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Tyrannian Mini Golf For Beginners

by milkypath


Also by xeldon39

If you admit to being a sports freak and think that you are up to the challenge, then this game is for you. I am pretty sure that you must have heard of this latest craze. Of course, it has got to be THE game that has taken the whole of Tyrannia by storm – Tyrannian Mini Golf!!!

This guide will take you through the basics of the game. Before we begin, let us take a look at the game description:

“Mini Golf takes on a whole new meaning in the hazardous, prehistoric land of Tyrannia. Choose from three different characters, and three different types of golf ball, and try and complete all 9 holes in the least number of putts.

To play, first choose a character. Some hit the balls farther than others, so experiment and find out which one suits you best. Next, choose a ball; each ball has a different weight. Use your mouse to control the angle and power for your shot (the bigger the oval, the farther the ball will travel).

Remember to avoid the lava and sand pits; they will slow your ball down. Try and finish each hole in par or less to earn more points!”

Well, if you are eagle-eyed, you would have realized that there are 2 things incorrect with that description.

1) Nope, I did not make this up, but there are actually 4 different characters to choose from. Yes, you would only see 3 characters on the player selection screen. There is actually a secret character that you get to use if you click on the eye of the Lupe. Alternatively, you can press the “TAB” button on your keyboard 4 times such that the eye of the Lupe is highlighted in yellow, followed by the “ENTER” button. You will then be able to use the secret character AKA Oliver, or better known as the Phantom Orange Guy. So yes, there really are 4 characters to choose from in this exciting game of Mini Golf.

2) There are 18 holes in Mini Golf, not 9 holes as it seems to imply in the game description.

The Basics

Before you plunge into the game, I must warn you that Mini Golf is a very addicting game. I will not be held responsible should you become completely addicted to it. :p

Mini Golf is a game of POWER and PRECISION, among other such things as practice and patience.

By power, I meant the strength of the shot and how far the ball goes. Power in this game is determined by 2 things – the character you choose and the ball you use.


The characters are listed below from the weakest to the most powerful:

1) Chomby

2) Acara

3) Lupe

4) Oliver AKA Phantom Orange Guy (Recommended)

The Chomby hits the ball like a beginner. He takes his time aiming and, more often than not, does not get the ball where he wants. The Acara is famed in Tyrannia for his perfect putting. His only weakness lies in his lack of power. The Lupe is a very experienced Mini Golfer who can be seen every day on the Mini Golf course honing his skills. Tons of practice and years of experience make him a serious contender to watch out for. Last but not least, there is Oliver, the new kid on the block who is blessed with the power and the deft touch. Unlike most golfers, Oliver spends most of his time in other activities such as dropping by in every other game that exists in Neopets. It would be very rare to catch him on the Mini Golf course.

“So which of these do I choose?” you may ask. Of course, you would want to choose Oliver. Why? He hits the ball the farthest and with the most power. Besides, it is cool to see an orange-shirt guy amongst the Chombies, the Acaras and the Lupes who can be found swarming the entire Mini Golf course. If for some reasons you have an aversion to orange colored stuff, please feel free to try with the other characters.


The various types of ball you can use in Mini Golf are listed below in ascending order of their weight:

1) Dung Ball

2) Wooden Ball (Recommended)

3) Stone Ball

For some obvious reasons, the dung ball does not appeal to me. Trust me, you would not want to be spotted in Tyrannia, or anywhere at all, with that pile of dung. Eeek! The wooden ball, on the other hand, is the ball that most serious Mini Golfers prefer to use. It is extremely lightweight and thus, travel the most distance when hit. The stone ball is too heavy. Choose it only if you wish to train your muscles. :D

If you still have not made up your mind on which ball to choose, use the wooden ball. You will not go wrong with it.

So there you have it, all the things you need to know about the characters and the balls.


Next choose your Mini Golf course. There are 3 Mini Golf courses to choose from:

1) Front 9 Holes

2) Back 9 Holes

3) All 18 Holes

Which Mini Golf course to choose will largely depend on your skill level and of course the amount of time you have. Choose the front 9 or the back 9 if you are playing Mini Golf for the first time, or if you only have limited time to play. Otherwise, choose to play the entire 18 holes. It is more rewarding and fun this way.


The scoring comprises 2 parts:

1) The number of strokes you take to get the ball in

2) The amount of time you used to get the ball in

Obviously, you would get more points if you get the ball in with the least number of strokes. A hole in one is worth 75 points. An eagle is worth 50 points. A birdie is worth 25 points. Par is worth 15 points. Any thing over par will be worth 10 points, even if you fail to get the ball in after 10 strokes.

Additionally, you would be rewarded if you manage to get the ball in within the shortest time. You will have 30 seconds to get the ball in, for the time bonus to be valid – 1 point for each second left on the clock.

Tips To Improve Your Game

Besides knowing the right character and ball to use, the key to getting a respectable score in Mini Golf lies in PRACTICE. Yes, practice is an important aspect in any game. Go through each hole and be familiar with the angles that would land the ball in the right spots. Once you get the hang of it, Mini Golf will be like second nature to you.

And although there is a time bonus, my advice is to take your time and aim accurately, rather than rushing and missing the shot. A shot that is taken in a hurry often misses the hole, and a true Mini Golf Champion never misses.

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