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The Blue Blumaroo: Part Three

by rainbow2skittle


“Look, I’ve said I’m sorry for spying on you, Joey. I-I don’t know, I guess I should have told you about it,” Melissa said sheepishly as she walked into her house on Neopia Avenue with her little brother not far behind.

     “You don’t know? You guess? Yes, you should have told me, Melissa. Because then I would have never allowed you to follow after me like I was a vulnerable baby blumaroo! I’m not, though. I’m a blue Blumaroo who can look after himself. I CAN look after myself, Melissa!” Joey shouted angrily. He had never felt so annoyed or humiliated in his whole life. His big sister had spied on him! How embarrassing! The first time he’d left his home in three months and Melissa decided to trail after him disguised as a leafy bush! Plus, Joey had just met a Scorchio named Tommy who seemed really cool, but just as they were getting to know each other; Melissa spoiled everything by treating Joey like he was a toddler! What did Tommy think of Joey now? Joey cringed in absolute humiliation. As if it wasn’t hard before; but how could he show his face outside now? How could he make friends now after that incident?

     “Please, just let me explain,” Melissa pleaded with her brother, looking anxious.

     Joey just shook his head vigorously. “I thought I trusted you, Melissa.” Joey stamped upstairs towards his room and slammed his door shut, leaving Melissa standing at the bottom of the stairs looking helpless.

      The next morning, Melissa and her two best friends went out to Neopia Central for some smoothies. Kitty and Gretchen were surprised to find Melissa, who was usually a happy-go-lucky kind of Poogle, with eyes red and puffy from crying. Melissa explained to them how her plan had gone terribly wrong, and that her only goal was to help Joey find a real friend.

     Melissa sniffled as her two best friends, Kitty and Gretchen tried to comfort her.

     “You were only trying to help him...”

     “Yeah, Melissa. Don’t worry; it will be ancient history in a couple of days...”

     Melissa sighed. “I just shouldn’t have spied on him like that... now he’ll never talk to me again!”

     Gretchen shook her head. “No way! Joey will forgive you, it just takes time.”

     “The best way to let him know you’re sorry is to explain everything. I mean, everything! From how you developed your whole master plans to why you chose that disastrous leaf outfit. It’s the only way to let him know you really care,” Kitty said.

     Melissa nodded slowly. That was the most intelligent thing she had ever heard Kitty say in their five years of friendship.

     “Melissa, we’re here for you always, okay? Remember that,” Gretchen said.

     Melissa looked up at the two’s sympathetic looks and tried to force a smile. “Thanks, guys. I don’t know what I would do without you two.”

     Kitty and Gretchen smiled encouragingly and embraced Melissa with a quick hug.

     “So, who’s up for another mega super lemon grape smoothie?” Gretchen said, jumping up excitedly.

     Melissa shook her head. “No way; I’m so over that flavor. Mega blueberry tomato smoothie for me.”

     The three broke out into laughter, ignoring nosy looks from other Neopians passing by.

     “Well, I guess that means I’m going to have to talk to Joey when I get home,” Melissa mumbled.

     “You’ll do fine, Melissa. Just tell Joey the truth and it’ll be okay,” Kitty said reassuringly.

     Knock, knock.

     Joey span to face his bedroom door. “Who is it?” he asked.

     There was a momentary pause, and finally a nervous voice spoke.

     “Um, it’s me, Joey. Melissa here,” Melissa’s voice called from the other side of the door.

     Joey’s brow furrowed. He was still irritated at Melissa after the incident the day before. He didn’t want to talk to her. Not after what she did to him!

     “What do you want?” Joey demanded.

     “Um, well... do you think we could have a chat?” Melissa asked uneasily.

     A chat? Melissa wanted to have a chat after what happened? Joey scoffed in disbelief. “No, Melissa. I don’t want to have a chat right now. Something humiliating happened yesterday and I’m still in recovery.”

     Melissa sighed. “Please, just let me in?”

     Joey was about to tell her to go away, but decided against it. He knew Melissa was just as upset as he was, and deep down he really loved his big sister and he didn’t want her to be sad.

     Joey opened the door and stepped aside to let his sister come in.

     “Again, I hope you know that I am really sorry for spying on you, Joey,” Melissa began, sitting on a blue bean bag.

     Joey nodded, waiting for Melissa to continue.

     “It’s just that I love you so much, Joey. You’re my little brother. And when you’re sad, I feel sad. I wanted to make you happy by finding a friend for you. So, when I heard about the new neighbor, I thought, ‘hey, he sounds like a perfect friend for Joey.’ Then I developed a plan to get you out of the house; by taking Flossie out for a walk. The plan was all black and white to me; I never realized that someone could get hurt. I’m so sorry, Joey. I hope you forgive me,” Melissa said, her eyes gleaming as if she were pouring her heart out.

