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The Unofficially-Official Guide To Tiki Tours

by dragon_and_the_fly


Hello, and welcome to my (Un)Official Tiki Tours Guide!

In this article I will explain how to properly enjoy (and prepare for) your Tiki Tour, so that when you do finally decide to treat your pets to one, they can fully appreciate your kind gesture. :)

Section One, Before You Ever Leave Your Neohome:

I know your pets are excited to get going, but before you jet out the door, there's a few things you must have!

1) 50 neopoints per pet. You don't want to trek all the way down to Mystery Island and have nothing but cobwebs in your wallet! Your pets would be so heartbroken if you couldn't afford a tour. :(

2) Sunblock. Tanning is so 5 minutes ago! Those strong rays from the sun can be quite harmful to your pet's fur coat! Be a good owner and slather them with sunscreen before you head out!

3) Snacks. Tiki Tours can be long, and your pet's stomach can start to growl! They may prefer sugary sweets, but a good owner knows healthy snacks are the key to a healthy neopet! Try an apple or an orange instead of a piece of candy. They'll thank you in the long run. :)

Got everything? Great! Now you're ready to go! Head down to Mystery Island, and follow the beach until you stumble upon the Tour. (If you hit the Training School, you've gone too far!) An odd little Island Native will greet you, and ask for 50 neopoints per pet. (Aren't you glad you thought ahead and brought some money?) Sadly, only one pet can take the tour at a time, so the others will have to wait patiently for their turn. Choose a pet to go first, and they're off! Which brings me to the next section of this article...

Section Two, How to Properly Enjoy Your Tour:

In this section I'll highlight the stops on the tour and the pros and cons at each stop.

Stop One: The Beach. (A good place to slather on some extra sunblock!) Palm Trees, breathtaking sunsets, endless miles of ocean. What's not to love?

The pros are that this is the most scenic and visually stunning part of the tour. The sunsets have colors in them you won't see anywhere else in Neopia (Red! Orange! ...Green?), and the Natives are friendly and welcoming. They greet you with open arms (and grass skirts!). Not a hula person? Then take a long walk on the beach, or build a sandcastle! Your Tiki Guide won't mind waiting while you play. :)

The cons are that, while you may have a blast playing in the sand, you could leave with a few sandcrab bites! Never heard of a sandcrab? I'm not surprised! They're native only to this particular beach in Mystery Island. They aren't mean by nature, but sadly they only know how to greet you with a pinch. :( You'd be wise to move along quickly if you see one coming...

Stop Two: The Great Jungle. Not exactly a stop, but on your way to Techo Mountain, you'll be taken through miles of dense jungle. Some may find this to be an annoyance, but most take in all there is to see, because the jungle can be just as fascinating as anywhere else on the tour. :)

Pros? Well, strange animal life and an assortment of plant life make this anything but a boring place to visit. Ask your tour guide to stop for a moment, and take a look at all the strange flowers and fruits. An apple with purple stripes? A green flower with pink polka dots? These things are odd, even by Neopia's standards!

The cons? Well, while the plants here may be wonderful, the natives in this particular jungle may be a little less nice. (What did he just throw at me?! It smells!)

Stop Three: Techo Mountain. When you're finally sick of the jungle, your Tiki Guide will bring you to this amazing spectacle!

The pros here are many, as this is the heart of the Tiki Tour! Techo Mountain is one of the 16 Wonders of Neopia, and it's easy to see why! The mystery that surrounds this great mountain draws the interest of all who visit. Why is it so magical? Where did it come from? Why is there a massive Techo face on it? We'll never know...

There are no cons here, though the faint howling of Native Cocos can unnerve some people...

Stop Four: Cozy Coves and Beach Sports Galore! Up for a quick game of Mynci Beach Volleyball? Or are you in more of a relaxed mood? Whatever you're up for, you can bet they have it. :)

The pros of entering yourself in a beach sport: Exercise, entertainment, you can even make some new friends (or enemies, if you're a sore winner!).

The pros of taking a quick nap in a secluded cove? Fresh air, skies to stare up at and warm sunshine galore. Could there be anything better?

Cons of beach sports? Well, getting hit in the head with a volleyball should probably be your main concern...

There are no cons to taking a nap in a cove, unless a sandcrab followed you there...

And that brings us to the end of our tour!

Section Three: A Wonderful End To a Wonderful Day

Well, you've toured Mystery Island and seen all there is to see. You're exhausted, but have nothing but good things to say about your trip. As you arrive back where you began, you're greeted by two friendly Island Kougras. "Well, I hope you have enjoyed our little tour, do come back now and don't forget to collect your free stuff from the reception desk on your way out!" they suggest. Free stuff after a great tour? Sweet!

And just look what you have to choose from! Native Coco Bobbleheads, Screensavers, Greeting Cards, and an assortment of Mystery Island Buttons! Personally, I take one of everything! :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my guide on how to get the most from your Tiki Tour! Have a great time when you go, and remember: don't let the sandcrabs bite! ;)

Author's Note: Tiki Tour may vary from examples given here. :P

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