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Igloo Restocking Guide

by zodiaxia


So you say you cannot restock in the Main Shops? You say you wish there was a way to shop and earn neopoints at the same time?

Well, you have found the perfect Guide for you!

Located up in the wintry regions of Terror Mountain there is a place known to many that still remains a bit of a mystery. That's right; it is the Igloo Garage Sale, where items of all sorts restock at low discount prices! I have spent many a day sitting inside to bring you all the information you need to make the most of your Neopoints. Now you are probably thinking to yourself that restocking in shops is so hard, or you are frustrated by the fact that you never see any items to buy or like in the other Main shops, and that there is very little profit in the items you DO see. This is where the Igloo starts to differ from those pesky little shops! Now you're probably saying that this person must be off her rocker; well, yes, that may be true, BUT so is the Information I have so lovingly brought to you via this Guide!

Let me start off by saying that you do not need to be an expert in all the items in Neopia, because we all know it’s virtually impossible. You may also have a themed shop or be part of a Mall (or want to have) where you will be selling specific items (plushie shop or book shop, for an example). You could also be looking for a faster way to pay for a gallery or paint your pets. With restocking in the Igloo, all that and more is possible!

Igloo Basics

The very first thing I need to tell you is that the Igloo restock is a bit different from the main shops. How? It is simple; you do not have to haggle!! *jumps up and down* However, you are limited to ONE item per restock, and just like in the Main shops, the Igloo does like to do what I call a double restock, which basically means that right after a stock in the same minute it will stock a second group of items.

When you have made your purchase you will have to confirm your choice by a simple little popup window. I find that this system is a lot easier for those of us who have not yet mastered the art of the Haggle. What works for me is I click on the Refresh button on my browser with my other hand hovering over the Enter/Return key. This only will work greatly if you also have a scroll mouse, unless you are really fast, so that when the restock happens I can quickly move my mouse down and scroll and click and hit. For those that don't have a scroll mouse I find that having the window scrolled to the middle or bottom and hitting the F5 key works just as well. The second thing I need to tell you is that restocking at the Igloo can become addictive, so I recommend you having at least a size 5 shop before going in on your first buy.

Now, the third thing is that the Igloo restocks at RANDOM times and also RANDOM items. So I cannot give you an exact time, only an estimated time to refresh for a restock. I'd like to point out that all times are in Neo Standard Time and that they are in no way a guarantee. I would recommend starting a refresh at 1:00:30 - 1:00:51. You have to pay attention to the seconds here, not the hour or the minute; otherwise you stand a chance of missing a restock. I have also run into restocks that happen before the timeframe listed here and for the most part it is 98% accurate. I wish I could be more exact but the minutes will change each and every hour. The last thing you'll need to know is that you may have a wait for items to show because the Igloo is a temperamental creature. You may have 8-10 stocks in an hour or 1-2 in an hour. My best advice... be patient and good things will happen!

Items and Suggestions

Plushies, Petpets, Stamps, Food, Toys, Codestones, Bottled Faeries, Collectable Cards and many more types of items restock in the Igloo! This section will deal with what I recommend for you to shop for while your coats are in the warming oven.

First I would like to thank you for getting this far in the guide and hope that I am making everything understandable and easy for you all to follow. I am also taking it for granted that if you made it this far you are hanging on the edge of your seat to get an idea of what to buy from the Igloo.

Allrighty, let’s do this! The absolute best things to go for are obviously the Codestones, Petpets, Stamps and Faeries. We all know they sell quickly and are usually great profit makers, especially if it's your first time here. However, there is a downside... not all Petpets that stock are going to be huge moneymakers. It will be your job as you go to make the determination. The same can also be said of Stamps and Collectable Cards. Long time players have been around long enough to know that the Cards are in several different colors and that each color has a price range that they sell for. If you have tried for an item and missed and then went back with cards still available or you wish to go for those to sell, then I suggest you go for the black and purple ones. Those will usually hit around 3k or more... but not always, so again you must use your own judgment.

Now I take you into the Food Section, which the Igloo loves to restock. With so many items running rampant around Neopia, it is very difficult to list all of them so I will help you by giving you some suggestions. First you want to look for species-specific food, like Raspberry Tuskaninny Pop, which will cost you about 100 NP but sells for over 8k on the Wiz! I have had the best luck with restocking items that have Tuskaninny, Gelert, Gnorbu and other pet types in the name of the food, so I think that you can too!

Now I am in no way, shape, or form telling you that you are guaranteed an item every restock or that it will be worth a lot more than what you paid for it, but the longer you restock, the more you will get familiar with what comes in and what item will net you the most amount of neopoints. It is very much a case of trial and error and hopefully this guide will make your errors few and far between.

Miscellaneous Tips

1. Make sure that you have plenty of time to sit and wait for a restock. I don't want you to get discouraged if you don't have one the minute you start!

2. Most of the time I only need 5,000 Neopoints on hand to do some serious restocking; at 200 NP on average per item, that is quite a bit to fill a shop and nice profits too!

3. Most important of all is to find a rhythm to it. Once you find yours, you'll be on a restocking roll!

4. Never ever give up! The items are there for you to buy (and sell in most cases), and if you miss, it is okay! The best thing is that there will always be another chance!

5. If you don't have that much to spend, I very heavily recommend shying away from the Petpets. They can hit you really hard on the outright cost, with some not bringing you a great return. The good news is once you have more to spend, you can branch out more and go for that shiny or cute Petpet!

6. Always try to keep a sharp eye once the items load, but by all means DO NOT dally around! Sometimes the Igloo will not refresh all the way and if you take that time to bring everything in, you might lose something you saw in that first refresh!

7. Finally, have fun! You're shopping and earning Neopoints to boot, so don't let anything spoil it for you! Because if you're not having fun, then what is the point!?!

Final Note

I hope that I have inspired you to give the Igloo your best try and that in some small way I was helpful to someone other than myself. Have a Happy Igloo Day!

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