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The Adventures of Trina: The Return of the Staff - Part Four

by ummagine3284


“I see you finally brought me back the staff. How’d you two do it?” A deep voice of a large green Skeith drifted around the small hideout.

     “It was quite simple, really. Once we found out that it was stolen from us and who it was stolen by, we figured that the Cobralls chased them down and out of the only other exit. It wasn’t that windy today so we followed their footprints into the desert and knew where they were headed. We dressed as tour guides and put the puny thieves under our control. Sure, they wanted to leave, but you know how we get our ways. We trapped them in our Northeastern Passage and brought it back here,” Heermeedjet, the brown Meerca explained as wisely as he could.

     “Do we get our pay now, Master?” yelled Heermeedjet’s brother, Merouladen.

     The mighty Skeith wandered in a circle, thinking about the Meerca’s question. “No,” he retorted, “you still have things to do. The staff is still in two parts.”

     “Fine,” Heermeedjet grumbled. “What’s our next task?”

     “Go into the Emergency Supply tent and bring the stickiest Scamander Slime and a bundle of Soothing Bandages,” the Skeith demanded.

     “Master, we haven’t had a nap yet! Do you want us to fall asleep on the job?” Merouladen bellowed.

     The Skeith felt like shouting furiously at the two Meercas, but he knew he needed everything in his plan to work out perfectly. “Very well, but after your nap you must go get me those things. No exceptions. It’s only a matter of time before sunrise.” The green Skeith smirked in the darkest corner of the room, the staff in his wicked green hands.

     * * * * *

     The city was as still as if it were painted on a wall. There were no busy shops, no running Neopets, and no sound but the breeze pressing against tiny leaves. However, the silence was broken as a spotted Wocky’s alarm clock rang. Trina slammed the alarm clock off and tumbled off the bed. It was 12:15 A.M. Trina picked up her green backpack and went to her kitchen.

     She grabbed a few extra snacks just in case and stuffed them next to the bottles of water that were already in her backpack. Trina didn’t want to leave the warm comforts of her neohome, but she had no choice. She walked though the door and went off into the huge outside world of the night.

     Just as Trina expected, it was extremely dark outside other than the moonlight that covered buildings in a calming, white glow. She tiptoed though her neighborhood and the Neopian Marketplace. When Trina passed the famous Fresh Food shop, she could smell things being grilled and fried into delicious dishes. Even though the shop was closed, the shopkeeper was inside cooking like a crazed Meepit.

     “So this is when he makes all the food,” Trina spoke to herself softly.

     She trotted through the spooky Haunted Woods. It was always dark no matter what day or time it was. As she paced along, she began to hear small creepy noises. Trina had only gone into the Haunted Woods at night during one Halloween so she wasn’t used to the creepiness of the night, but she had to if she wanted to clear her conscience.

     Relieved, she finally reached the end of the scary woods. The bright full moon was raised over the tall pyramids, which gave the reflection of a glowing blue. It was truly one of the most beautiful sights she had even seen. Trina took one more short glace at the moon, and then she bounced into the desert, thinking about what she really needed to focus on.

     As she headed toward Peopatra’s tent, she saw Linny, Pat, and Cassie waiting in front. It was exactly 2 A.M. in the morning.

     “Trina! Do you have a plan?” Cassie whispered to her. “We really need one.”

     “I’m still thinking of one. I’m sorry that I got you into this mess; it’s my fault.”

     Trina looked down at the sand, disappointed, ashamed, and hopeless about ever getting the staff back from the hands of evil. The weight of the world was literally on her shoulders, and she let it go.

     “It’s not your fault, Trina. I know how much you want to be the greatest and I would have probably done the same thing. We’re going to get the staff back even if it takes all night.” Cassie sat down next to her.

     “Let’s just hope for the best. Who knows? We could just run into the Meercas anytime now.” Linny smiled sweetly, but her eyes were filled with worry.

