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Petpet Problems Be Gone!

by alexiacatlover_2727


Choosing a petpet can be very hard. I remember going to a shop and feeling very overwhelmed by all the different petpets. I’m here to help you choose the perfect one for you! I’ll also give you quite a few tips to train him to higher levels too. You’ll never know how it can come in handy. Remember, choosing a petpet takes time. You don’t just go to a shop, look at a few petpets, and buy one. These steps will hopefully make it easy for you to buy the perfect petpet for your pet!

Thinking of type (this part is easy! :D):

Some petpets, well, most for that matter, are based on a real animal. A polarchuck looks like a polar bear. A cobrall looks like a snake. There are usually quite a few than more petpets of a certain type of petpet. There are also many different colors. That’s why it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed!

Think of an animal you like. For an example, let’s say I like birds. A possibility would be getting a weewoo. There are a lot of different choices as well, hummingbird ones, and ones that look like parrots. Some petpets are a combination, such as the wuzzer, a combination of the warf and the buzzer. The buzzer is a bee petpet and the warf is more of a dog. Sometimes the name makes it easy to know what type of animal it is. This is true for buzzers and polarchucks. Once you have the animal you like, continue to the next part of the article, ‘Your budget and you’.

Your budget and you (remember, the budget is important!):

This part is very important, as you can see above on the header! Look at the petpets, which you can find at the link in Pet Central. Find a few you like, and number them all. Make sure to look at them all. There are many different ones, and someday you might regret getting one when you see a better one that you never saw because you stopped when you found the other one you liked.

Find yourself a budget. I recommend petpets worth 1,000 - 10,000, but if you feel you have enough money, you could choose a higher budget. Make sure that it is sensible, and something that you have. I once gave a friend a petpet, and it took her much frustration and time to finally be able to pay me back for it. Don’t let this happen to you! If you do think this will happen to you, find a cheaper petpet!

Searching for the perfect petpet (don’t you love the sound of perfect petpet?):

Go to the shop wizard and look at the petpet. Refreshing it a few times always helps, I find. I usually get lower prices that way. Make sure the prices are in your budget. If the first petpet on your list is too much, then go to the next one. Don’t go over your budget! It’s never smart to do that!

Once you find your petpet, do not buy it. If you want a painted petpet, then do not buy it. Put down a few of the prices and shop owners on a piece of paper. For those who want painted petpets, read the ‘what color to choose’ section. If you want a normal petpet, then just skip over that section and buy the petpet.

What color to choose (IMPORTANT!):

Go to the Rainbow Pool. Look at All Petpet Colours and find the petpet of your choice. Look at all its colors. Find one that suits your pet and you. That’s important. If you get a petpet that is adorable, yet your petpet is mutant or Halloween, it would be very weird to someone looking at your lookup. Remember to choose wisely!

Go to the shop wizard and search the petpet as painted. See if it would be cheaper to buy it painted, or if it would be much cheaper to buy the petpet and the paint brush separately. When I got my first petpet, I was so excited I just bought it and the paint brush separately. Later, I realized I would have saved a lot by buying one already painted. Buy whichever deal is cheapest.

Putting it on your pet (this part is very rewarding!):

Go to your inventory. Choose ‘attach to pet’ and as long as your pet isn’t a Skeith, it will probably say something along the lines of ‘Wow! I am very happy with my new petpet!’ I have learned this from my brother, since when he gave his Skeith a petpet, his Skeith ate it. Oops! :P

Look at your petpet. I find it always a beautiful award to see my petpet that doesn’t say that it was zapped by the petpet lab ray. Enjoy your petpet!

Training your petpet (to become macho!):

Go to the petpet battles. Begin to train your little guy. Once he gets good, his level will began to rise. Soon you will have a macho little petpet! But, remember, it will take some time to train him and grow levels. You must win a certain amount of battles to grow a level. It takes a lot of time to just grow one level!


Petpets are a great thing to have in Neopia. Just think about what would happen to your pet if the creators of Neopia didn’t think of making them! How said that would be. Now you have a strong, painted, perfect petpet friend to keep with you forever. Let’s hope your pet will love him! I know mine do!

To look at your petpet, go to your user lookup and click the pet that your put the petpet on. When you scroll down to the bottom of the pet’s lookup, there will be your petpet and all the info on him!

I really do hope that this helps you out with your petpet troubles! This is what I used, and I know it works! I hope you enjoy using this article.    

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