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Waltzing Neopia

by scarletrhapsody


I've always wondered how Neopets can keep so fit and healthy despite all that fat-laden food their owners shower them during every meal, like hamburgers and delicious cream cookies. I've always thought it was the occasional health food from Health Frog's shop, but recently I learnt that there was more to it. Upon my investigation and researching, I have discovered one of the most well kept secrets of Neopia. Neopets from different parts of Neopia congregate each week and practise different types of graceful exercises combining both entertainment and workouts to the best effect, something that is generally classified as..."dancing".

Therefore, here I reveal to you the different types of dances from each of the various main lands in Neopia. These dances are specially suited for each culture of the land, it seems, and don't be surprised if you find yourself waltzing to the tunes of Neopia by the end of this article.

Mystery Island - Island Dancing (also known as "Let's do the hula dance!")

Pick up your bright pink grass skirt and join in the fun! Island dancing is usually done around a campfire on festive occasions, and while the female pets customarily have a flower in their fur, the male are to wear a necklace of bone while they dance, to show their masculinity. Tunes include the catchy beat of the drums and crazy thumping on the tambourines! The entire group of dancers will circle the campfire thrice, before breaking up to dance on their own. Since there is no fixed pattern of dancing, any Neopets can join in the fun. Plus, dancers can even pick some of the fruits off the tropical trees and savour them whilst dancing. Now that's what I call healthy living. So what are you waiting for? Hula to the uplifting Island tunes now!

Lost Desert - Desertian Dancing

Don you best Lost Desert costumes for this mystical number. Dance steps include walking with your arms outstretched, or having your elbows bent, or moving parallel to the walls in a straight line. It is an extremely complicated routine of dance and fixed steps, coupled with monotonous music. I wonder why any pet would want to join in this dance, but then again, you never know the beauty of Desert Dancing until you try it for yourself.

Tyrannia - Grooooovy!

Tyrannian pets are a fortunate bunch, for they have an entire concert hall dedicated to the avant-garde bands of Neopia, so that they can dance all day to the tunes they like best. Neopets young and old can tap their feet to the soothing ballads or pump their fist in the air for crazy rock or jazz. Whichever music genre your pets like, there'll definitely be something to help them enjoy their stay in Tyrannia. Dancing will never be the same when they're grooving to their favourite pop band. This is perhaps the best form of dancing, when true entertainment blends perfectly with real exercise. Move to the groove now, baby!

Faerieland - Ballet

Faeries and Neopets alike deem this as the "true" dance of olden Neopia. Ballet is known throughout all Neopia as something only suited for those with delicate paws and feet, and one has to be extremely skilful to be able to execute all the right ballet moves. But as more Neopets are taking up this graceful sport (if it can even be called a sport at all), Neopia is seeing more passion in this field. Though not many pets can call themselves truly adept at this dance, which requires knowledge of difficult moves like "grand jete" and "pirouette", I know for a fact that many of them enjoy themselves when learning it. I have to agree, it is the passion and desire for the dance that really matters, more than the perfection of the steps itself.

Haunted Woods - Ghastly Waltz (also known as "Hardly moving floating creatures")

The reason the dance is notorious for it's slow movements is mainly due to the fact that most pets are too afraid to move when they dance. After all, the location of the dance is in the middle of the woods, the deepest and most haunted part ever seen in Neopian history. Who wouldn't be afraid? Waltzing with those floating spirits is best done by Halloween pets, so that they can blend in, but if your disco pets do not mind the slow waltz movements or want to test their courage, by all means go for it! It might be advisable for them, though, to sleep well during the day before they join this dance, for the ghostly creatures are known to be able to waltz throughout the entire night. Here's something to please those Count von Roo fans - the Blumaroo is known to like this dance very much, so your pet might want to pop by to catch him in action.

Krawk Island - The "Arr Drunkard Dance"

This is probably one of the most ridiculous dance routines Neopia has ever seen. Invented by the famed pirate Krawk M. Marshell in BN 200, it is simply a dance of careless moving around. It is said that when Mr Marshell succeed in pilfering or smuggling another ship of goods, he celebrated it with his mates by singing and dancing, swaying around aimlessly in circles, knocking over the glass bottles and hitting many of his mates. When people got wind of how his movements were exactly the same every time, they made it a whole new dance routine that Krawk Island is now known for. Your young pet may want to try the swaying around, if he wants to be in the league of the pirates as well.

Meridell - Folk dancing

If prancing around in a large cornfield is your thing, then this one is for you. Neopets gather for the folk dance parade, where, with big red dresses and equally big hats, they twirl to wonderful country tunes with their selected partner. The large dance field can really give one the sense of unlimited folk dancing enjoyment! Neopets adept in the musical field may want to bring along their guitars and strum a few country songs for the group. Let's folk dance, everyone!

Terror Mountain - Ice-skating

Okay. So ice-skating isn't really a dance, but the skilful movements more than makes up for that fact. Before your pets hit the ice-skating rink, though, remember to learn how to ice-skate, or you can be prepared to make a fool of yourself. When your pet have had all the basics stuck in his little head, you're now ready to roll! It may take some practise to get the rhythm right,especially if you are skating with someone for the first time, but who cares when you can have fun? Grab some woollen scarves, thick clothing, and a random partner, and skate to different forms of "music", like the occasional scream of the Tuskaninny when it falls from the cliff in Cliffhanger, or the wails a Neopian when he loses in the scratchcard game for the 19999th time.

And last but not least,

Virtupets Space Station - Aerobics

Again, I am aware of the fact that aerobics is not exactly a dance. But the graceful kicks and different moves makes for a routine dance-like sequence indeed. In fact, more and more Neopets are taking up this sport, and while it can be done in the comfort of one's Neohome with the help of a hired aerobics instructor, but many much prefer to go all the way to the Virtupets Space Station in outer space, where Neopets of similar interests like themselves gather for another lesson of aerobics. Ah, the joy of doing the things you enjoy with those like you. So if you're game enough to try this stretching and kicking exercise out, put on your silver leotard and we're all ready to go!

Well, these are all I have for you. If you fancy, bring your Neopets to one of these places and have the time of your lives today! Every land has it's own culture; discover which one suits you best, and until we meet again, keep dancing!

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