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Legacy of the Lost: Part One

by kimssuperanimals


     Brother and sister roamed always around,

     Looking for pets like themselves.

     Though they searched for many years,

     They were, together, all alone.

     Their search was fruitless; why is this so?

     This is the wondrous tale of why

     These two Neopets are no more.

     * * *

A powerful, muscular Lupe trotted into a clearing, then sat down on his haunches and howled. The haunting sound seemed to shimmer in the air for a moment before fading away. At this time the Lupe got up and stood there in the center of the clearing, and waited with his whole body very tense and still. After several hours of holding himself this way, the Lupe’s sensitive ears picked up the sounds of underbrush being crushed and trampled under very familiar hooves- but that was all. The Lupe sighed and lay back down, disappointment written across his face. Soon after, a beautiful Uni, seemingly holding the sun, dashed into the clearing, only to stop short at seeing the Lupe.

      “Only you, then, Mafoyo,” she murmured, a trace of hope still lingering in her eyes.

     The Lupe nodded once and said gravely, “It is so, Bilauri.” The Uni bowed her head in sadness, and the Lupe Mafoyo threw up his head to howl once more. When the last sound had faded away, Bilauri questioned the Lupe again.

     “I have not come across any Neopet in my travels in these islands. Is this so with you also?”

     Mafoyo nodded. “This is so. We two, the last of the Gold and the last of the Darigan, are the only ones to know of this group of islands between Lutari Island and Tyrannia. It is good- mayhap if we were known to others we would make a pretty way for some human to make some money, showing us off in a freak show.”

     Bilauri nodded, but answered, “I had so hoped that you had found someone, though. These islands are lonely indeed- too lonely for just two Neopets to share.”

     The Darigan Lupe shook his head. “Aye, it is lonely, so pray think about what you say. Would you wish your life upon another Neopet for the sake of more conversation?”

     The Uni shook her head vehemently. “No, no indeed! You are right, I did not think about what I was saying. No, I would not wish this life- and our past- upon anyone...”

     The two pets fell into silence, remembering...

     * * *

      It was a fine spring morning in Neopia Central, Year Nine. Oyof the Red Lupe woke up to the sounds of birds singing and the sunshine pouring through his open window. He stretched and yawned, then lithely jumped out of his bed. He softly padded his way downstairs, planning on making his owner Athmica a surprise birthday breakfast. When he reached the kitchen, he blinked in surprise. His sister Auri was already standing there, as a chocolate brown Uni. Now this information may not seem so astounding, except for the small fact that the Uni was normally a bright, sunny yellow.

      “Um... Auri?” Oyof queried. “Am I seeing things, or has Athmica gotten access to the Lab Ray and used it on you without telling me about it?”

      At the sound of his voice, Auri spun around with a cry of relief. “Oh, Oyof, thank goodness you’re here! I was trying to make Mom breakfast in bed!”

      Oyof nodded. “That was exactly my plan. But why in the world are you BROWN? Did mom paint you or something?”

      The Uni giggled and shook her mane. “Of course not, silly! This is just cocoa powder!”

      “Ahh... but why were you using cocoa powder, and why is it all over you? You’re covered in the stuff!”

      “Well, you see, I was attempting to make mom some chocolate chip pancakes. I say ‘attempting’ because you know that I can burn a salad... but I thought that Mom would appreciate the effort, anyway. I think I got the pancake mixture done all right, though.”

      Oyof peered at the goopy, green mixture with distaste. “Are you sure that flour was still good, Auri? It looks like it may have been moldy.”

      “Well, since you mentioned it... the flour was bad, so I threw it away. I just crumbled up some Snotty Ghost Toast to use instead.” She beamed proudly at her brother. “Aren’t I a genius?”

      “Er... yeah. I’m sure Mom will think that it tastes, um... unique. So, back to why you were using cocoa powder.”

      “I thought it was chocolate chips, so I dumped the bag upside down in order to eat- I mean, in order to put them into the pancake mixture. But all this powder came pouring out, which startled me so much that I threw the bag into the air. The powder ended up all over me- and there’s not one speck in the pancake mixture!” Auri explained.

