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Flame of Ice: The Story of a Warrior - Part Two

by kaylamdal111112


Part Two: Journey

"What?" Sam asked in dismay. "You're pulling my leg." Even though he tried to sound casual, everyone could still hear the nervousness in his voice.

      Dac shook his head slowly. "You didn't complete the ceremony," he said slowly. "To be painted, you have to complete the Warrior Ceremony." When Sam hung his head, he added quickly, "You weren't the only one not painted. None of the Neopets from Grog's Gang were painted except for Grog, and he got painted mutant. You should have seen the look on his face!" Then, after smothering a laugh, he added, "He probably did terrible on the quiz, and he was the last to finish the obstacle course! The rest of his gang either didn't finish the course or didn't finish the test."

      Sam scowled, not liking being compared to Grog's Gang. He tried to get up, but Dac pushed him back down. "Was there anyone else not painted, other than Grog's Gang?" he asked.

      "Well…" Dac replied, looking around at the others for help. None was offered, but Sam took the hint. He sighed and he could feel moisture in his eyes.

      "There's something else you should know, Sam," a Faerie Kougra said, who just happened to be another one of the contestants. At her signal, a Fire Lupe stepped forward, clutching something in his paws. It was wrapped in a cloth, so you couldn't see what it was at first. But as soon as it was unwrapped, Sam gasped. It was his sword, broken into several pieces, with no hope of repairing it.

      "The sword must have hit the wall or something soon after you were knocked out to break it," Dac told Sam. "Personally, I don't think you were close enough to the wall for it to break like that. But, you never know."

      Sam grabbed one of the sword pieces and examined it carefully. He was sure it hadn't hit the wall and broken. "I don't think that the wall broke it either," he said finally.

      "I think someone broke it and knocked you out, just so you wouldn't finish," said a Plushie Krawk.

      "Probably Grog. We all know how he likes to tease him and Dac," the Faerie Kougra said. There were a few murmurs of agreement.

      "Don't be silly!" Dac cried. "Why would Grog break his sword into many pieces? It would've been quicker just to break it in two."

      Sam just stared blankly at the remains of his sword. Dac was right. Grog would've just broken it in two. Besides, he didn't think Grog was that strong. He was pretty sure that whatever had attacked him in the water was the one who destroyed his sword. One thing was for sure; he'd have to take this to the Warrior Shaman.


      "So, you say that this monster attacked you while you were in the water," the Warrior Shaman said.

      "Yes," replied Sam, who was sitting comfortably on a pillow.

      "You fought it with your sword, and were able to scratch it with it, making it let go and disappear."


      "However, this made you lose the rest of your breath and pass out."


      "And you think that this thing also broke your sword?"

      "Yes," Sam replied, hoping that they would finally get to the point.

      "Well, it does seem possible," the Warrior Shaman said softly, "but it may have just been an illusion."

      "No!" Sam yelped. "It wasn't an illusion! It was real! I felt it, and I saw it. Please, you have to believe me!"

      "Sam, I don't think it would attack you without reason."

      That's when Sam remembered the coin. "I think… maybe he did." When the Warrior Shaman gave him a confused look, he pulled out the coin and gave it to the Warrior Shaman.

      She examined it carefully before asking, "Where did you get this?"

      "I found it floating in the water," he replied. "Why? Is it something important?"

      The Xweetok sighed before replying, "Well, it's a coin from the under-water band of Neopets that used to live around here. No one's quite sure why they left, or where they went. The creature that attacked you probably sensed the magical properties of the coin, and was attracted to its power. Don't worry, young Samari, it probably won't attack you unless you have the coin."

      "That's good," Sam breathed. Then, he added, "What are you going to do with the coin?"

      "I'll hide it away, someplace where the creature won't be able to find it, and where no greedy hands can get to it."