     Joey was overwhelmed by everything Melissa had just said. Had he overreacted? The more he thought about it, the more he thought how silly all of it really was.

     “I love you too, big sis,” was all he could think of to say, his mouth forming a smile.

     Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

     “Joey, it’s for you!” Arielle’s voice called from downstairs.

     Joey blinked. Had he heard Arielle wrong? Since when had he ever had visitors? It was always Melissa who had friends come over. Melissa looked just as surprised as he was, and shrugged when Joey gave her an inquisitive look.

     “Hey, don’t look at me; I’m done with my scheming,” she said, grinning.

     Joey sprinted downstairs, all the while wondering who it could be. When he reached the door, he paused.

     “Oh, hey Tommy,” he said feebly. What did he want? To tease Joey? He was already humiliated enough. Joey sighed inwardly and tried not to hide.

     “I just wanted to see if you wanted to come over to my place, seeing as you didn’t have the chance to yesterday. I’m sure you’ll like it – I have everything Twisted Roses; totally awesome,” Tommy said, grinning.

     It took a few moments for Joey to comprehend what he had just heard. Did Tommy just invite Joey to come over to his house after that humiliating incident? “Uh... what about what happened yesterday?”

     Tommy’s face looked blank.

     “You know, with my sister dressed up as a leaf and all.” Joey sighed. It was going to come out sooner or later.

     “Oh; that.” Tommy chuckled. “You know, you’re so lucky to have a caring sister like that. I’m the only pet in my family,” he said and shrugged. “So, are you coming?”

     Joey grinned. A big grin this time; this Tommy dude actually wanted to be his friend! Who knew; maybe they could become best friends one day! Joey’s first real friend...

     “Sure,” he replied.

     “... and this is the signed Twisted Roses autograph I got when my owner took me to their concert,” Tommy said, grinning.

     “Wow,” Joey said, stunned. “Not that I’ve seen much in my lifetime, but I think you have the biggest and most amazing Twisted Rose collection in the whole of Neopia,” he said, spinning around in Tommy’s room full of Twisted Roses posters, shirts, CDs; everything from the door mat to his blankets.

     “Ha, thanks, dude,” Tommy replied, shrugging modestly. “Anyway, come and check this out.” Tommy pointed to a drum kit in the corner of the room. It was so big; Joey wondered why he hadn’t noticed it before.

     “I got it for my birthday last year,” Tommy added.

     Joey’s eyes widened. “You play the drums?”

     “Yep. You don’t play an instrument?”

     “Nah... I mean, I’ve always wanted to play the electric guitar, but don’t you get scared sometimes? What if you play a wrong note? What if you suddenly realize you don’t like playing instruments and you want to do something else like, for example, painting? And then you just end up worse then you started. I’d rather hold onto the dream than lose it, if you get my way of thinking.”

     Tommy looked at Joey in amusement. “Mate, if you don’t try, how can you achieve anything in life? Sometime you just have to take a risk. And yes, sometimes you might fall flat on your face, but at least you know you’ve given it a shot and won’t be wondering ten years down the track ‘what would’ve happened if I’d just picked up that drum stick, or that violin or whatever?’”

     Joey nodded slowly, in awe of how wise Tommy was, despite his outward appearance. Maybe he was right. What would be the point if he didn’t try? Joey suddenly felt hopeful and couldn’t wait to get home to ask Arielle if he could take up electric guitar lessons.

     “You’re right. Hey, sorry, I have to go now. It was great-”

     “Hang on a second,” Tommy interrupted, his eyes gleaming with excitement. “Before you go, I want to give you something of mine.” He pulled something out from under his Twisted Roses bed. “Here, it’s my old electric guitar. I want you to have it.”

     Joey had to stop his jaw from dropping to the floor. The guitar was beautiful; just as he had imagined in his dreams. “You’re giving it to me?” he asked, absolutely astonished. He would’ve jumped up and down in joy then and there, but instead he remembered his manners. “No, I couldn’t possibly take it. It’s yours, after all.”

     Tommy shook his head and held the guitar in his paws out to Joey. “Take it; it’s practically yours already.”

     Joey simply couldn’t resist it any longer, and took the guitar from Tommy’s paws, thanking him greatly. He skipped home, feeling happier than he had ever felt before. This was the beginning of a new beginning! A milestone in Joey’s life! For once in his life, Joey knew exactly what he was going to do. Whether he succeeded or not in doing so, it strangely didn’t matter to him anymore. All that mattered to him was that he tried. After all, there was no harm in trying, eh?

The End

Thanks for reading my story – it means a lot to me! ;) Questions & comments are all welcome. ^^

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