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How to Juice Those Meepits

by rabbit_jade


Everyone needs to eat and drink, it's just a fact of life. But no, it's not just Neopets that need these basic necessities. Petpets need them too, even Meepits, the petpets we fear will someday take over Neopia! In Meepit Juice Break it is down to you to ensure all the little Meepit children get their Juppie Juice Drinks via the Juice-O-Matic, a complicated machine that delivers drinks to young Meepits. You can work the Juice-O-Matic by rotating the pipes so that the pipe is unbroken and links the juice to the Meepits.

Meepit Juice Break... the game normal people loathe! So many people have asked me for tips on the game and for that elusive avatar now that I have put my fingers to the keyboard to create this guide here for you guys!! *Fingers crossed they'll help! *

The Basics

You will need to link the pipes in the game from the Juice to the meepits; you do this by rotating each of the small section of piping so that they all link together and produce a long chain leading to the Meepits.

There are three basic colours for Meepit Juice Break:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow

    The meepits will tell you which colour Juice they want as they are the same colour as the juice they want. For instance, a yellow meepit would like yellow juice, a blue meepit would like blue juice, and so on.

    Sometimes you will need to combine the basic colours:

  • Red+Blue+Yellow = Pink
  • Red + Blue = Purple
  • Yellow + Blue = Green
  • Red + Yellow = Orange

    You need to remember these for the later levels when the meepits will be the more complex colours. Remember with MJB if you are getting increasingly aggravated and annoyed you can take breaks at the end of each level, so feel free to grab a snack and drink throughout the game. If those Meepits are allowed to drink, so are you!

    On the main MJB screen it is all pretty obvious, but just for clarification, the three end pipes on the left show the colour juice they contain, the number of meepits on the branch in the top right (3 from the start) show how many lives you have left, and the meepit in the tree hollow shows what colour and the meepit you need to feed.

    Top Tips

    Okay, so it will ruin the fun if I tell you the score needed for that darn avatar but let's just say... follow these tips and the scores mentioned and you will get the score necessary!

    When playing the game there are 5 top tips to gaining a score eligible for the avatar!

    Tip #1: There are two handy codes to know when playing. It is not actually necessary to use these when playing as I reached my top score of 4000 without them! One code will give you an extra life, but you can only use this once you've already lost a life. The other will refill the timers of the meepits for you so you can use it if they are about to lose a life.

    Tip #2: By clearing the ENTIRE screen you can gain an extra 50 points each time; this is crucial if you want the avatar easily!! If you do this, you get 130 points per meepit. I would advise doing this as many times as possible during the earlier levels!

    Tip #3: If you DO NOT clear the screen, make sure you get at least 75-80 points for the meepit before you continue or those high scores are nigh impossible!

    Tip #4: You can feed more than one meepit at once. I wouldn't always recommend this, but it helps on the harder levels if you're 'dying'.

    Tip #5: Turn that annoying music off!! It will drive you insane if you leave it on; I generally play without the music but with the sounds! :)

    Level Scores

    The most important thing you need to remember when playing Meepit Juice Break is to pace yourselves. Use these level guides and don't continue until you either hit them or come very close. It'll make it a lot easier!

    Level 1: You need to feed 5 meepits in this level and each meepit has 60 seconds before it dehydrates; I recommend you get 575 points and the only way to do this is clear the screen at least 3 to 4 times.

    Level 2: You need to feed 5 meepits in this level and once again the meepits have 60 seconds each for you to feed them; you need at least 1200 points if you want an eligible score for the avatar.

    Level 3: You need to feed 6 meepits in this level and I recommend you get a score of at least 1600 points. You should still be feeding the meepits with their correct colours whenever possible in this level.

    Level 4: You need to feed 7 meepits in this level; just follow the previous tips and you need at least 2300 points for the avatar.

    Level 5: You will need to feed 7 meepits to in this level with a final score of 2800 points; you may start feeding more than one meepit if it helps.

    Level 6: Feed 8 meepits in total with a final total of 3400 points.

    Level 7: You should get the avatar in this level if you have a high enough score!!

    Trophy Guides:

  • Beginner - 0+ points
  • Amateur - 1000+ points
  • Novice - 2000+ points
  • Expert - 3000+ points
  • Master - 4000+ points
  • Grand Master - 5000+ points

    If you follow the tips above you should be getting at least an Expert rating but with a little practice you will see how easy it is to get the higher ranks and maybe even a trophy at reset!!


    There you are. If you follow all of these points accurately and correctly you should have no troubles at all, but if you have any queries/questions feel free to neomail me!

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