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The Question and Answer Guide to World Challenges

by lcarlyle


I've seen a few people on the boards over the last few weeks ask questions about the World Challenge so I've decided to write this article to answer questions people may have. This article is to answer any questions that I feel need answering and it is not an article or guide on how to maximise your chances of winning the prizes that the world challenge offers.

Q: What are World Challenges?

A: World Challenges are competitions that you can enter to win prizes.

Q: What do I do in a World Challenge?

A: First, you choose a game (normally a game that you are good at) and you try to get the highest score you can possibly get and send it. Neopets will then match your score with another person who has sent a score for the world challenge.

Q: Where can I sign up for the World Challenge?

A: Any game that you can play in the world challenge will have an icon at the bottom of the game page that says "World Challenge". Click on that and you can enter the world challenge for that particular game. Alternatively, you can go to http://www.neopets.com/challenges/world_index.phtml and search for a game. The games are listed under the worlds that the game belongs in.

Q: How long does the World Challenge go on for?

A: Each World Challenge starts when a new hour starts. Scores are reset at about 58 minutes past the hour but sometimes this can be a minute or two earlier or a minute or two later.

Q: Can I join the World Challenge at any time?

A: Yes, you can, but try and give yourself enough time to send a couple of scores before the scores are cleared.

Q: How much does it cost to enter the World Challenge?

A: It costs 100np and this money goes directly to the jackpot that someone will win.

Q: How does the scoring work?

A: When you enter the World Challenge, your score starts at 0. If you get matched up to a person and their score beats the score that you sent you will lose a point. If you get matched up to a person and their score is less than yours, you gain a point. For example, if I lost my first match and then won my next 2, my score would look a bit like this:( -1,0,+1). So first I lose a point, so my score is -1, then I win a match and I gain a point and my score turns to 0. Then I win again so my score turns to 1.

Q: What if my score for the World Challenge isn't processed before the scores are reset?

A: Your score will carry onto the next completion with no extra charge.

Q: What happens if I'm one of the people with the highest amount of points?

A: You get a prize and some neopoints.

Q: What if there's not enough people that enter? Will prizes still be rewarded?

A: No, prizes will not be rewarded and the neopoints jackpot will carry onto the next competition. If prizes aren't rewarded, no extra picture images are given for the next round.

Q: What happens if I get the highest score for the hour?

A: You get a prize.

Q: What prize do I get?

A: You will receive a picture piece that you can do many things with. If you collect 20 different pieces for a particular world, you have the opportunity to receive a random item and 2000 NP. You can also sell, trade or auction your pieces.

Q: What sort of items are there?

A: There are many items. I've heard people get the following items: Kauvara's Potion, Darigan Paint Brush, 10 Dubloon Coin, Bri Codestone, Feloreena, Cool Negg, Whinny, Christmas Paint Brush, Pink Petpet Paint Brush, Glowing Petpet Paint Brush, Spotted Petpet Paint Brush, Dragoyle, GX-4 Oscillabot, Codestones and Snowickles. These are just a few of the items that I have heard people saying they have won. It is likely that there is a lot more than just these.

Q: How many neopoints do I get if get one of the highest point scores?

A: It depends on how many people enter and how big the jackpot is: If 4 people get prizes (minimum 15 people), first place would get half of the jackpot. Second place gets 1/5th of the jackpot. 3rd place gets 1/10th of the jackpot and 4th place gets 1/20 of the jackpot.

Q: Can I earn more pieces once I've completed a particular map?

A: No, you cannot. Once you complete and redeem the map you CANNOT receive any more picture pieces for that world.

Q: When I sent my score it said I had no outstanding challenges, but I'm entered into the challenge.

A: The only reason I know that this happens is when your score goes over the score that Neopets has set to be very high. Just about every game has a set score that when you go over, it doesn't process your score automatically; it sends it away to a Neopets staff member to review. This is to stop people from cheating. If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to be worried about. Just take it as a compliment that TNT thinks you are really good at that game.

Q: When I try to send a score it says that my score is too low to be entered into the challenge but I know that other people have sent a lower score. Their score is the highest, but my score is higher than it!

A: I am not 100% sure on this but I have two explanations that may be correct. The system looks at your highest score or most recent scores and if your low score is reasonably lower than this score, it won't go through. My second possible explanation is that there is a certain score and if you go under that score the system can stop it going through but it only does so on random occasions. I'm not 100% sure but you should just play your best to stop this happening.

I hope that this article has helped and now you know exactly what world challenges are and are more aware of how it works. If you have any further questions concerning world challenges that aren't already answered in this guide please feel free to neomail me. Finally I would like to thank black_wolve0 who edited this guide and corrected any grammar errors there were.

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