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by rock_star_megs


Surprisingly, there are only four days that are celebrated for faeries. Two of those days are dedicated to two faeries that just happen to be rivals. Coincidence? Quite possibly. The only thing they have in common is that they give out two avatars. Otherwise, they are completely different. They have opposite personalities (one is nice and the other is not so nice). One is happy when you complete one of her quests; the other, well, is not so happy (even if you complete it in less than 3 seconds!). One lives on a cloud, one in a glade. With Illusen Day fast approaching, the most difficult, challenging and thought-provoking question on everyone’s mind is: who is the better faerie, Illusen or Jhudora?

So, I present to you Twelve Reasons Why Illusen is Better than Jhudora, or as I like to call it: I-L-L-U-S-E-N R-O-C-K-S.

I. Illusion. Illuminating. Imaginative. Immaculate. Impeccable. Important. Impressive. Indescribable. All nice synonyms for Illusen. Jaded. Jagged. Jarring. Jealous. Jejune. Jinx. Joyless. Jumbled. All not so nice ones for Jhudora. Whoa, 44 pages of “I” in my handy-dandy thesaurus. “J” only has 5. Haha! “I” is more important than “J”! Illusen wins this round!

L. Likeable, she is. Does she scowl at you like some other faerie whose name starts with a J and ends with an ‘-hudora’ when you go to do a quest? No. She does not. Illusen looks like the type of faerie that you could have fun with and do crazy things, like draw funny faces on Turmaculus while he’s sleeping. Jhudora... well... her only friend is probably a Bartamus named Sam. Plus, you really can’t wreak havoc in Faerieland with Queen Fyora right next door.

L. Location: Meridell. A very inviting place. Pretty with its greenery and leaves and all around niceness. She has Cheeseroller and Turmaculus as neighbours. So she gets peace and quiet for 23 hours of the day, and random cheese on her doorstep. Who doesn’t like random cheese? I bet she gets an awesome deal from that Techo. Jhudora’s place? A cloud. A very menacing-looking cloud. It has smoke or fumes or something coming from it. That can’t be good for anyone’s health. Also, who wants to live all the way up in a cloud? Not me, that’s for sure. What if you’re afraid of heights? How would you get OFF the cloud? Jump from one cloud to another? Er, I guess you have wings if you’re a faerie, so you can fly. But say that your cloud decides to rain. You would have to find a new cloud AND redecorate EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not cool.

U. Uniform. And by this I mean dress and overall appearance. Jhudora has really sharp nails (the better to attack you with when you fail my quests, my dear!) and what look like really big feet. Or else really small feet in really big shoes. WHAT? JHUDORA WEARS CLOWN SHOES!? Not cool. Not cool at all. And c’mon, purple hair with a green streak? That is SO five years ago. Illusen is all earthy looking. And no sharp claws. And cool gloves. And, dare I say it... better wings. Illusen’s look like actual faerie wings. Jhudora’s, on the other hand, look like Shoyru wings. OMG. Maybe Jhudora is half Shoyru whose parents didn’t know what to do with her because she had purple skin and hair and they gave her up and was adopted by an evil faerie couple and moulded to their beliefs and ways!! Nah...

S. She’s green (and okay, some orange). Who doesn’t like green? I certainly like green. It’s much better than purple. Also, it comes before purple in the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, GREEN, blue, PURPLE. So ha! Green comes first and triumphs over purple! Take that purple!

E. Envy, weapon. Two words: Honey Potion. Who doesn’t like a good Honey Potion? I certainly do... if only I could get one (evil Illusen and asking for items only on the Trading Post when the owners of said items ARE NOT ONLINE when you’re only on LEVEL 25 and thus PREVENTING you from actually GETTING a Honey Potion. Heh, I still like her though. Honest.) Jhudora, well, she has a Dark Shroom, A SHROOM I tell ya. Who wants a shroom? (I apologize to the people who DO want one or already have one. No offence. But really, if you had to choose between a Honey Potion and a Dark Shroom, would you honestly NOT pick the Honey Potion? I thought not.)

N. Number One! That is, she’s the number one faerie in Neopia. Move over, Fyora and the Space Faerie!

R. Random Event. According to my research, Illusen only has two random events. One event has her GIVING you Neopoints. Aww! Isn’t that nice of her? I bet you wouldn’t catch Jhudora giving away Neopoints. For the other, she tries to give you money. However, she won’t give it to you if you have too much money. I guess after hanging out and bonding with the Soup Faerie in Snowball Fight, she’s come up with a new motto for herself: Only really poor people can get handouts!

O. One with the cool prizes, the. Again: see E. Also, two words: Honey Potion. Plus, Jhudora’s prizes seem to be mostly poison-ish, and possibly toxic. What kind of faerie gives out prizes that could harm a Neopet!? An evil one, that’s who. Illusen, on the other hand, doesn’t do that. She only gives out nice prizes that wouldn’t hurt ANY Neopet (except in the Battledome, of course).

C. Calm, cool and collected. She really is. The only time she’s mad is when you fail to finish a quest. Like if the item that she’s asking for is ONLY on the Trading Post. But really, whose fault is that? Hers, I say. I mean, if she asked for items that were available on the Shop Wiz, then she would get what she wanted and wouldn’t be upset.

K. Kind-hearted. Her hobbies include “helping Neopians in need”. She probably doesn’t even know what “being mean” means. At least not intentionally. I bet she didn’t want to cause snowballs to disappear in Snowball Fight. I think it was one of those “if you’re going to hit ME with a snowball, well, then I’ll TAKE one of yours away! See how you feel!”

S. She’s sweet, super, swell, spiffy, superb, stupendous, and splendid all rolled into one faerie!

And so, in conclusion, it is obvious that: Illusen is MUCH better than Jhudora. So, fellow Neopians, go out and stop by Illusen’s humble abode (abode: home; a place with *hopefully* 4 walls and a roof where you can sleep, eat and play on Neopets) on Illusen’s Day, maybe fulfill a quest, and show your Illusen spirit!!!

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