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The Truth About the Talisman

by ethan_redshaw


Also by gliderames

LUTARI ISLAND - You remember it just like every other afternoon. You've spent ten whole hours browsing Neopets and playing games just for today (time well wasted, of course) and you've stumbled upon your own self glory; your user lookup. Realising that you're wonderful for the seventh time in an hour, you smugly scroll down the page and to your utter amazement find that you have yet another brilliant trophy to your name!

"Lutari Talisman," you read in disbelief. You have finally been paid the recognition you deserve! It’s sooo shiny... but what in the world is it? Hurriedly, you run to the NeoBoards to boast that you have a trophy that no one else has. Unfortunately, the whole board is full of the same thing you were just about to post. Everyone, yes everyone, in the whole of Neopia had the very same trophy. Disappointment washes over you, and the feeling that you're finally going insane fills your mind.

Quickly, you dismiss the whole event and continue with what you were doing before...

Is that how it is supposed to end? Of course not, my dear friend! We have made this article to help all you Neopians out there who are craving a better lifestyle, which is just beyond your reach. We are here to help educate everyone about the wonders of the Lutari Talisman! *practises celebratory dance routine*

Are you dreaming about more random events? Discounts when you restock in the Neopian shops? Increased Neopoints when you play your favourite games? What about thousands of Meepits doing your every bidding? Well then, this is the article for you! Please note that Meepits are not included. Also, please hold all drooling until the end of the article. *glares at you menacingly*

Now, you may very well be thinking at this moment that you know all that there is to know about the Lutari Talisman. However, in case you don’t, maybe this article can help fill in the blanks for you. First of all, if you have no idea what I'm actually talking about, please go to your user lookup and gaze at the trophies section. You should see a woven type circle with many colours and decorative feathers. Click on it and there's an enlarged version, most likely, without any beads, and a short description of -

"Omg, so what...?" you interrupt rudely.

Well, trust me; you won't be saying that in a couple of minutes when I have explained the best and most rewarding part of your Talisman. The beads!

It’s the beads that actually cause your Talisman to reward you like it does; that is, making more random events, game score neopoint increases and shop discounts actually happen. Beads are currently quite expensive but many people still want to buy them, for obvious reasons.

Typically, the more beads you have, the more chance you have of good or possibly bad things occurring while you're browsing throughout the site. (Yes, it is suspected to have the power of making bad events happen as well). *shifty eyes* There is actually a lot of mystery surrounding how the Talisman and the beads work together, but hopefully we’ll clear up a few things for you.

As we have already mentioned, beads can help increase your luck in many ways. It has been proven that the beads can decrease the item prices in Neopian shops by two percent with as few as only one bead on your Talisman. Although this is not massive savings, if you restock a lot, this can help you acquire even more neopoints over time. In discussions with fellow Neopians, we have also discovered that the more beads you have on your Talisman, the more likely you are to get even more increased discounts - with savings of up to eight percent! Still not convinced? Keep reading!

Another great way that the Talisman helps you is that additional neopoints are randomly awarded and added to your sent game scores. Sometimes when you send your game score your Talisman can add an extra percentage of neopoints on top on the neopoints you already earned from game play. This can range from a ten percent increase in neopoints and up to an additional seventy-five percent increase, depending on how many beads you have added onto your Talisman. (It might sound a bit confusing the first time through, but in the end what it amounts to is more neopoints for you. And who couldn't use more neopoints?) This is my personal favourite Talisman reward. ;)

Probably the most talked about and desired feature of the Talisman would be the enhanced chances of getting extra Random Events! Hoorah! *cheers wildly* We cannot prove for certain which random events are specifically generated by the luck of the Talisman itself, but people have reported that their Random Events have increased dramatically over time, without a doubt. As with the other Talisman bonuses I've already mentioned, it is believed that the more beads you add onto your Talisman, the more likely you are to get even more Random Events.

