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Meepit vs. Feepit - Let's Rumble!

by tyleraapje


In the Red Corner... weighing in at two and three-quarter pounds and making his debut here today, the terror of Terror Mountain, the Feeeeeeeee-eeee-eeeepit.

In the Blue Corner we have the horror of the Haunted Woods. Fifteen bouts, fifteen knockouts. Weighing in at two and a half pounds, the undefeated reigning NFA Meepit vs. Feepit champion, the Meeeeeepit. FIGHT.

The Controls

Player one uses the arrow keys to control the Feepit with Z, X and C to punch, kick and block. And in two-player mode the second player uses the number pad to control with 7, 9, and 5 to punch, kick and block. You can change the keyboard settings in-game!

To unlock special combo moves, which can gain you extra points, you need use the following key combinations:

X, Z, X, Z - With this key combination, your Feepit will burst into a sideways flight, striking your opponent for a super hard hit.

Z, X, Z, X - With this key combination, your Feepit will curl itself into a ball and roll down your opponent, sending them flying.

If either combo is timed well, you not only gain extra points for super hits that send your opponents popping into the air, but can gain a small extra bit for the damage they take when landing from the fall.

The Opponents

There are five stages in the game, each featuring a different Meepit of increasing difficulty, each having their own unique abilities.

Stage One - The Blue Meepit -- This Meepit, in my humble opinion, is the most aggressive of the five. If you allow yourself to get too close to it, it will commence pummelling you with kicks and bites. Its preferred battle moves are the Bite, Kick and a Flying Sideways Spin move.

Stage Two - The Dung Meepit -- Do not permit the odour of this Meepit to distract you from your goal. It favours the same attack moves as the first with an additional Flying Kick move. It also has a knack for interrupting your combo moves with its own, so do not waste time in getting your combos activated.

Stage Three - The Faerie Meepit -- This Meepit may look fragile with its pretty wings, but it too can be a challenging opponent. As before, its abilities are the same as the others, with an additional Super Spin Ballerina move that can send you flying and begging for mercy. Do not let yourself get cornered by this one, as it likes to keep you there till you are drained of energy from its punches and kicks.

Stage Four - The Tyrannian Meepit -- Do not let the primitive appearance of this Meepit fool you into thinking it is unskilled in the art of battling. Along with the usual attack moves, this Meepit can also bowl you over with a Rolling Boulder move and shred you with a scary Claw attack.

Stage Five - Fire Meepit -- This Meepit is, in my humble opinion, the more timid of the five opponents. If you get close to it, it tends to duck and cover itself in anticipation of your attack, but will strike now and then if you wait around long enough. In addition to the other moves, this one has a Zooming Flame move that it favours.

The Strategy

As with many other games in Neopia, if you score high enough, you can obtain a snazzy looking avatar for your collection, or simply to show off that you are good at at least one game. With a bit of practice and using the tips/strategy discussed above and below, you should accomplish this goal in no time at all.

Each Stage of the game is divided into timed Rounds. The first player to successfully beat their opponent 3 times is declared the winner for that Stage and is permitted to progress to the next level of difficulty.

You need to damage your opponent with the combo attacks described earlier, till their health bar is but a sliver, then permit them to beat you. Be careful not to overdo it, else you may win when you are trying to intentionally lose. Do this a second time. Then win the next three rounds, meeting the 3-Win requirement to progress to the next Stage. This "lose on purpose" strategy permits you to reap additional points, since you are not winning the first three rounds straight away, but instead sacrificing two rounds and thereby stringing out the game's play-time.

If you are having trouble executing your combo moves, be sure to take note of the animation of your Feepit and time your hitting of the appropriate keys to the actions of your Feepit. If you simply start jamming your fingers on the keys without waiting for your Feepit to get ready, or if you prefer "power up", then you may unintentionally disrupt the sequence and have to start over. I found it helpful to give a slight pause in between each keystroke, to ensure the rhythm was at a good pace and the combo move was activated successfully.

Remember, most of the Meepits will behave aggressively if you are too close to them, so to ensure you keep your Feepit nicely distanced (yet close enough to execute an attack without ending up short of your opponent), always be ready to start walking your Feepit backwards, away from your opponent, after a good hit to your opponent, and if possible, begin your next attack while they are still in the process of recovering from your previous hit.

Hopefully you've found this guide helpful and informative and with a little luck you have also found yourself with a brand new avatar or at the very least scoring better than when you first tried the game. Good luck to everyone!

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