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Grey Jelly: "The Grey Faerie"

by tirrya

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Chronicles of the Court Rogue: Witchcraft
"Well, congratulations for making it to Woodfen," the blue Ixi drawled. "Unfortunately, we’re having a bit of a witch problem at the moment..."

by nimras23


Revenge and Resistance: Part Two
The door clanged as Sloth kicked it open, and he stepped forth into the cluttered room. In front of the group stood a hodgepodge of machines, all with blinking lights...

by dan4884


Dry Danger: Part One
"I'm sorry, my little friend, but what this little fellow is suffering from is dehydration. As am I, and you, and everyone else in this desert. Without our much needed rainfall, I'm afraid there is nothing I can do for him..."

by krapoza


Spooky #50
Looks like someone's gained a couple... dimensions.

by ghostkomorichu

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