "The Royal Dagger was hidden in the castle. But Rose found it. And I'm sure she still knows where it is."

     Laura took a breath. "Um... one more thing, probably rather relieving; the dagger can only really destroy the Indera if it's stabbed through their heart, on the pedestal the dagger was found on, which is in the castle."

     "Which is where Yollinda is..." Kiro thought aloud, "...uh-oh. You don't suppose..."

     Wanda bit her lip and nodded. "It seems so unlikely, but..."

     Kiro was silent for a moment. "Man, this is so terrible..." he said after a while, "Yollinda's in the castle, acting all weird, and we have to go save her; she has a life to live, three kids to take care of... but we can't go in there unless we bring Dina. And if we bring Dina..." Kiro sighed, and fell to his knees, "...I don't know what to do..."

     There was silence amongst the group. No one knew what to say or do. Everyone just started looking at each other. Then, finally, Laura nodded.

     "We... we have to go in and help Yollinda," she stuttered.

     Everyone looked at Laura. Then Aillira said, "And risk the chance of Dina being... you know?"

     Laura took a breath, and nodded. "It's the only way."

     Kiro sat there for a moment, then he stood up and said, "Do you really want to do this?"

     "I don't want to..." Laura admitted, "...but we must."

     More silence. Then Cindon said, "We will accompany you. Me and Aillira."

     Aillira looked at Cindon. "Who said anything about--" she paused, then sighed and turned to Laura. "If worst comes to worst, you'll need our help."

     Laura nodded. "Thank you, that is very supportive of you."

     "Well, if you're all going, then I'm coming, too," Wanda said.

     "I'll come, too," Kiro said. "I may need to if we plan to help Yollinda."

     Laura breathed deeply, and gave everyone a nod. "Well then... I guess we should go."

     "Mister Kiro?"

     Everyone turned to look where the voice had come from. It was Yollinda's children.

     "Where's our mommy?" Timmy asked.

     Kiro sighed. "She's... kind of busy... doing something. We were just about to go get her."

     "Can we come, too?" Zack asked.

     "No, sorry." Kiro shook his head. "You have to stay here, and take care of each other, okay?"

     Jimmy smiled. "I'm the oldest. I'll take care of them!"

     "Hey, you aren't THAT much older!" Timmy shot.

     "Yeah, but I'm still the oldest!" Jimmy replied.

     Jimmy and Timmy started arguing; Zack just sighed. "They always start arguing when it comes to age."

     Kiro chuckled, just a little bit, and sighed. "Now... you three just wait for us, okay?"

     "Okay," Zack replied. Then he poked his brothers on their shoulders. "Come on, let's go wait at Mister Kiro's house."

     The kids started to leave, but Jimmy stopped. "Hey, why can't we come with you, anyway?"

     Kiro bit his lip, looked at Laura, sighed, then looked back at Jimmy. "You're too young to understand."

     "Aww..." Jimmy moaned, as he started following his brothers. "I'm ALWAYS too young..."

     When the kids had faded off into the distance, Kiro nodded. "Come on, let's do this. Yollinda has kids to come back to."

     Laura nodded. "Yes, let's go."

     Then the group started on their way to the castle. Laura looked at Dina solemnly, everyone else kept their eyes on the castle.

     I must face the fear... I must do this... Laura thought to herself, then she sighed, and looked up at the castle.

     When they came to the castle doors, they saw that the Shoyru guards were still unconscious. Kiro swallowed, and he slowly opened the door...

     No one could believe what they saw. The entrance room of the castle was a complete mess; unconscious Shoyru guards were all over the floor. Right in the middle of the room was Yollinda, whose eyes looked cold and sharp.

     "Um... Yollinda?" Kiro stuttered.

     Yollinda shot a piercing glare at Kiro. "What do you want?"

     Kiro swallowed. "Well... you wanted... you wanted the... the Indera?"

     Yollinda looked across the group intently. Then she spotted Dina, and smiled a wicked smile.

     "So the Indera is here..." Yollinda started walking toward Dina, who was shivering with fear. Everyone backed away from Yollinda as she approached, except for Laura.

     Laura muttered some things to Dina, then she took a deep breath and looked up at Yollinda, who was now just a few feet away from her.

     Yollinda smirked. "You... you are Songdream."

     Laura nodded. "Laura Songdream, yes."

     Yollinda smiled, then looked at Dina. "And you have the Indera..."


     Dina tried to hide in Laura's arm as Yollinda reached for the baby Xweetok. Yollinda grabbed Dina's sides and tried to take her from Laura. Laura resisted.

     "Give her to me." Yollinda glared at Laura.

