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The Journal of a Moody Faerie

by birdinggal


Also by kittygirl5170

15th day of Running, Y9

Not counting today, it's one day until Illusen Day. And Illusen Day means lots of pets coming and going, asking for quests or my autograph, and just trying to catch a glimpse of me. Already pets have started camping out in my Glade to try and be one of the first ones to get a quest. Fun. At least it's only once a year.

16th day of Running, Y9

Sigh. Tomorrow is Illusen Day. My Day. It's not that I mind, really. It just gets rather stressful and annoying with pets coming to my home all day long, with very little chance to rest.

Speaking of which, I'd better get some rest. Tomorrow's going to be a very long day.

17th day of Running, Y9 - 7:30am

Finally, a chance to write. It's not even 8:00 yet, and already I've given out more prizes in two hours than I usually give out in one day total. And I haven’t even gotten any breakfast yet. Perhaps next time there's a slack in questers coming.

17th day of Running, Y9 9:00am

Well, Illusen Day is very busy, but I love it. A nice little Tuskaninny came up to me just now and told me that I was his favorite faerie in Neopia. He was so sweet. Not many other days of the year do I get this many fans and today I've gotten tens of them already.

Of course, not all of my visitors are that pleasant. But that's ok. The positive outweighs the negative. Ah, and all the running around I do isn’t fun either. I organized all my prizes yesterday, just so I wouldn't have to run around, but it doesn't seem like enough. I feel like I go from one end of the glade to the other, and back and forth.

But I can't write much more. I just wanted to write a bit about the nice Tuskaninny. I'm going to go eat breakfast. Oh, but there's a Neopet at the edge of the glade. No, it's a whole line of them. Well, I have to go give them quests before I can have something to eat. I hope I get another nice one.

17th day of Running, Y9 - 9:15

Well so much for another nice one. The next pet in line marched right up to me and began to tell me how much better Jhudora's quests were than mine. And how she gave out better rewards. And that she was much nicer. Her? Nicer? Ha! That Kyrii had a lot of nerve. Well, I didn't have to worry about him, because of all the fans and questers lined up outside. Good thing he was a fast runner, the fans chased him away pretty quickly.

The next pet in line was much nicer. He even gave me some yummy homemade cookies! Now at least I've gotten a little something to eat.

Maybe those fans aren't so bad after all.

17th day of Running, Y9 - 12:00pm

Finally, a chance for me to write again.

At 10:00 that Jhudora came and began promoting HER quest, saying that she had "magical artifacts of ultimate power". And that those were much better than my old hand-made things. But then my questers and fans began to pelt her with some acorns that they had found in the forest. Jhudora of course, loved that, and flew back to her cloud, saying that this wasn't over. I'm just glad nothing worse happened.

17th day of Running, Y9 - 1:00pm

Well, Jhudora's coming only riled things up. Suddenly, after she left, a throng of pets rushed to my glade, hoping to see us slug it out. They were all disappointed when they found out that we weren't going to fight and they had long missed Jhudora's leaving. They got so angry that eventually they started throwing tomatoes, yelled, and began to insult me.

I try hard. I work all day without eating; I'm kind all 364 days of the year, to each and every lowly Neopet who comes to me wanting prizes. I am kind, to every pet that doesn't have the energy to get my quests and demands prizes without work, I am kind to all of them, and what do I get on my special day? More stress. Ugh. Well that's it. This is my day. I should be able to do what I want to do. I'm going to go outside and give those pets what they deserve.

17th day of Running, Y9 - 1:15pm

Well, I did it. I screamed at them all, all the adoring fans, all the annoying prize wanting pets, all the Jhudora fans. I told them exactly just what I thought. It felt good. Yes it did. That's what I'm telling myself. No. That's what I know. I put up a "Glade Closed" sign. I can hear the disappointed pets outside, begging for quests and prizes. No, I don't care about them. No, these tears coming from my eyes are from relief. I don't care what they think. So why can't I stop crying? My reputation's going to be fine. I don't feel sorry for what I did. They deserved it. Wow, I really can't stop crying. Well, I'm going to go make myself some tea, and tell myself that everything is fine. My fans will understand.

17th day of Running, Y9 - 1:45pm

Okay, now I really can't stop crying. Even after I yelled at all those pets... someone still cares.

I should explain. After I yelled at everyone, I stormed back inside and made myself some tea. When it became evident that I wasn't coming back out, they all started to leave. All except one pet. The Tuskaninny from earlier.

He hung around for a while after the others left, and was writing something on a piece of paper. When he finished, he slipped it under my door.

I picked it up and read it.

Dear Illusen,

I just wanted to let you know that you're still my favorite faerie, even though you yelled at all those pets. (Although I think that Kyrii fan of Jhudora's deserved it.)

I bet it gets pretty stressful with all those pets coming to your house all day, asking for quests and freebies, so I don't blame you for getting angry.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that it's not your fault that those pets can be so rude and pushy, and that you're still my favorite faerie.


Your biggest Tuskaninny fan

I can't believe it, even after I was so rude, so mean, someone still cares.

I opened the door to see if he was still there, but he had left.

I knew what I had to do. I marched over to the sign I had made earlier, tore it into tiny pieces, then put up a new sign that said "Glade OPEN!". Then I went back inside and waited, chewing my nails. Would anyone come? Did they all hate me? I began to pace. Just as I was beginning to lose hope, I heard voices! I looked outside, and saw that the pets were starting to return! Maybe they do still like me.

I'll write more later – It’s pretty busy out there right now, and I’m sure it’ll only get busier.

The End

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