      Oyof shook his head in amazement. “You look like a chocolate Uni... that is, what one would look like if they existed. All you need is a whipped cream mane and tail!”

      “Actually, I nearly did get one when I was trying to open the whipped cream... but luckily it all landed on the ceiling instead of on me.”

      “Yeah... lucky,” Oyof muttered, staring at the massive amounts of whipped cream on the ceiling, which he knew he would have to clean up, and distantly wondering why Auri had been using whipped cream in the first place. “Look,” he said. “Why don’t you just take a quick shower while I finish up the pancakes. You don’t want mom to see you looking like that, especially on her birthday!”

      Auri nodded happily and headed upstairs. As soon as she was out of sight, Oyof wiped the whipped cream off the ceiling and dumped the green pancake mixture into the trash. Then he quickly dashed to the store to pick up some flour and chocolate chips. He rushed back to his Neohome, and started making the pancakes. Delicious smells started to waft around the house, and Auri quickly appeared. The two quickly put together a tray for their mom and took it up to her room.

      When Athmica saw what they had done, she squealed with delight and hugged them both. “I can’t believe you guys did this for me! It must have taken a lot of hard work!”

      You’ll never know how much, mused Oyof. But Athmica was announcing something. “You know what? Since you guys are so good to me, I’ve decided to get you both painted!”

      “But-but-” both of the Neopets stuttered. “It’s your birthday, not either of ours!”

      Their mom shrugged, her eyes dancing with glee. “Well, I’ve been saving up to get you guys painted into better colors, and I think I finally have enough Neopoints. Besides, what better present could I ask for than seeing my kids so excited?”

      For, indeed, by this time the two pets were dancing around the room in excitement. “Oh, thank you, Mom, thank you!” they both cheered.

      “Well, think about what colors you want while I eat my delicious-looking breakfast, then we’re off to the Rainbow Pool!” Athmica announced joyfully.

     * * *

      Oyof and Auri entered the vicinity of the Rainbow Pool with their chosen colors set clear in their minds- Oyof wanted to be painted Darigan, and Auri wanted to be painted Golden. They waited near the Money Tree on a cool park bench while Athmica went into the Shop Wizard’s place to buy them both their paintbrushes. They talked excitedly, thinking about being painted their favorite colors.

     “It’s going to be so cool!” squealed the yellow pet. “Gold is such a refined color. It’s so beautiful and stylish looking.”

     “Yeah, but people won’t even notice your style- you’ll hurt their eyes so much they won’t be able to look at you!” Oyof teased.

     “Oh, no... do you really think so?” Auri asked anxiously, before realizing that he was teasing and pushed him playfully. “I suppose you want to be Darigan because you think it’ll make you look all tough and manly?” she asked gleefully.

     “No, no, of course not!” Oyof said not too convincingly. Auri gave him a look that clearly said, ‘Yeah right’.

     At this moment Athmica exited the Shop Wizard’s place, waving two paintbrushes above her head. “Look what I got- Darigan and Golden paintbrushes!” she called. “All right- let’s head over to the Rainbow Pool and get you guys painted!”

     Shouting with joy, the two pets raced each other to the Rainbow Pool with Athmica and the paintbrushes not far behind.

     * * *

     They suddenly screeched to a halt two feet from the pool’s edge and hesitated, looking apprehensive. After all, after being painted they would be stuck that way, at least until they had enough neopoints to buy another paintbrush. But in the next moment their fears were swept away in their growing excitement. Oyof and Auri rushed up to Athmica, crying, “Hurry, Mom, paint us! The brushes might be stolen by the Pant Devil, or something like that!”

     Athmica chuckled. “Well, I highly doubt that will happen, but I know you guys are excited, so let’s go!” All three dashed into the water, sending rainbow-colored droplets high into the air.

     Athmica pulled out the two paintbrushes and announced: “Okay... one, two, three, GO!”

To be continued...

Yay, I made it into the NT! Comments and constructive criticism are welcome!

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