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Dubloon Disaster is Not a Disaster!

by imperial_magna


Also by garu_and_pucca

KRAWK ISLAND - A Dubloon Disaster? Not with this guide! The old Dubloon Disaster flash game was taken off the site and was revamped. Wow. It's one of those games which TNT included in their revamps of old games. This new version sports a more funky look with a new pre-game trailer which was also used in Scourge of the Lab Jellies. This could be a start to a whole series of games with a trailer which shows the stories behind the games! Wonderful, eh? We get to watch short clips before getting on to the serious business hehe. :P Now without further ado, I will now present to you the guide to NEW and IMPROVED version of... *drumroll*... DUBLOON DISASTER!

The game's description is as follows:

Dubloon Disaster:

After a successful raid on Krawk Harbour, a small pirate ship tries to escape... but its crew didn't count on the most feared pirate ship of all, the Black Pawkeet, showing up to intercept them.

You play as Dorak, an enterprising young Krawk in a rowboat. Try to salvage as much of the treasure as possible, but avoid the homing mines that are being fired from the Black Pawkeet. Use the left and right arrow keys to turn, the up arrow key to accelerate, and the down arrow key to reverse.

As you can see, the gameplay is very much like the previous version of Dubloon Disaster. It is a game of endurance, about how long you can last without crashing into a mine or being pulled into a whirlpool. Now if you have tried the game, you will feel that it seems to be easier than the old Dubloon Disaster, with the ship and mines being slower than the old version.

The points for the various dubloons are multiplied FIVE times! The new points are listed out here:

Two Dubloon Coin - Ten Points

Five Dubloon Coin - Twenty-five Points

Ten Dubloon Coin - Fifty Points

Twenty Dubloon Coin - One Hundred Points

Fifty Dubloon Coin - Two Hundred and Fifty Points

One Hundred Dubloon Coin - Five Hundred Points

Two Hundred Dubloon Coin - One Thousand Points

As you can see here, the luck involved in getting the rarer dubloons is crucial here! A Two Hundred Dubloon Coin can mean a big difference in getting a better score. If you get better dubloons, you will also be able to reduce the time needed to achieve a good score. I hope Lady Luck is shining on you!

Let's get on to the gameplay of Dubloon Disaster. For those of you who played the previous version before, you would know that you have two ways of playing the game. One of them is by making two mines collide into each other after you collect two dubloons, but we are not going to discuss that method in this guide. The method we are going to use is by allowing the maximum of 9 mines to come out! Yes, you heard it! You are going to coexist with them during the process of the game! Haha, shocked? Believe it or not, it will make your game even better, and I am going to teach you how to use this to your own advantage.

Having the maximum of 9 mines in the game will mean that you don't have to worry about more mines popping up. Imagine how pesky it will be if you are already on a high score and a mine comes out right in front of you! All efforts will go to waste. :( However, having the mines on the field will reduce the risk of that happening to the minimum. No mines will be able to spawn unless some of your mines collide.

In The Beginning

We start off by collecting dubloons after dubloons. At the same time, ensure that you attract the mines closer to each other every single time a mine comes out. Simple, eh? I am sure you will want the mines you have in the game to not affect your movement too much by only occupying a minimal amount of space on the field. This will allow the space you have to be bigger and the chance to a dubloon actually spawning right in the middle of the mines to be lower. How to get the mines together then? Let's proceed to the next part of the guide.

Gathering the Mines

Note how two mines get attracted to you when you are situated along the center between them. Use this theory to ensure that the mines get closer together. Don't worry if you do not get it right on the first try. Practice makes perfect! Just keep trying and I'm sure you will get the hang of it. Okay, once they are together, you can try keeping them in the middle and only moving them away when needed. Now as you can see from your window, the mines move together! Amazing, huh? This will improve your control over the mines in the game. Do try your best to keep the mines at a safe but close distance from one another; this will prevent a mine from spawning right in front of you and the pain of having to gather them together again.

Keys to Success in Dubloon Disaster

The keys to success are Endurance and Consistency. Always ensure you get a good bathroom break before a game. *cough* (You don't want to mess the game by going to the bathroom. :P) Avoid the whirlpool by moving fast and holding the up key away from the whirlpool or you'll get pulled in with the mines. You need to be consistent in your concentration toward the game to prevent a real disaster in happening. Trust me, I lost concentration and actually drove myself right into the mines before, hehe.

Multiplayer Option

You're bored and you want a change of game. Wait up there. You can also practise with a few friends! With up to 3 friends, you guys can play a few rounds of Dubloon Disaster together. Pitting yourselves against each other will certainly improve your skill.

Game Options

To make the game faster, you can turn off the details at the Option menu. You can find which options suit you better so that you can achieve a higher score.


Well, that's it for my guide. Hope you people will one day achieve your goals in Dubloon Disaster. Remember to be patient and go one step at a time; don't expect a trophy score the first time you play this game. Hope to see you all on the Dubloon Disaster High Score Table or on the Neoboards using the spiffy new Dubloon Disaster Avatar. YARRR! IT AIN'T A DISASTER! =)

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