      Sam smiled weakly, but his mind was still swirling with thoughts. No one knows why they left, or where they went. Maybe the creature wasn't attracted to the coin for its magical properties. Maybe it was attracted to it because it doesn't want anyone to find out about the band! He quickly made a decision. "Warrior Shaman?" he asked politely. She nodded for him to continue. He took a deep breath, and then said, "I'm going to go to another area of Neopia, to get a new sword forged."

      The Warrior Shaman looked at him curiously. "You don't need to tell me that you're going to go."

      "Well, just in case anyone wants to know where I am…" he trailed off. The Warrior Shaman understood. However, Sam worried that she might understand more than what he had told her.


      After Sam had packed all the necessary supplies for the trip, he went out to get the final thing that he would take: the coin. He walked out the door, pack on his shoulder, as if it was just a normal day. From the way he looked, no one would have expected he was about to take the coin from The Warrior Shaman.

      He walked towards the beach until he was sure that no one was watching, and then slipped into the trees. He followed along the edge of the tree line until he reached The Warrior Shaman's hut. He peeked in the hut window, to see The Warrior Shaman talking to one of her guards. "Take this coin," she was saying, "and bury it just outside of town, towards the cliff. Then no one should be able to find it." She handed the guard the coin, still wrapped in the bandana.

      Sam ducked down as the guard, a stocky Grarrl, walked out the door and headed toward the cliff. Quietly, Sam followed. He kept to the trees, and even though he made crunching noises as he walked, the Grarrl seemed not to notice.

      Soon, they came to the edge of the woods closest to the cliff, far enough outside of town as not to cause suspicion. The Grarrl, who had been carrying a shovel, dug a small hole. He then took out the coin, still wrapped in the bandana, and dropped it in the hole. After quickly filling in the hole, he walked back the way he came.

      Once Sam was sure that the guard was far enough away, he ran over to the hole and started to use his hands to dig the dirt out of the hole. It was tedious work, but he did finally get it done. Using both paws he gently picked up the bandana-wrapped coin. He carefully unwrapped it and touched its smooth surface. It had a cool feeling that was pleasant to the touch. He picked up the coin and stowed it in his pack, and then tied the bandana around his neck. Looking to the sky, he saw it was getting late. "I'm not going to take any chances of getting caught myself," he thought aloud. "I think it will be much safer to go to the mainland of Krawk Island and take a boat out to… somewhere." It occurred to him that he had no idea where he was going. "Well, I have to start somewhere." With that, he headed off towards Krawk Island's mainland.


      It was dark by the time Sam finally made it to the town outside of the trees. The town outside of the trees was what Sam's village called the outer areas of Krawk Island, but Sam knew better.

      Sam walked swiftly through the town to the ports. He looked across the vast expanse of the ocean water. He began to think that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I'm not going to turn back now, he told himself. Slowly, he progressed on.

      "Hey!" a voice called from behind Sam, making him jump. "What are you doing out so late at night?"

      Sam turned around quickly and saw a Green Krawk sitting on the dock by a boat. "I'm looking for someone who can take me away from Krawk Island," he told the stranger hopefully.

      The Krawk stood up and said, "Well, if it's a ride you want, I'm your guy."

      "Thank you, you don't know how much this means."

      "Yah, sure. Where do you want to go?"

      "Any where, just away from here."

      The Krawk looked surprised, but nodded. "OK," he said. "I was planning on going to Meridell sometime anyway. I'll take you there." Then he smiled broadly. "However, I'll need somethin' as pay."

      Sam sighed and took off his pack. It didn't take long for him to find the sack of Neopoints and pay the boat driver. The Krawk smiled and gestured that Sam could get in the boat. Sam put the remaining Neopoints back in his pack and quickly climbed in. Soon they were at sea, heading for Meridell.

      Sam pulled out the coin and looked it over carefully. When he turned it over, he noticed something odd on the back. They were words that made some sort of poem. "The Tear that Burns, the Fire that Melts, the storm that shatters the call, but flame of ice shall win the brawl," he read aloud. He looked up and out to sea. He knew something was coming… something much bigger than he could grasp. And he had a feeling that it would take a lot of strength to make it through.

To be continued...

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