     At that very moment, they all heard a loud crash from inside Peopatra’s tent. They rushed to the scene to see what had happened. The two Meercas sprang out of the tent and bumped through Trina and Pat. They began running out of the city toward a nearby bridge.

     “It’s the Meerca brothers! Get them; they have our staff!” Cassie’s shrill shout could be heard from miles away.

     Trina began chasing the Meercas at full speed. Pat traveled by air while Linny and Cassie followed closely by foot. The thieves began to speed up once they heard the terrifying flaps of Pat’s Shoyru wings.

     “Give me a lift, Pat!” Trina called out. Pat lowered so she could climb on her back. “When the time is right I’ll jump in front of them!”

     In just seconds, they were directly on top of them. The Meercas were losing speed. Trina jumped off Pat and landed right in front of them. Heermeedjet managed to whiz around Trina while Merouladen was trapped. Merouladen was stuck in the middle of the bridge, with Trina in front and Pat in back.

     “Hand over the staff!” Trina loudly commanded, but the Meerca did not move.

     “What staff?” Merouladen had a nervous expression planted on his face. “I haven’t seen a staff!”

     “The one you stole from us earlier!” Pat yelled at the two Meercas fiercely. “Don’t play dumb with us!”

     “I’m not going to tell you where it is! You’ll never figure out that Malkus Vile has it! Oops, did I just say that out loud?” Merouladen looked around him for a way to escape.

     “Malkus Vile... I should have known.” Trina quietly spoke to herself. While she was talking to herself, Merouladen ran past her, knocking her into the cold shallow stream below her.

     Linny and Cassie finally caught up with the two. “Are you okay, Trina?” Cassie watched Trina as she got out of the water, soaked.

      “Yeah, but Malkus Vile is in this desert somewhere. We MUST find him before sunrise... or I’ll be too late,” Pat mumbled.

     Trina shook some of the water off her painted fur and began to trail after the two Meercas once more. She semi-smiled, since she knew that Pat had figured out their plan.

     “Why before morning?” Cassie started darting next to Trina with a steady pace.

     “If Malkus has the right defense weapons, he could reflect the staff’s powers to the whole city, but only with the right amount of sunlight, elevation, angles. Well at least, that’s what my science teacher said, except he used someone and something else as an example. I think it was with the sun’s rays, but I have a feeling that lemons were involved. I don’t remember,” Pat elucidated. “I do however, remember reading a report in the Neopian Times a few days ago about the Battle Magic store being robbed.”

     “I remember that too! I told Trina!” Cassie exclaimed as she pulled up the memory about a past conversation with her best friend.

     “Sutek’s Pyramid is the tallest place in the desert, and the Meerca brothers are master thieves. They are probably getting ready right now!” Linny was now even more apprehensive as she had ever been in the past few hours.

     “When the sun rises behind the pyramid, it’s going to be much too late.” Trina began to run faster, but no matter how fast she was going, the two brown figures kept going farther into the blue desert mist. She was about to speed up after them, but Cassie stopped her.

     “No, we must find Malkus Vile ourselves. By the time we catch up to them, it’ll be sunrise,” Cassie said sadly. “We can’t stop the sun from rising, but we can stop Malkus Vile.”

     “We will hide until it’s time, then we shall retrieve and destroy the staff,” said Trina. “It’s far too powerful for our world. I can’t believe I didn’t see that before. A good archeologist knows that some things should be left untouched.”

     She started walking toward the tall faded pyramid in front of her, hoping to get a head start on the villains. Her friends followed close behind, just as concerned as Trina. Today just wasn’t her day.

     * * * * *

     “We’ve brought what you asked for, now give us our pay?” Heermeedjet began to look around too see if there was a large bag of neopoints with his name on it.

     “Who said anything about pay? We will rule the world and you want useless pay?” Malkus Vile yelled at the small figure.

     “In that case... forget the pay.” Merouladen smirked, imaging himself wearing a sparkly golden crown as the ultimate ruler of Faerieland. “I think Faerieland would be much better.”

To be continued...

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