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Complete Guide and Tips for The Usul Suspects

by steward26


Also by wamhk


Evil lurks in the hearts of baby Usuls... and it's a Nimmo named Lumi’s unfortunate lot to babysit them. They've taken over the entire playground, except for the lift, where Lumi has barricaded herself with her handy water pistol. If she wants to get paid, she's going to have to take back the playground. Who knew Battledome equipment would come in handy while babysitting?

Keys to Use in this Game

Apparently, this game is very simple yet frustrating. You can use both hands or just one hand to play. The keys to use in this game are...

Space bar – fire water with Lumi’s water pistol

Up arrow – move the lift up

Down arrow – move the lift down

Left arrow – fire water with Lumi’s water pistol (you can choose either way to fire)

Right arrow – toss the Usuls a milk bottle

Getting the Maximum Neopoints

TNT has been very generous in this game. The NP ratio is 2.00, which means for every 2 points you score in the game, you earn 4 neopoints. So it is very easy to earn 1000 neopoints per game.


Yes!! This game is one of the favourites among the Neopians. As you can see, a lot of people are playing this game. If you want to get yourself a trophy before the scores become too high, don’t wait any further. Read on quickly!!

The Little Brats (the Usuls)

There are a few coloured Usuls you need to take care of. All the Usuls will jump off the platform with a propeller hat. They will then parachute themselves to the ground. The only way to shoot them down is to aim and shoot their propeller hats on their heads. Shooting the propeller hats will earn you 2 points. The points for shooting the different coloured Usuls are as follows...

Orange Usuls – 1 point (they fall slowly with no shooting ability)

Blue Usuls – 3 points (they have the ability to fire one missile randomly)

Green Usuls – 5 points (they fall a little faster but they have no shooting ability. Appear when you score around 100 points)

White Usuls – 7 points (they fire three missiles randomly and appear when you score around 250 points)

Grey Usuls – 9 points (they fall faster but they do not have any shooting ability. Appear when you score around 450 points)

Red Usuls – 11 points (They fire five missiles randomly and appear when you score around 850 points)

Purple Usuls – 15 points (these Usuls fall very fast and fire huge missiles continuously and randomly. Appear when you score around 1950 points)

The propeller hats will fly up again after dropping the Usuls. You can still shoot the propeller hats when they are flying up. This will earn you 2 points. When the Usuls have climbed up the lift and are standing behind you, you can throw them a milk bottle to satisfy them and thereby earning yourself 1 point (this is regardless of their colour).

Aren’t the baby Usuls cute, you may think? But beware!!! You will lose a life if you are hit by their missiles or pushed off the lift by their brooms when they are standing behind you. Although you have three lives in one game, do not forget that you can’t earn any extra lives throughout the game. So play wisely.

How do I score more than 2000 points in this game? As the points get higher, the faster the Usuls are falling, how do I cope with that? These are some questions that may be running through your head. Well, as the old saying goes... practice makes perfect! You gain experience through lots of playing and estimating when to start shooting to destroy the propeller hats. Of course, I still have some tips for you to help you through your game.


Just before these games are released to the general Neopians, being a premium member, I have the privilege to practice the game before it is launched. This practice helps me gain lots of experience so I could get a high score.

At certain points of the game, only two different coloured Usuls appear on the game screen at the same time. I shall call it a level up. In the first level up, you will see the orange and blue Usuls, followed by the blue and green Usuls and so on. You need to restart the game a lot of times to get used to how fast the Usuls fall and the speed of your shooting, bearing in mind the distance between you and the Usuls. Keep all this in mind as you practice.

For those Usuls with shooting ability, you can also shoot at their feet. But you must be very accurate. This helps you to eliminate them before they can fire their missiles at you. Try to use this technique for the Usuls falling very close to you. If you miss, it’s alright. Let them finish firing their rounds of missiles and then aim well at their propeller hats.

Remember how you get one point by throwing the Usuls a milk bottle when they are behind you? Well, you may not want to feed them at later stages. If they are being hit by their compatriots’ missiles, you will actually earn 2 points. I usually use this method when I am scoring above 1000 points. This helps me to gain a lot of points.

I also realize that the Usuls can only push you or hit you with their missiles above Lumi’s waist level. Therefore, it is actually not so easy to lose lives if you know how to control the lift. At about 1900 points onwards, the purple Usuls start appearing. You should try to aim their legs to kill them first. If you fail, quickly move the lift down a little to shoot their body to make them dizzy. Then aim and shoot their propeller hats. A lot of people ask me how I manage to dodge the missiles when they fall very close to me. Well, I will move to the center first and when they are falling near to me, I will quickly move upwards without stopping and try to aim at their propeller hats. It is a split second before the missiles get to you, so there is no time to hesitate.

My Aiming Tactic

This is the fun part. For those Usuls with the ability to fire missiles, I usually shoot them by estimating when they shoot their first missile. That means after the Usuls fire their first missile; I will then fire mine and move downwards to dodge their missiles. I get a bulls eye most of the time.

Hopefully my guide and tips are useful to you. Don’t forget to keep practicing and you will be a pro like me in no time at all. Good luck!

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