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Cry of the Angel: Part Two

by st83_star174


Chapter Two - Early Halloween

"May, please hurry down! Your potatoes are getting cold!" Nicole called.

     "Just a minute!" May yelled.

     "You've been saying that for the last ten minutes!" Celia replied.

     "Maybe I wouldn't have if you weren't interrupting me!" May slammed her door so that she couldn't hear any yelling from downstairs.

     First, May gulped down every last drop of liquid from the magic vial. Then she poured the morphing potion into the vial. There was just enough to turn Angela into the green Uni that the potion specified that it would. Next, she snuck out the window to the guesthouse and replaced every discount item in Angela's closet with the clothing she just bought that day. Finally, she stocked a pink vanity she stole from Nicole's storage closet with the makeup and shoved it against Angela's wall. If her plan succeeded, Angela would also receive some new furniture from storage to match her new design. For the heck of it, May also rolled out a purple fuzzy carpet and a hot pink wallpaper with aqua colored hearts patterned all around the pink border.

     "May, what are you doing over there?" Nicole called from the window. "Get in the kitchen, now!"

     May smiled, for what needed to be done had been done.

     "May, while you're up, I need some more orange juice." Angela held out a crystal glass.

     May smiled. She poured a glass of orange juice, then poured in the vial of potion that she had just disguised.

     "Here you go." May handed Angela the glass.

     "Thanks, May." Angela sipped the glass.

     "My pleasure." May grinned.

     "Wow. I'm refreshed, but also a bit full." Angela pushed her chair in. "I'd better go up to my room."

     Angela walked across the lawn. But halfway there, she found herself skipping, then trotting, then galloping.

     "What's... wrong... with... MEEEEEEE!" Angela moaned, falling on the grass.

     Suddenly, a strand of white hair fell on her nose, which was getting bigger and greener.

     "Oh my gosh!" Angela raced into the guesthouse and into her room.

     She looked in the mirror of the vanity, which she was too shocked to notice was new.

     "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Angela screamed at her reflection.

     "Angela? What is it?" Celia, Nicole, May, and Billy burst through the door of Angela's room.

     "I'm... I'm nnnnnnooooottt meeeeeee!" Angela wailed.

     She suddenly had the urge to apply some lipgloss, so she pulled the pink stick out of the vanity and rubbed it all over her mouth.

     "May, what did you give Angela with that juice?" Nicole gave her Uni a stern look.

     "Gosh, those side effects kick in fast!" May gasped. "Maybe they sold me the wrong thing."

     "A Uni potion looks nothing like a magic vial!" Celia put her hand under Angela's white bangs.

     "The liquid looks similar," May observed the remaining drops. "Perhaps they put in the wrong potion."

     "What am I going to DOOOOOOO?" Angela cried, rubbing a mountain of blush on her cheeks.

     "May, perhaps you could get a Xweetok potion?" Nicole pleaded.

     "This might be a lovely experience for Angela." May grinned. "I think she should try it for at least one month."

     "AAARGH!" Celia gasped. "You should probably know that May would never suggest changing a Uni to something totally different."

     "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to just try it out for a little while." Nicole sighed.


     Angela sat in her bed that morning, struggling out of bed. She had forgotten about the Uni Morphing Potion incident, so when she looked in the vanity mirror, she let out a loud scream that caused Celia to run five rooms down to Angela's bedroom.

     "WHAT IS THIS?" Angela said to her reflection, feeling the urge to run a sparkly pink brush through her long white mane.

     "You were transformed into a Uni yesterday, remember?" Celia asked, handing Angela the hairbrush.

     Suddenly, May entered the guesthouse with a large rectangular package. She figured since Angela had already bought Uni Crew things and designer clothes with Nicole a few weeks ago, all she would need to do is give Angela this box and then later take her furniture shopping.

     "May, what is that?" Celia asked.

     "It's a Halloween present," May grinned, setting foot into the green Uni's bedroom. "From my heart to Angela's."

     Angela shrugged and opened the box to reveal the beautiful Island paint brush in front of her.

     "Oh, wow," Angela brushed her hoof along the tropical flowers. "Woooooooowwwww!"

     "Like it?" May asked.

     "Love it!" Angela squealed.

     "Then take this, as well." May handed Angela two things.

     One was a Uni Crew ID badge, and the second was a Lunch Pass for May's table.

     "Ooh, this day just gets better and better!" Angela hugged May around the waist of the glitter hot-pink camisole.

