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The Top Ten Shops for Restockers

by neogirl4749


Hello, new (and maybe old) restockers! You are probably reading this because you want to know where to start your restocking journey (or need tips). Well, you've come to the right place! This article will show you the Top 10 Shops among restockers (at least what I think). I will also explain each shop in detail, and even some tips for you to conquer the whole of Neopia-*cough*-I mean, shop economy... Yeah, what I said. :D Now, on to the shops!

10. Battle Magic and Defense Magic shops

Ok, so I cheated a little. I put two shops. Well, they're so similar anyway, what’s the point of making one of them higher? Never mind. The point is, these shops are GREAT for nabbing super rare items, but I don't recommend these for beginners. Everyone is way too fast for you guys. Don't even get the other items there (the leftovers) or you'll be wasting your neopoints. Strictly for better restockers. Let’s move along now, shall we?

9. Toy Shop

Ahh, a shop many people buy from. Yet, not a very good one. Again, like the weapon shops, this is probably a little too fast for you too. If you are planning to go here, ONLY get the rare ones. How would you know which are the rare ones, you ask? Just stay there and don't buy anything, but observe which items are the first to go and the ones that are... junk.

8. The Neopian Petpet Shop

You might be starting to get mad at me for these bad shops I'm posting, but don't worry, it'll get better. Besides, these actually are popular shops, and all I'm doing is telling them to you. Anyway, this shop is where you'll start to see some "Sorry, we are sold out of everything!" business. You might even accidentally buy a rip-off petpet. The good thing is, if you become able to tell the rare petpets from the ones-you-will-waste-money-on, this will get you rack up a couple of thousand neopoints.

7. Faerie Furniture

This place was kind of one of my favorites when I started restocking. I would find a nice item, buy it, and sell for 15,000 neopoints. You heard me. I said 15 THOUSAND neopoints. Getting excited, huh? ;) Don't run over me yet. First, you have to wait a LONG time for it to restock, because this shop is slow (or is it because people buy it too fast?). Then you've got to haggle lower than what people are asking (so you won't waste neopoints). There might be some rip-offs that can cost you thousands of neopoints, too, so have caution...

6. Food Shop

OH NO! Rip-offs galore! DO NOT buy ANY of the leftovers. DON'T even touch the expensive ones or semi-common ones. The reason I put the Food Shop in the most popular shops section because if you're lucky, you might get a nice, brown Negg (don't even think of that the other way)! Besides, it IS popular. Just see it for yourself. Most of the semi-common and common ones will stay, so use your brain and learn which ones are horrible deals, and which ones will look great in your Sales History. Oh yeah, to do that, you need to use the Shop Wizard, too!

5. Chocolate Factory

Everyone loves chocolate, right? If they sell for a lot, then yes for me! This place can be a pretty good place to restock, because: one, there are lots of things that can bring you lots of neopoints, and two, lots of people want this stuff! Have you SEEN what are asked for quests and jobs? This is the place to sell quick deals to people. The catch is, some things here are rip-offs!

4. The Bakery

Mmmmm, delicious! Although this place may not give very many neopoints, it's the BEST PLACE for a beginner. It's easy to get items without losing them to another restocker (be quick just in case, though). Everything isn't very expensive. You can waste neopoints here but only just a few hundred. It's perfect! Remember, get the new items you see to get the most neopoints! Especially the doughnuts. People that are poor will want to buy some cheap doughnuts from you. And in return, you net a little profit!

3. Fine Furniture

Now we're getting somewhere! This is a VERY popular shop, so be quick! Once again, the leftover furniture are complete rip-offs. But wait! Once this place restocks, you can get THOUSANDS of neopoints from the things! Even I, who restock there all the time, get amazed when the items restock there, because they look so uncommon!

2. Book Shop

I LOVE THIS PLACE! Now, this shop is a restocker’s dream. Absolutely NOTHING is a very bad deal there. Even if I’m wrong, you won’t lose very much. For you beginners, get the books that are less than 1000 neopoints. They will give you some profit, and they stay there the most. Once you get good at this, start getting the other books. Be fast! Every one wants that super-rare book like you. No wonder this place is so close to #1! However, there is one shop better than this one…

1. The Igloo Garage Sale

Yes, this is THE best shop! Aside the point you can only buy an item every 2 minutes and they run out pretty fast, it’s SUPER CHEAP!!! A codestone there is only 500 neopoints! Also, this shop usually restocks after another shop restocks. That means, after you get a couple of items from a favorite shop, head over to the Igloo Garage Sale in another window and nab extra profit.

Now that you’ve seen all the best shops for restockers, try them out yourselves! You should follow the tips if you want to get as much out of this as you can. With all the money you will make, you’ll rule all of Neop-*cough*-erm, I mean, you’ll.... umm… become a neomillionaire. Yeah, that’s what I said. A neomillionaire. Ok, see you later!

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