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Wingoball 101

by unicorngirl383


Zurroball... Yeah, not quite. Frumball... Ugh, that was SO last month. Gormball... Classic, but boring. I’m talking about Wingoball, the newest, greatest, and most exciting game in Neopia! Though since it is brand new, well, few people know anything about it. That is why I have given up my time and effort to present to you a helpful guide so you won’t fall victim to those malicious red gnomes. And if you perchance haven’t played the game yet, that is the last thing you want to happen.

Wingoball is simple enough to understand: to toss the Wingoball, aim with your mouse and click to throw it. Simple enough. But before you start your game play, there are a few things you should know about Wingoball. One thing is that only certified Wingoballs are able to be used in the game. Lucky for you, all you have to do is open up a game window, automatically providing the proper equipment. A second thing is that the goal of the game is to get your Wingoball to the right hand side of the playing screen. Unfortunately for you, this is a whole lot easier said than done. Many obstacles will be in the way, including hedges, plants, fountains, gnomes, and other miscellaneous items you can find in a garden. You can bounce the Wingoball off of all surfaces except for the red gnomes. Hit a red gnome and you’ll lose a Wingoball. Also, if the Wingoball goes back to the left hand side of your screen and past your hand, you’ll lose a Wingoball. You don’t have a limited amount of Wingoballs in this game, but there is a time limit of thirty (30) seconds per level. If you run out of time, it’s game over. If you make it through a level without losing a Wingoball, you’ll get a spiffy bonus to your score.

Wingoball has a Neopoint ratio of 1.00, meaning that for every point on the game you get, you earn one Neopoint. This means to get the maximum amount of Neopoints each time you play, you would have to get 1000 points. To get points on this game you finish each level in as little time as possible, along with the bonus I mentioned earlier. Just so you can find the game easier, Wingoball is classified under the following categories: New Releases (duh), Sports, Puzzles, and Neopia Central. Or you can just type in ‘Wingoball’ in the search bar, for that works just as well, if not better.

And guess what? Those are just the basics of Wingoball. But I’ll be kind enough to provide you with tips on how to conquer each level.

Level 1 is pretty straightforward: Aim the Wingoball in between the three obstacles on the screen. If anyone actually messes this level up, I advise them to quit playing the game immediately.

Level 2 steps it up a notch, not giving you a direct path to the other side. You have to bounce the Wingoball off of the plants farthest north at an angle to get your Wingoball across. Make sure though that it is bounced off of the east side of the plants as well, or the Wingoball will just bounce right back.

Level 3 introduces the green gnomes. Just as a reminder, the Wingoball just bounces right off of the green gnomes in the same way that it does with plants. The only difference is that occasionally the gnomes will be moving, just like in this level. In this level you need to time it right so that when you release the Wingoball it goes straight through the gap in the center. A good time to do this is right after the gnomes pass the hole.

Level 4 has four columns of gnomes, each moving at a different pace. It may look and sound threatening at first, but if you just aim at the bottom of the screen so it bounces off the bushes and throw the Wingoball when all four columns are at the top of the screen, you’ll be through that level in no time.

Level 5 introduces the red gnomes. Again, if your Wingoball touches one of these, you will lose your bonus for the level and have to try again. This level, fortunately, has the gnomes in a clump in the middle. Just aim above or below them without hitting the other two obstacles to clear the level.

Level 6 has a row of three little red gnomes moving along the screen, along with some plants. Throw the Wingoball past them when they have reached either the very top of the screen or the very bottom.

Level 7 contains a horde of red gnomes with a single slanted pathway through them. Aim the Wingoball through the gap to get it to the other side. Be cautious, for the pathway is narrow and the gnome’s feet tend to stick out a lot.

Level 8 has two stationary columns of red gnomes, two moving columns of red gnomes, and a plant. My suggestion is to throw the Wingoball at an angle either up or down when the first moving column passes the spot you want to throw to. Just make sure that the second moving column isn’t in the way.

Level 9 is composed of some plants, a row of red gnomes, and a small row of moving green gnomes. Throw the Wingoball through the gap at the top when the green gnomes have moved out of the way. If you hit those green gnomes, it usually means death to your Wingoball.

Level 10 gives you a single line of moving red gnomes with a gap in the middle along with stationary red gnomes in the middle of the screen. Throw the Wingoball at an angle either up or down to get past the gnomes as the gap approaches the spot where you’re aiming. This is a timing thing, and may take a little getting used to.

Level 11 has a strip of red gnomes along with some plants, with gaps at both ends of the strip of gnomes. You have to bounce the Wingoball off the bushes that make the border just right so the Wingoball bounces right past the gnomes. I can’t tell you how many Wingoballs I have lost on this level, but as long as you complete the level within the time limit you’re doing okay. As an extra tip, I always find it best to aim towards the bottom on this one.

Level 12 has an assorted array of plants and a little row of red gnomes. I’ve found it best to aim the Wingoball off the mass of plants in the middle farthest north. Toss the Wingoball when the red gnomes start moving up.

Level 13 is simple enough. You have to aim the Wingoball straight down the middle when the red gnomes meet in the middle and when the green column of gnomes is out of the way. The plants exist only to distract you.

Level 14 is comprised of plants and those annoying red gnomes. I’ve found it best to aim the Wingoball off of the northernmost part of the line of plants in the middle. It still may take a couple of tries after that to get the Wingoball past the red gnomes.

Level 15 is made up of three rows of plants. To get through, bounce the Wingoball off of the border so that it hits the top part of the first row somewhere in the middle. And if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Level 16 has some scattered red gnomes and a block of plants in the upper left hand corner. Bounce the Wingoball off of the border so that it hits the plants on the top edge. It may take a couple of times to get the right angle, for this one’s a bit tricky.

Level 17 contains two rows of fast moving green gnomes and some scattered plants. Aim the Wingoball through the gap on either side of the first row. After that the course of your Wingoball is decided by luck. Usually it makes it through, though.

Level 18 has two rows of moving green gnomes with a gap in the middle of each. Aim your Wingoball at an angle like you did back in Level 10, waiting for the gap to approach your angle. If the angle is sharp enough, your Wingoball will make it through, for it will also go through the gap of the second row as well.

Level 19 has some plants and red gnomes. Aim the Wingoball off of the border so that it bounces off the top of the first middle row of plants. It may take a couple of tries to get the right angle.

Level 20 is the very last level, and all that is in this level is plants. Aim your Wingoball off of the very top of the left-hand side of the farthest north plant in the middle of the screen (it will not be touching the border). Do this and you’ve beaten the game!

Now, it’s quite obvious to tell that this game requires five things: Knowledge of angles, timing, practice, patience, and a little bit of luck. Just follow this handy guide, possess at least some of those talents, and you’ll be a master of Wingoball in no time! Who knows? You may even get a shiny trophy for all your effort. Now go out there and show those gnomes who’s boss!

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