     Laura sighed, and let go of Dina. Yollinda looked at Dina, who was in her arms, and smirked evilly. Dina started to cry.

     "Dina... it'll be okay..." Laura reached out her hand for Dina. Dina looked at Laura's hand, then at Laura's face. Laura nodded. Then Dina smiled, just a little, as she reached out and grabbed Laura's finger. Laura closed her eyes, and tears began to flow. Dina also closed her eyes, trying to stop her tears.

     "Come on... enough of this drama," Yollinda groaned. "I cannot stand here forever."

     Dina opened her eyes, again, and let go of Laura's finger. Yollinda smirked, and began to walk off with Dina in her arms. Laura opened her eyes part-way, and yelped, "Di-NAAA!!"

     * * * * *

     Yollinda brought Dina upstairs and down the hall. She was stopped by two guards who were guarding Rose's room.

     "What are you doing in here?!" exclaimed one guard. "No outsiders are allowed in the castle without--"

     "Silence!" Yollinda shouted, in a voice that wasn't her own. "You will let me through, one way or another!"

     "What makes you think--"

     Yollinda raised her arm in the air, and in a flash of purple, the guards were unconscious on the floor. Dina's eyes widened, and Yollinda burst into Rose's bedroom without as much as a flinch. The Princess jumped and turned to Yollinda as the bedroom door was flung open.

     "What the...?" Rose yelped.

     Yollinda smiled, and held Dina out for Rose to see. "Princess... I have brought the Indera."

     Princess Rose smirked. "Ah, so you have..." She walked closer to Yollinda and Dina. "I can't leave this room for another six months, so I'm going to have to... wait..." Rose paused, and looked intensely into the light-blue eyes of Dina. "...this is the wrong one!"

     * * * * *

     "It worked!" Laura beamed, running through the halls of the castle. "Mama thought it wouldn't work, but it worked!"

     "What worked?" Kiro asked, chasing after Laura. "Laura, wait!..."

     Laura stopped and turned to look at Kiro with an ecstatic look on her face. On closer inspection, Kiro realized that Laura's eyes were indigo, instead of the usual light-blue.

     "Huh...? Laura? What happened to your...?" Kiro was confused.

     Wanda came up next to Kiro. "That's not Laura, that's Dina!" she explained cheerfully.

     "What? I don't get it..." Kiro was even more confused.

     Aillira and Cindon came up behind Kiro. Aillira asked, "What's going on?"

     Wanda smiled. "It's one of the Indera's magical abilities. She can swap bodies with anyone, with just a touch."

     Dina, who was in Laura's body, giggled. "Mama didn't think I could swap with her, but I did!"

     "See, I TOLD Laura that it was possible, but she didn't believe me!" Wanda added. "Hah, I guess this proves that--"

     "Look out!!"

     Wanda was interrupted by Aillira's yelp, and quickly ducked out of the way of a purple blast of energy. The energy blast whizzed barely past the group and exploded on the wall behind them. When Wanda looked up to see where the blast came from, she saw Yollinda glaring angrily back at them.

     "You think you are so smart, Indera, but you cannot fool me!" Yollinda exclaimed. "You cannot get away from me! I will get you in whichever form you happen to be in!"

     Dina winced nervously as Yollinda began to approach her. Just as Yollinda was getting close, Aillira stood up and blocked her path.

     "Out of my way!" Yollinda shouted.

     "No!" Aillira shouted back. "I won't let you harm her!"

     Wanda looked up at Aillira, amazed at the Faerie's bravery. Wanda managed a small smile, and Yollinda glared intensely at Aillira.

     "Do not make me use force, Faerie," Yollinda said.

     "I'm not scared of you!" Aillira exclaimed.

     "Then you leave me no choice!" Yollinda threw herself at Aillira, who grabbed the Kougra and threw her back.

     "I really don't want to hurt you, but if I have to..." Aillira said, and she pulled her Light Faerie Sword from its sheath.

     Cindon struck a battle pose. "I have been tutored some in the ways of combat," he explained.

     Kiro stepped forward. "I don't really know anything, but I'm willing to help, too!"

     Dina and Wanda looked at Aillira, Cindon and Kiro with awe. Only a true friend would stand up for you, through thick and thin, no matter what the circumstances.

     "Thanks, you guys..." Wanda whispered.

     "You might want to run..." Aillira whispered back.

     Wanda's eyes widened, and she nodded. Then she grabbed Dina by the arm and exclaimed, "Come on! Let's run!"

     Wanda and Dina started running down the hall, as Aillira, Cindon and Kiro prepared themselves to fight Yollinda.

To be continued...

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