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Paint Brush Polls: Island

by kallykat_03


What’s the biggest, longest, most anticipated celebration in the whole of Neopia? I’ll give you a hint: it’s going on right now. That’s right, I’m talking about Gadgadsbogen, the Mystery Island Festival of Fruit! Every year during the Month of Running, islanders and tourists gather together for feasting, parades, games, music, and more in celebration of the new fruit that sprouts to replace the old. It’s a time of joy, friendship, refreshment, and of course fashion. Because let’s face it, the party just wouldn’t be the same without those flowing grass skirts and scented leis that add so much to the island atmosphere. Not to mention the crazy tattoos... body paint?... fur patterns?... uh, uneven sun tans?... well, whatever they are that distinguish an Island pet from a mainlander.

In honor of this exciting time of year, Paint Brush Polls is bringing you the top ten Island fashions! With 49 Island looks currently available, the competition was pretty intense, but there were a few pets who stood out above the rest in the eyes of Neopets users. You sent in your votes, you selected the winners, and now you get to see the results. So doff that heavy winter coat, smear on some face paint (and sun tan lotion), and leave your Paint Brush Obsession woes behind. It’s time to celebrate Island style!

#10--JubJub (220 points)

The first pet on our list is one who dares to be different. Instead of the typical tan fur-tones, the Island JubJub has opted for bright green. And why not? As a symbol of life and growth, green is the perfect color to celebrate Gadgadsbogen, and it makes for great camouflage when sneaking up on tourists in the dense island vegetation (or running away from them). The white designs draw attention to the huge, dewy, blue eyes--the color of the deep sea and filled with mystery. The gold ring keeps excess fur out of the way (a vital asset for anyone without hands) and compliments the large orange feet that come in extra effective during Transparaberry-stomping competitions.

User Comment: “Cute ponytail! Love the way it’s patterned with the white stripes.” --oinkerbabe

#9--Ogrin (240 points)

Check out the way the cool island breeze whistles through the Island Ogrin’s mane and ruffles those beautiful, well-chosen, purple flowers. The key to many Island looks is selecting just the right splash of color to bring some life to the subtler browns and tans of the wardrobe, and this is one pet who’s done a terrific job. With the added accessories of the four grass anklets and the always popular three-fang necklace, he’s definitely ready to party, and yet he still manages to look casual enough for a day at the beach where his smooth sandy coat will blend in perfectly. The white designs mixed with the dark Ogrin stripes keeps us coming back for another look without distracting from the rest of the ensemble.

User Comment: “The flower. Definitely the flower. The tiger-like stripes are nice too.” --animules229

#8--Kyrii (280 points)

Most of the time eccentricity doesn’t pay, but this isn’t one of those times. Of all the Island fashions out there, the Kyrii’s is the most outrageous by far. Refusing to stop at tribal designs and a grass skirt, his philosophy is “you can never have enough stuff.” Four gold earrings, gold bracelets on each arm, and a fang choker are just a few of the items he displays. One of the more unusual pieces is the bone nose-ring which just exudes Island-spirit, even if it does make it a little hard to breathe... hey, it’s just a small sacrifice when it comes to the price of fashion. He also sports a fang choker which, in keeping with his philosophy, contains not one, not three, but closer to a dozen pearly whites. Finally, he shows off a wild green dye job and an amazing, one-of-a-kind, black and red breastplate that not only takes the outfit up a notch but provides protection from projectiles flung in fright by the less fashion-conscious.

User Comment: “He’s not just decorated with tribal tattoos and flowers, he actually looks like he’s an integral member of the Mystery Island community.” --wingedcerebus

#7--Kacheek (330 points)

At the opposite end of the spectrum, at number seven on our countdown, is the simple yet elegant Island Kacheek. Granted, the sandals are an accessory he shares with only one other species, yet their single green strap creates a lovely contour that matches the contours of the hoop earrings and clean single-fang necklace. The white belly and tip of the tail bring a freshness to the look, and the minimal designs draw attention upward while framing the face. Very chic! The purple flower and pair of leaves serve to break up the curve of the large forehead and prevent the style from being completely symmetrical. The perfect look for a day combing the Beach--trust me on this one.

User Comment: “It’s the simple ones that get me...” --mizu_rocks

#6--Grundo (380 points)

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, why would anyone want to cover them--not to mention their entire face--up? What is it about the Island Grundo, seeing as he’s hidden most of his body from view, that continues to enchant users? Well, to tell the truth, it’s precisely that: the fact that he’s hidden most of his body from view. By wearing a large mask, this pet brings something unique to his style and creates a sense of mystery (suitable for a Mystery Island inhabitant, no?) that keeps users guessing and keeps them interested. The white body is a good choice as tan would blend in with the mask. Without flowers, he relies on the yellow and pink paint and feathers on his mask to bring in some color. Finally the triple set of rings--grass anklets, dull bracelets, and tan designs around his antennae--give the ensemble unity.

