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My Take on MAGAX: Destroyer

by theblackwolf353


GAMES ROOM - What do you think of when you hear MAGAX: Destroyer? Do you think of Hubrid Nox’s evil schemes? Or maybe you think of the mysterious hero, Magax. Or maybe you don’t think anything of it. Well, you’ll have to think of it now if you’re going to read this article. I’m going to spill my guts and tell everything I know about it. You might be thinking, “She gets a 3rd place trophy in a game and she knows everything about the game?” Well, no, I made it my duty to know everything about MAGAX because it’s the only Neopets game I’m good at. –ahem-. Anyways.

The game starts off as this:

“Another vile plot has been concocted by the evil Hubrid Nox.

Evil ghost Neopets that rise from the dead - they will make me an invincible army!!!! Soon the whole of Neopia will be my slaves!!

A little too cliché? Not for Hubrid, that's the way he likes it... but this time he has met his match...

In this game you control MAGAX: Destroyer, a protector of good with a dark background. Who knows why he has sworn to get revenge on Hubrid this time, but lets hope he succeeds. Use the arrow keys to move MAGAX around the night sky, and hit the Space Bar to fire his energy bolt. Destroy those ghosts before they destroy you!”

In Neopedia article #186, it tells of how Magax was created by Hubrid to carry out Hubrid’s evil plans as Hubrid’s slave. Apparently Magax had committed some pretty bad crimes against the Faeries, which he now regrets and seeks redemption for. Magax has changed his ways, and now fights for justice against his creator. Hubrid seeks to now destroy his old servant with his evil armies. Magax fights using the energy bolt. Unfortunately in the game, the only time you see his famous “Darklight Axe” is when he grabs one of the green orbs with a skull to replenish some of his energy.

Magax’s enemies are the ghosts of Neopets that Hubrid has sent out to take over Neopia. They’re Chias, JubJubs, and Aishas. If you run into them, you lose health. The Chias can (and will) vomit green globs at you. The JubJubs, once shot, will split into three other little JubJubs. The Aisha’s don’t really do anything but float there as normal. Hubrid shows up, but you can’t shoot at him. He usually freezes you so you can’t move, sets you on fire so your movements are slower and you lose health, or makes the ghosts bigger. As I mentioned before, Magax’s only weapon is his energy bolt. Every shot you fire brings down his power meter a little bit. However, it recovers quickly. BUT, if you continually fire shot after shot, bringing the power meter lower to eventually empty it, you’ll lose health. You regain your health by grabbing one of the green orbs.

Scoring goes as follows: Shooting a ghost: 5 points. Grabbing an energy orb: 5 points. Payment is 100 NP per 100 points scored. BUT: I have found that the most amount of NP you can get is 1,000. Why, I don’t know. That’s just how it is. Otherwise, if you score under 1,000, you get as many NP as many points you scored.

There is also a little problem. Sometimes in that grid at the top of the screen where ghosts you have yet to destroy appear as little red blips (you’re the white blip in the center) get stuck there, even after the ghost is gone. If you destroy all the ghosts, you can only fly around helplessly until Hubrid sets you on fire enough times to kill you. Or you can do as I do and empty the power bar to lose health. If you notice the blip before you kill all the ghosts, you can just keep flying into a ghost to kill yourself. It’s never a nice thing to do, but it works.

Getting a trophy in this game is not easy. MAGAX: Destroyer is rated as ‘Hard’. To get my 3rd place trophy it took over 4,000 points. (This was over a year ago.) Now, to get a 1st place, you have to get over 8,000! Unless you catch it at the first of the month when the High Score Tables are reset. Then it’s usually around 5,000.

MAGAX: Destroyer has been featured in Better Than You twice to my knowledge. (Note, both times I took first place, tee hee.) The first time you had to defeat Zeirn the Electric Kougra and his score of 800 (No problem for me). The prize item was a Zeirn Trading Card worth (at the time) 50 or 30k. (I can’t remember. Oops.) The second time in BTY for Magax was to defeat Hubrid Nox and his score of 1,400 (Once again, no problem). This one took a little longer for people to defeat. But the prize was well worth it. A cute little MAGAX: Destroyer plushie. (I got a Fire Paint Brush for mine. Wh00t!) After the hubbub settled down, they were worth about 100k. (At the time).

MAGAX: Destroyer doesn’t seem to be a very popular game. It gets harder by the level. It only gets played a few thousand times a day. For some reason, this game isn’t too hard for me, and is the only game I’m good at. (Except maybe Whack-A-Kass.) I’m still trying to get a 1st place trophy, which is hard. There aren’t any little hidden helpers for MAGAX as far as I know. I’ve searched any Neopets help site for answers, but find only things I already knew. The reason for this is because unlike Whack-A-Kass, MAGAX isn’t a very popular game, so therefore people don’t need help with it. You can finds tons of hints for Whack-A-Kass. But that’s a different subject.

Perhaps some day I’ll be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of getting that illusive 1st place trophy for MAGAX: Destroyer. OK, so it’s not life long, but I have been after it for a long time. Who knows, perhaps someday I shall…

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