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The Perfect Avatar

by only_one_x


DISCLAIMER: You will be hearing the word “Avatar” numerous, and even countless times throughout this article. Please be aware that this article IS and CONTAINS facts about avatars. Thank you.

To some, avatars are a piece of information of lesser value than more “important” things; to others, it’s another excuse to collect for a trophy. But to most, including myself, avatars are a symbol of who you are. If you’re a game fanatic, the game avatars are perfect for you. If you’re interested in Neopia, there are many different Neopian character avatars that would tickle your fancy. All in all, there is just about every avatar to perfectly fit your personality, mood, and taste.

An avatar, in my sense of the word, is your personal logo of sorts. Through Neomail, chatting on NeoBoards, and other various things, dozens of others see your avatar and tend to match that avatar to your personality, whether it be true or not. Say your avatar is “I *heart* Sloth” avatar. Some may perceive you as a Sloth lover. This may be true about you, or you may just like the look of the avatar. I can’t blame anyone for just liking the “look” of an avatar, but to me my avatar represents me.

If you are like me and use your avatar as your “name badge”, then you know the struggle it is to find the “perfect avatar”. What is the perfect avatar? It is your personal favorite, your logo, the 50 x 50 pixel image that fits your personality completely without fault. And so on and so forth. The perfect avatar is hard to find, but it can be done. This is no mission impossible, so don’t go losing your heads thinking,

“I’ll never be able to find my perfect avatar!”

You can. The first step in finding yours is to believe it’s out there and you can find it. Not all avatars can just be found by going to a certain page or clicking a certain link. Some avatars require hard work, patience and perseverance. Don’t give up! If an avatar is too hard to achieve, ask for help. Find others who have gained that avatar and ask what they did or some advice they’d like to share. You’re not alone in this battle to find the perfect avatar. There are hundreds of other Neopians who are on your same quest. Better to be with others than alone.

The second step in finding your perfect avatar is knowing which one you want. Your personality is a big part of it, same with your taste and what fits your liking. There are many sites that list all of the available avatars out there that can help you choose. Once that’s out of the way, you can move to step three.

Step Three: Achieve your avatar.

This may be the hardest part. Scratch that. It IS the hardest part. But don’t be discouraged. Working for the avatar is half the fun. Earning it after long, hard work is gratifying. Some perfect avatars come from games, such as the “Meerca Chase” avatar, some come from pets, such as the “Ghost Krawk” avatar, and others are just clickables.

I know what you’re thinking.


The term “clickables” used for avatars means you only have to go to a certain page or click on a certain thing to gain this avatar. Some higher-ranked avatar collectors mark off such avatars because they are so easy to achieve. But a perfect avatar is a perfect avatar and if it just so happens to be a clickable, it doesn’t make it any worse.

The fourth step isn’t as important as the first three, but can be very valuable to the Board Chatter. Fonts. Don’t be intimidated; fonts aren’t all that scary as they may sound. If you often post topics or reply to them on NeoBoards, then you have probably heard of this phenomenon. Pretty fonts and colors are what you see when others post on the boards. There are tons of different fonts and colors to choose from and that’s where you can be creative. Don’t know how to change fonts or make one? Again, there are sites that can help you with this dilemma. They show you where to change it, how to change it, and even some of their own that they created.

It’s all an easy process once you figure it out, and you can change your fonts and avatars time and again when you want!

Collecting Avatars:

Once you have mastered your perfect avatar (which I suggest you achieve first), you can now collect all the avatars you want! The clickables are the easiest, and I would start out with those first, after you have your perfect avatar of course. They only require time to achieve and rarely cost anything. If you don’t know how to get an avatar, ask around for sites that would help you. Some people have turned petpages into this sort of help.

After gaining all the easy ones, the fun begins, but so does the work. I know it can be a pain sometimes, but in retrospect, it is very gratifying work. The avatars might consist of owning a pet, buying a rare and/or expensive item, or winning a difficult game. But remember:

Have fun! Don’t get discouraged and always try your best! The end result is that of happy rewards and a feeling of accomplishment.

Collecting avatars is a long process, so don’t get upset if you don’t have tons of avatars at the end of the day. It’ll take time and perseverance to have a high avatar count, but the process is part of the enjoyment. Ask around for help if needed, or join an avatar based guild. There are plenty of guilds that are all about avatars, and that is where most collectors begin.

From there, the avatar world is yours. You can continue collecting avatars and even win a trophy. Avatars as you know them will change. They are no longer just a board topic or a hobby; they are your logo. You have opened the door to the world of avatars and have took the first step in. Enjoy your time here, and good luck finding your Perfect Avatar!

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