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The Cutest and Most Lovable Items

by btcomsa12


Do you rely on a shiny object for happiness? A fluffy and or evil object to brighten up your day for you to love and squeeze and squeal with delight whenever you see it? But you don't know what that specific item you are looking for is? Well, if you are one of those people and need a little item to make you happy but can't find the perfect one, here is a list of some of the cutest items in Neopia!

If you are ever looking for something to hug, and never will get mad or insult you, the fuzzle is the perfect thing for you! It always has a little smile that can be sometimes disturbing, but will always brighten up a room. It is very fluffy and comes in assorted colors! Huzzah!

Speaking of brightening up the room, if you ever are looking at the table by your bed and think to yourself, man, I really need something to fill up that dusty spot. Well, think no more! The Harris Lamp is the perfect cute lamp for you! This little guy will always be waiting for you and protect you from the evil Pant Devil in your dreams. And if you pull the little cord, the light comes on to scare away that possessed sock under your bed!

Ever wanted a nice squishy chair that was the definition of cute? Well, it's not exactly a chair, but a bean bag works just as well! The Walking Carpet Bean Bag is one of the most comfortable of all chairs. Its nice soft fluffiness will put you to sleep within minutes. Don't be afraid of the big eyes or the horns; this bean bag is harmless and very cute!

PLUSHIES! Everyone needs a good plushie in their life! These little soft play toys are perfect! They give you someone to talk to, someone to play with, someone to sing with (even though they might not talk or move, they are perfect for people with overactive imaginations), and you can do almost anything with them! You can make them fly, tie them to a chair and play detective, or anything else you can imagine!

Ever needed the cutest gift for someone, but couldn't think of what to get? The Blue Kadoatie Music Box is just the thing you need! Anyone will be happy to get one of these. When you open it up, you see a content little blue kadoatie and a nice song plays. What's better than that?

Well, there's one thing. The kadoatie itself! One of the cutest petpets is this little kitty. You can paint them many colors to suit your needs and they will always be there for you! The Kadoatie is much better than items, because you can actually play with it and it will play back! Although you never want to upset one, as they will start crying and the only way to stop it is to get a Blue Draik Egg. Ouch.

Not a kad lover? Well, how about the Warf! Much like the Kadoatie, the Warf can also play and interact with you. Its little paws and tongue that always sticks out of its mouth will mesmerize you and you will just have to buy one! Give one of these little guys a nice juicy steak and they will be by your side forever. They are incredibly cute too!

Everyone has heard of the Baby Blu. This little petpet is very very cute and great for a petpet! He will always be dedicated to you and be there for you whenever you are looking for someone to talk to. The Baby Blue does not eat much either and is very playful!

Not looking for a cute petpet to snuggle with or own, but a cute item to give as a gift? Go for the Neopet V2 Coffee Mug! Although almost all items with this little guy on it are cute, the mug is the best because it holds all your drinks and when you are sipping away at your coffee or water, there he is, wanting to be your friend!

Another great gift around Christmas time is the Seasons Greetings in a Bottle. It is one of the cutest items out there! It has a red little bow around a strangely adorably shaped bottle. Inside you can write whatever you want to your loved one!

Whenever you see this item you most likely think to yourself, "Aww!" The Noil PJs are perfect for your Baby Neopet. They are one of the cutest pairs of PJs out there! On the PJs is a pleasant little Noil that will bring happiness to all your Baby Neopets.

Ever wanted to eat something incredibly cute? Oh come on, you know you do! Well now you can, the Brucicle is the cutest food out there! And very good! It comes in many assorted flavours such as Raspberry, Lemon, and even Chocolate! The pops have a little collectable bow around it to to look like a real Bruce's. Next time you think to yourself, "I wish I had something very cute to eat right now," go get yourself a Brucicle!

One of the more expensive cute items is the Fish Negg. It is also a food but who would want to eat it? It's too cute to eat! It is always happy to see you and its bright blue colours will light up a room.

For you stamp collectors out there looking for something cute to add to the album, look no further! The Attack Pea Stamp is perfect! Everyone loves the cuteness of little peas. Such as the Super Attack Pea and Pea Chia Plushie. But if you want a little pea and not something too expensive, the Attack Pea Stamp will be glad to be added to your stamp collection!

So next time you are looking for something to hug and love that is incredibly cute, try out one of the items I have listed! They are sure to bring you happiness wherever you go!

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