     May didn't even bother to push Angela away. For once, things were finally going her way.

     Angela finished her moment of affection and pulled on a pair of jeans and a blue camisole nearly identical to May's. She pulled her mane back into a single ponytail, hung her Air Faerie Backpack over one shoulder, finished with her makeup, and slipped a pair of orange flip-flops on her feet.

     "May, you're being really nice to me," Angela said as May wheeled out a brand new pink bike for Angela. "Is there any way I can repay you?"

     "I'll do anything for a Uni." May tucked the paintbrush away for later. "I'm not sure."

     "I know!" Angela exclaimed as if on cue. "I'll call off the diet bet!"

     "THANK YOU!" May pulled out her lunch and switched with Angela.

     "Oh, the sweet smell of soy crisps!" May inhaled the sweet scent of the bag lunch.

     "I love the smell of orange juice in the morning!" Angela hugged the carton to her glittering waist.


     The pink Uni and the Island Uni set foot into the furniture store at a mall. Angela gazed at the wonderous varieties.

     May held the checklist:

     Couch, bed, desk, chair, petpet bed, construction form, rug, and neomail chute.

     First, May picked up a construction form from a beautiful blonde girl at a contractor counter. Angela would need a walk-in closet after this trip. Then, she picked up the retrieve order for a pastel cot, a beauty bed, a luxurious sofa, a Fyora desk, and a King Roo Throne. Then, she tossed a package of seven cloud rugs and a metallic purple Neomail chute into the basket.

     After filling out the form for delivery, May sauntered off to the clothing store with Angela trotting behind. They had filled at least seventeen bags of clothing, one bag of furniture, and two bags of petpet supplies.

     "Why do we need petpet supplies?" Angela asked.

     "We're getting you a petpet from the pound," May replied, "right after we get something from the snack bar. I talked it over with C and she's cool with it."

     "C?" Angela asked.

     "Celia." May rolled her eyes.

     May got them two bags of crackers and two imitation Neocola bottles. Then, Angela spotted the most beautiful thing in the world: a pink Angelpuss.

     "Angela, what breed do you want?" May asked.

     "Angelpuss," Angela replied, awestruck.

     "Blue or pink?" May asked, sauntering off towards a section.

     "I want that one!" Angela pointed to the Angelpuss.

     "We'll take that one!" May called to the receptionist.

     An air faerie reached up and pulled the Angelpuss down and put it in May's arms.

     "Here you go," May placed the petpet carefully in the Island Uni's arms.

     Angela watched as May paid for the petpet.

     "According to the pound person, her name is Heart. Would you like to change it?" May asked.

     "Krystal." Angela looked into the petpet's blue eyes.

     May knew that Angela was going to need one more thing before they went back home.

     "Angela, what's your favorite color?" May entered the store called Sleep Depot.

     "Turquoise," Angela replied.

     May tossed a turquoise sleeping bag, a NeoFoam mattress, and a NeoFoam pillow with a turquoise A in the center into the bag and paid for them.

     "Let's go home and update the Uni Crew member book!" May put the items in the delivery box labeled 'Crystalline'.


     Angela sat at the dinner table in the guesthouse. Her hooves knocked against the center of the table each time she patted Krystal's teensy head. However, you could hear her sighs every time the bit into her piece of turkey casserole.

     "Angela, please, I spent a lot of work on this." Celia took a bite of her portion. "Billy already finished."

     "May's probably having something fancy. I'll bet she's having celestial salad, Neowaiian rolls, potato and Sweetcorn soup, and veggie lasagna right now! Not to mention a tall, cold glass of lemint juice!" Angela barked.

     "Who cares what May is having? You don't tell her how to live your life, why should she do that to you?" Celia asked.

     "Because she's really popular and the only one who can save my falling social reputation!" Angela fired back.

     "Angela Anderson, you will not act like a smarty pants to your owner!" Celia yelled.

     "Then MAYBE I'll go to May's house!" Angela called.

     The Uni felt a rush of tears meet the back of her eyes, so she hurried when packing her things to take to the Crystalline estate. Krystal eagerly followed Angela as she hopped out the window and sprinted through the garden.

     She tripped over a citronella candle and was face-to-face with her reflection in the pond. Instead of an Island Uni, she saw a yellow Xweetok.

     "Would you ever do something like this when you were me?" it asked, before slowly fading into the image of an Island Uni.

     Angela just fainted, her head toward the door of the Crystalline kitchen. Krystal leaped through the petpet flap, knowing what she must do.

To be continued...

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