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The Ultimate Guide To Deckswabber

by brad_333


Out on the open seas of Neopia a young pirate Blumaroo has been hired as the ship’s Deckswabber, keeping the decks of the pirate ship clean throughout the entire journey on the hunt for treasure. Deckswabbing has great rewards for those who are willing to work for it. Do you have what it takes to keep the deck as clean as a whistle and earn your share of the treasure?

The goal of Deckswabber is to guide the pirate Blumaroo around the decks, cleaning them and reaching the goal colour for each square. A level is completed when all of the squares have reached their goal colour. Your points are scored in four different categories. Firstly you receive an automatic 10 points for completing the level. The second category is a health bonus. Depending on how much health you have left will score you up to 10 points. The third bonus is on how long it took you to swab the whole level. Here is a small chart on point bonuses for how long it takes to complete a level.

Time Taken Points Scored
Less Than 30 Seconds 10 Points
31-33 Seconds 9 Points
34-37 Seconds 8 Points
38-42 Seconds 7 Points
43-50 Seconds 6 Points
51-60 Seconds 5 Points
61-75 Seconds 4 Points
76-100 Seconds 3 Points
101-150 Seconds 2 Points
151-300 Seconds 1 Point
More Than 300 seconds 0 Points

However, after each round the times on this chart go up by thirty seconds, meaning that in the second round if you complete the level in less than one minute you’ll receive 10 points. This means that after every round you’ll gain an extra thirty seconds, which will give you more time bonus points. However, in rounds 5/6 onward, it is almost impossible to score 10 points for time due to the enemies and complex levels.

The fourth and final way of scoring in Deckswabber is a treasure bonus. Treasure chests and dubloons will pop up randomly from time to time so make sure you collect them! You will only receive the treasure’s points once you have completed the level. Here is a chart explaining treasure value.

Treasure Points Scored
Bronze Dubloon ½ point*
Silver Dubloon 1 point
Gold Dubloon 2 points
Silver Lined Chest 5 points
Gold Lined Chest 7 ½ points*
Golden Chest 10 points**
*If you have a half point at the end of the level, it is rounded up, giving you an extra point.
** The most you can get for a treasure bonus is 10 points for every level.

However, there are a few things that stop Deckswabber from being all smooth sailing. There are many obstacles your little Blumaroo friend must avoid. The biggest obstacles are pirates and cannons. The first (and easiest to avoid) enemy is the cannon. These enemies don’t really know what they’re doing and will just move randomly across the level. The second Enemy is a Mynci pirate who is a little smarter than the cannon but still not much of a threat to you. The next pirate is a Red Techo who is very dangerous. He will chase you and is very fast. It’s like he’s got a mind of his own with just one thing on it. The Blumaroo. However, if it makes you feel any better, he doesn’t appear until the beginning of the third round. The final and most dangerous pirate is the dreaded Kiko Skeleton who’ll send you straight to Davy Jones’ Locker if he gets ahold of you and he’s even faster than the Pirate Techo. Don’t worry, though. He doesn’t appear until the seventh round. The last obstacles are the water pits which will drain you off all your health before you can say “Barnacle Bill’s Belt Busting Burger”. If you do happen to fall into one of these, get out as quickly as possible or your game will come to an end.

A couple of items will also pop up and will help/ruin your game. There is a crate that will bounce around the course until it explodes and returns a number of squares back to brown, meaning that you’ll need to swab them all over again. However, if you get to the crate before it explodes, it will cause no harm to your game. Look at the pattern on the front of the crate. If it’s a picture of a square, it’ll return all squares in a one square radius back to normal. If it’s a cross, it’ll return all squares in the same row and column back to normal when it explodes. The next item is a sword that will move randomly around the map and will automatically destroy any enemy it touches. The final item is a health flag that will restore health and keep the young pirate going for longer. There are two flags. One will return you to maximum health while the other flag is only a half-mast, which will only return 5 points of health to you.

In Deckswabber the only controls are the arrow keys, which you use to move the Blumaroo around. When you step on a square, it will change into a different colour. In the first round the brown square will change into a yellow one and stay like that forever (unless a crate explodes). The second round is a little more challenging. If you step back over a yellow square it will go back to brown! And the third round reveals the blue tile! Here’s a chart explaining each round's goal colour.

Round 1: Brown > Yellow (Goal)

Round 2: Brown > Yellow > Brown (Goal)

Round 3: Brown > Yellow > Blue > Yellow (Goal)

Round 4: Brown > Yellow > Blue > Brown (Goal)

Round 5: Brown > Yellow > Blue > Green > Blue (Goal)

Round 6: Brown > Yellow > Blue > Green > Brown (Goal)

Round 7: Brown > Yellow > Blue > Green > Light Blue > Green (Goal)

Round 8: Brown > Yellow > Blue > Green > Light Blue > Brown (Goal)

Every round of Deckswabber has five levels but when you advance to the next round, the first level is taken away and a new level is added on. The first round of Deckswabber has five levels. Round one/two have five levels one, two, three, four, five but in the next round level one will be taken out and level six will come into play. If you don’t understand, here is a small chart.

Round Levels

Round One One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Round Two One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Round Three Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Round Four Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Round Five Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Round Six Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

Round Seven Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Round Eight Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

These are the basics of the game Deckswabber. Now here are a few tips to help boost up your score:

Tip #1: Don’t run through enemies unless it’s absolutely necessary. In less than half a second they can take away 2 – 3 health when you run through. Only run through if it’s the end of the level and you just need one more square to clean or if going around him will totally ruin your game; then you may run through.

Tip #2: Don’t go through water. Don’t ever. There is always another way to complete the level, so it’s not worth a few health points when you can easily do it another way. However, in extremely rare cases you will end up with just two squares left to clean and no matter how long you keep running back and forth you’ll never finish the level. In these very rare cases, you will need to run through water. This doesn’t happen often. It has only happened to me once or twice before.

Tip #3: Be patient. Wait for an enemy to disappear or for the sword to touch one of your enemies instead of rushing through them or taking a detour. You may miss out on a time bonus, but in the later levels all you need to do is stay alive.

Tip #4: If you find yourself low on health, type in the cheat code “vitaminc”, which will restore your health but can only be used once per game, so use it wisely. A good trick is to type in “vitamin” and keep a spare finger on the “c”. When you urgently need it just press “c” and restore your health. Sailors long, long ago caught a bad disease called scurvy, which was caught due to lack of Vitamin C. This was how the cheat code got its name.

Tip #5: Before you play make sure you’ve gone to the toilet and had something to eat and drink. Also keep the phone close to you in case someone rings. You can pick it up and just play one handed. One of my best games was spoiled when I needed to rush into the other room and pick up the phone there. These tips are important because there is no pause button in Deckswabber.

Tip #6: If your Blumaroo has run out of health, it’s not game over yet! You may pay 30 points to try the level again. You may only do this up to three times, though.

If you want a thousand neopoints for every play to earn some quick cash, send a score of 558 or higher three times a day. The next reward for Deckswabber is a trophy from the high scores table. This will require a score of 850+ points. If you are looking to earn a trophy, remember to send your score at the beginning of the month when there are fewer scores on the high scores table. I’ve currently got a Bronze trophy for Deckswabber and I’m going for a higher trophy level next month.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide on Deckswabber and I hope that this guide has boosted up your score, possibly to the avatar score. However, the most important tip of all I can give you is to Practice! Practice! Practice! So if you’ve got what it takes, maybe you should take up the life of a Deckswabber and enjoy the staggering amounts of treasure as your reward. Good Luck!

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