Now, after all that wonderful information, you might want to know how you can get your hands on some beads just for you. Let me explain all the different types and colours of beads you can receive, find, or purchase throughout Neopia.

In total, there are 20 different Talisman beads. There are four colours in all and five different types to remember. The colours are pretty basic and consist of red, blue, green and yellow. The types of each individual bead have very peculiar names that the Neopets Team had a lot of fun making up. They are called Matu, Oranu, Ranaka, Urapa, and Tongi (yes, all those vowels hurt my ears as well). Now, these foreign sounding words might be a little overwhelming, but you'll get used to them soon enough.

Beads can be gotten in four main ways:

1) Trading Post

2) Referring someone to Lutari Island

3) Joining up with Lutari Island on your cell phone

4) Getting one in a random event

Before you buy your new beads, you should realise that they're new, they're rare, and they're not cheap. They're even too expensive to be sold on the shop wizard. *sniffles* They're a big investment and you should think long and hard about it before making your offer at the trading post. Recently prices have stabilised and beads are worth anywhere between 200,000 to 400,000 neopoints a-piece. Unfortunately this estimate won't be accurate for long, as the beads will most likely rise, or even fall in price with time. Have a quick look at the current trading post prices for yourself to be totally sure.

To search for them, type your bead in this format: Colour (space) Bead type (space) Bead.

Examples of this would be "Red Oranu Bead" and "Green Urapa Bead".

Tongi beads can't be found on the trading post because Tongi beads are the only beads that go directly on your Talisman when you sign up or refer users to Lutari Island. All other beads after those four go into your inventory and can be bought, sold, and traded accordingly.

Try not to pay extensively for them and if you think someone is trying to sell them to you for too much - forget about that trade and move on to the others. We would also like to caution you, that at this point in time, no one knows for sure what each specific colour or type of bead does just yet. There are many theories and convincing evidence but we can’t be sure on anything for the time being.

For example: do not pay a higher price just because someone says that “yellow” beads give you more random events; they don't know this for sure. ;)

Good luck buying!

As with anything, with the Lutari Talisman being new to everyone, it can become very confusing at times. Here are a few problems that have been experienced by others when trying to obtain beads - with answers to them all. Hopefully, if you have any questions, they'll be answered in this section. If you don’t quite understand all the questions and answers, please continue on, as this section only applies to a select amount of people who are trying to get a bead by signing up to Lutari Mobile.

When I go to Lutari Island, I can see everything behind the mist, but it won't let me click and go in... *sigh*

Lutari Island is covered in mist only because it is not available on-site at the moment. You can still see it but you’ll not be able to click anywhere, sorry.

Do I get a bead when I sign up for Lutari Mobile?

Yes, you do!

I haven't got my bead yet but I've signed up for Lutari Mobile. What's happened?

The referrer and the referee get one bead when the new user downloads the game onto their phone, and only then. If the game is already downloaded, then check your inventory or Talisman to see if you have any extra beads attached.

Will I be notified each time I receive a bead?

No, The Neopets Team does not alert you when you get a bead. You have to check your Talisman or inventory. The first through to your fourth bead will go straight into your Talisman (Tongi) and your fifth through to your twentieth will go into your inventory.

Ok, I referred someone to Lutari Mobile and they logged in and but they still have not received a bead...

It can take anywhere from ten minutes to a full day to receive Talisman beads from signing up. Just remain patient and everything will be fine. ;)

How do I remove my beads? I don't want them on my Talisman anymore.

Sorry, but once you add them to your Talisman, there is no way of getting them off. :(

Problem not answered? Feel free to neomail us: ethan_redshaw or gliderames.

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read our article! It is appreciated so much. If you have any questions about Lutari Island, the Talisman, beads, referrals for Neopets Mobile, or signing up, please visit my lookup and feel free to send me a neomail. There is also a wonderful guide on my pet's (Maniverus) pet page which might help you to discover some further information about Lutari Island and all it has to offer. Good luck to everyone, not that you’ll need much more after this article though. ;)

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