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The 2007 Doughnut Awards

by dreamsprite_pixie


“Mom, I want this one... no wait... this one” is a very common phrase heard at the window of every doughnut shop in Neopia, but the question we all ask is “which one is the best, the tastiest, the sweetest of all doughnuts?” So gather round, folks, because that is why we are here. Welcome to the top doughnut countdown for 2007.

The doughnut originated in Year 1 of Neopets history, thanks to a bearded Techo known by the locals of Neopia Central as Mr Eatsum Doughnut. Mr Doughnut stumbled on the recipe quite by accident when a muffin recipe turned out very wrong.

At first Mr Doughnut was curious about his creation; he named it... (yes, you guessed it)... the doughnut. After a week the town’s people were very curious about his mysterious “doughnuts” and pleaded for them. Over the months his doughnuts became so popular in Neopia Central that he decided to quit his job and start up his own doughnut business. His business continued to flourish, forcing him to open a shop in Neopia Central... then Meridell, the Haunted Woods and lastly Mystery Island. Doughnuts were a hit; the newest craze the greatest sensation to sweep not only the nation...

People wore them as hats and bracelets and rings; young neopets used them as quoits, hula-hoops and princess’s crowns. Doughnuts were a whole lot of fun, not to mention the taste!!!

Even now, 8 years to the day, doughnuts are still a hit, though now it is not as common to see a Neopian wearing one as a hat, or to see young neopets hula-hooping in them.

Nowadays there are a lot of doughnuts you can choose from, from shops on nearly every market corner. Well, which ones are the nicest, the creamiest? Which ones are the sweetest? Let's find out on the 2007’s top doughnuts.

1. Pink Sprinkle Doughnut: A delicious doughnut, with a cream centre and creamy pink icing dipped in pink sprinkles, was the first doughnut ever made in doughnut shops. What more could you want in a doughnut?

2. Rainbow Doughnut: Somewhere over the rainbow is this doughnut!! With all the colours!!! Red, blue, orange, you name it, 6 different tastes for 6 different colours. Do not expect to find a pot of gold at the end of it... because there is no end to get to; it goes round and round... Anyway that is why this doughnut is number 2 on the doughnut countdown.

3. Speckled Doughnut: well, what can I say? it is speckled. ^^ A lovely combination of lime and vanilla make this doughnut a perfect treat for any well behaved neopets. With very thick icing this doughnut is perfect to spice up any plain dessert.

4. Lemon Sprinkle Doughnut: This doughnut has lemon flavoured icing, which means it is the most sour of the doughnuts. The bakers added the sprinkles to make them more attractive and to trick unsuspecting travellers into buying them, later finding out in huge mouthfuls that looks can be deceiving.

5. Chocolate Elephante Doughnut: This doughnut, too, is cream filled, chocolate dunked, and smothered in icing; a nice surprise for any sweet toothed neopet... If you have any respect or urge to look after your teeth... don’t eat this...

6. Chokato Doughnut: Well, this doughnut is very unique. Set apart by its chocomato (chocolate and tomato) flavouring, this doughnut sizzles the senses with its zazzling zing.

7. Toroidoughnut: a bizarre creation made by the Grundo chef at the Space Station for our... umm... enjoyment. The balls in the middle are held in the same places by strange gravitational forces within the doughnut itself. It takes exactly 26 and a half minutes for all three “moons” to orbit the doughnut completely and they often end up orbiting Kreludor instead. Make sure you don’t put your head too close...

8. Blueberry Jelly Doughnut: A strange doughnut, created in Jelly World... wait... there is no such place as Jelly World!! Oh well. It was made somewhere, hand crafted from the finest block of blue blueberry jelly. It has blueberry-flavoured dough, blueberry flavoured icing, and - you guessed it - blueberry flavoured sprinkles. A must have for anyone who loves blueberries. These doughnuts make very good Frisbees, lightweight and easy to carry; now you can play with your food!

9. Pomegranate Doughnut: This doughnut is baked fresh, smothered in pomegranate icing. This doughnut is quite small and can fit into any bag or suitcase for emergencies during work or school hours. The small crunchy pomegranate seeds on top replace the sprinkles, which is a way healthier alternative for all those health-concerned Neopians.

10. Spooky Doughnut: ~And this time looks are not deceiving; this doughnut is spooky, which therefore explains why it is named the spooky doughnut, with a pumpkin icing and some sort of green sprinkles on a black no-one-knows-what. It is always handy to have these, as they are a favourite treat of buzzers and that greedy lump of demanding dirt we know as the Esophagor.

11. Pepperoni Pizza Doughnut: A savoury, healthier alternative to a sugar filled doughnut, but not necessarily tastier either. With sauces, pepperoni, cheese and ham, this doughnut is better than any pizza.

12. Grey Doughnut: Aww, this doughnut seems rather sad... perfect for the depressed Neopian or for those who have trouble getting their pets into the bath. Since it is rather soggy, followed constantly by a small rain cloud, this doughnut is not entirely pleasant to eat at all.

13. Frosty Doughnut: A solid ice structure makes this doughnut one of the most uncomfortable doughnuts to eat, apart from being a frozen brick of ice. This doughnut melts, cracks, and splinters a short time after purchase.

14. Doughnut Rug: The only entirely edible piece of furniture in Neopia; after being stomped flat, this rug is perfect for any bedroom, but beware; they attract ants in a frenzy. The convenient hole in the middle is perfect for a pot plant or sculpture of some sort.

15. Grapefruit Doughnut: A Chocolaty Grapefruit Swirl dough dipped in warm grapefruit icing. This doughnut seems much thinner than all the others...

16. Mynci Tail Doughnuts: It is a disgrace of a doughnut; the whole purpose was a hole in the middle... these are nothing but cakes... *tsk tsk*

17. Cabbage Doughnut: Perfect for vegetarians and Cybunnies, yet not as tasty. This is the only doughnut you can eat with feeling guilty about your weight. Crisp cabbage leaves fresh from the garden.

Well, thanks for reading the 2007 Top Doughnut Awards; hopefully this helped you in making a good decision for on the next occasion you are bewildered by doughnuts. On a final note... as a wise bearded Techo said, “It is always the time for a doughnut.”

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