User Comment: “The mask looks so festive, like he’s gonna party all night long!” --gwindellin

#5--Bori (420 points)

The Island Bori is one of those pets who’s always ready for a good time, and it shows in his wardrobe. With everything he does, he takes it to the next level, makes it a little more fun. To begin with, he’s chosen a classic three-fang necklace to accessorize, but instead of using brown string or fishing line, he’s bound them with a thick green strip of vegetation. Instead of plain or single-rope grass anklets, he’s gone for the double-rope style to add even more emphasis to his enormous forepaws (and to add extra security to his anklets when digging). But the best element of his fashion is of course the proliferation of white tribal designs that cover his face, body, and even armored back. Nope, never a dull moment with this one!

User Comment: “Markings = awesome. Bori = lots of markings = uber coolness!” --drag0n202

#4--Xweetok (510 points)

Perfectly incorporated white designs and the addition of a burnt orange hue to the gold and green color palette help keep this pet a user-favorite even without a single removable accessory. The white coloring of even his usually black stripes allows no distraction from the Island Xweetok’s large, dewey, black-lined eyes. The swirl of white on the sides follows the contour of his haunches, and the dots--especially the speckles above his button nose--make him look exceptionally cute and cuddly. The fur around his neck has been grown to mock vegetation, a common device for maned Island pets but distinctive here as he manages to keep from covering it in flowers and resorts to simple golden berries instead. A very smart style!

User Comments: “There’s just something about tan Xweetok eyes that makes them sooo irresistible...” --ilovecatsnodoubt

“I like the whole ‘natural child’ look.” --obsidiana_

#3--Kiko (560 points)

Such a fresh white coat on such a smooth round body! And just look at those beautiful blue eyes! Is it any wonder the clean appearance of the Island Kiko has a spot among our top three? The golden designs that adorn him are bold and powerful, yet not overwhelming. The single curly hair adds character. And the bright red flower, as seen before, serves to break up the line of the forehead and prevents him from being too symmetrical. At the same time, its crimson hue is dazzling, and it has the added benefit of partially obscuring the characteristic Kiko bandage which doesn’t quite fit in with the Island scene.

User Comments: “I don’t really like the band-aid on the regular Kiko, but the flower is cute.” --rebecca931931

“The swirls are so mesmerizing... o.o” --jellytasticness

#2--Bruce (700 points)

The next pet is a more recent addition to Island attire. Barely missing the top spot, the Island Bruce has nonetheless caused a stir among users--not simply due to his fashionable wardrobe, but because of his hip dance moves. Users everywhere are drooling over his hula, which just goes to show that sometimes it’s not all about the outfit, but how you work it when you wear it! It doesn’t hurt that he’s put together a stunning color palette from the rich brown and tan skin tones to the gorgeous pinks and purples of his floral accessories to the classy grass greens reflected in his eyes. His long grass skirt sways and rustles as he dances, and the rope tie gives it that castaway-chic. With plenty of white designs, two wooden bracelets per flipper, the large pink flower on one side, and the dense green and purple lei ringing the neck, it’s hard not to find something to love about this pet’s look.

User Comments: “I like the dark color that’s different than the other pets and how they’re doing the hula! Island Bruces are just cool!” --brownbabybear

“The Bruce is relatively new, and it shows. The shading is perfect, the details are nice... The lei has the most flowers on it of almost any Island pet, but it works well and looks good (which, of course, is the important part)... those green eyes make you want to melt into the sea!” --goodgirl_yahright

“I like its lei. It’s pretty. =D” --brytiecole

#1--Uni (710 points)

Bringing joy to every heart with this lovely look, his sense of style is second to none. His coat is white with large yellow-gold stripes and spots (no surprise there since white coats seem to be a popular color with three out of six white Island pets making it to the top ten), but it’s his mane and tail that attract attention. A luscious botanical green dotted with gorgeous three-petal flowers and berries in a cool shade of blue that brings out the bright blue of his eyes, they form a trendy and radiant coiffure. Golden jewelry is not necessary as the shiny gold horn and hooves provide plenty of accessory in a much more natural way. The effect of the entire ensemble is twofold. This pet portrays equally well both the laid-back simplicity of Island life and the adventurous, party spirit of the festival season. The Bruce may have the waddle, but the Island Uni struts his stuff with the honor of users’ favorite Island style!

User Comments: “When I hear the word Island, I automatically think of the Island Uni. It’s just the ultimate Island pet. I mean, c’mon! It should be illegal to look that stylish.” --slurpyblurp

“Green mane and brilliant blue eyes! Yay!” --marieseyah

“Effortlessly pretty.” --danceu4ia

“I think this Island pet is really beautiful. TNT must have had some great inspiration when they made this.” --kanddlevine2

Whether surfing the sea, basking on the beach, journeying through the jungle, or getting down for Gadgadsbogen, don’t forget to take a fashion tip from your favorite Island pet (and don’t forget to try a Coconut Cocktail or Pink Peachpa Cooler while you’re at it). Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll and helped make this possible. As always, visit Serbris’s petpage to find out how you can participate in the next Paint Brush Polls. Happy Festival of Fruit, Neopia!

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