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Mallow Myth

by mazoku_kuiin


New Features (Our Neopets Diary)

August 12th, 2005

How peculiar, it seems you can turn your Grundo into a Mallow version!

Since this day, you can get a Mallow (Short for Marshmallow) Grundo as a pet. Even though they are one of the cutest Grundo colors, these are still rare and their owners usually consider themselves lucky to own one. But, many questions remain: how did they appear in Neopia, are there any Mallow Grundos related items, how can you get one, and how can you take care of one?

No one is sure how Grundos could become Mallow coloured. The most popular hypothesis is called "The Chia Factor" (TCF). Chias are well-known to have really high mutation properties. According to studies, it seems like Grundos can also modify their DNA while eating an item shaped in their likeness. Therefore, it is rumoured that a Grundo that is eating a lot of marshmallows might turn Mallow coloured as well. Keep in mind this is only a rumour. A lot of researchers in Neopia are saying that Grundos managed to gain these molecular modification properties because of the experiments Doctor Sloth did on them. Finally, some gourmets are blaming Grundo cook Gargarox Isafuhlarg for what they qualify as "the worst gastronomic mistake since dung-flavored cookies." In fact, they consider that the mistake that lead to the apparition of Mallow pets might be in the delicious recipe. These Grundos inflated and gained intelligence, just like normal ones!

There are only two official ways of getting a Mallow Grundo pet, which makes the pet itself quite rare. The first and most common way is to use the Secret Laboratory Map until you get a color change to Mallow. Considering how random the fickle ray can be, it is quite rare to get such a lucky zap. You might have to adopt/create more than one Grundo to finally get your delicious dream pet. The other way is to get a Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ). These quests are rare, sometimes quite expensive and random. However, if you do get one and your wildest dream is to get a Mallow Grundo, go ahead and do it. At the moment, it is not proved if the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water can change your Grundo into Mallow.

Marshmallow Grundos were first seen as a food item, sold in Gargarox Isafuhlarg's restaurant: "Grundos". Four kinds were on sale at that time: Marshmallow Grundo, Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Grundo, Strawberry Marshmallow Grundo and finally, the rarer Tchea Marshmallow Grundo. These treats are made from six marshmallows; the two bigger ones are used to make the head and the body, while the four smaller marshmallows are used as antennae. Finally, a long process of coloring goes into the Tchea and Strawberry Marshmallow Grundos, which can only be gotten with a pure fruit juice infusion, which can only be gotten with a uncommon distillation process.

Marshmallow Grundos were also featured on the "Return of Doctor Sloth" TCG. This card was an "Item - Food Sweet" type of card, which increase your agility by 6, and when banked, could allow you to search your deck for another Marshmallow Grundos (TCG).

You can also buy a wonderful fiction book related to these rare pets: "Marshmallow Invasion; They Are Coming for Meeee". Released on Grundo Independence Day, this action-filled story is about a horrible invasion of malevolent marshmallows, attacking the Virtupets Space Station's inhabitants. Here is a small extract from that wonderful novel:

"So, the refugees were running in Hall 5L0T1-1. If Ishaat did not find the keys to the exit quickly, the creatures would catch up to them, devouring them like their late comrades. Biiren was looking around, to watch if the invaders were coming. The young Grundo looked left, right, in front and behind him.

But he forgot one thing: Above. The Mallows fell from the ceiling, and ganged up on the poor Grundo, keeping him in a sticky situation."

Finally, a beautiful bronze and silver coin has been recently issued to honour Mallow Grundos all around Neopia. This wonderful object of art is a rarity 96 item, and is really sought after by coin collectors all around Neopia.

How can you take care of a Mallow Grundos? First, always remember that these pets are scared of fire, for it will turn them into a sticky pool of white sludge. So, avoid bringing them to Bonfire Night, summer camps or barbeque all around Neopia. Also, always keep in mind that vacations in areas where temperature is usually over 30°C might not be a good idea, because of the everlasting heat waves. (Examples are: The Lost Desert, Qasala, Mystery Island or Geraptiku.)

Try not to zap your Mallow Grundo with the lab ray again, honestly. According to recent researches, the high-speed of the laser might burn, damage or destroy your Mallow Grundo. I am pretty sure you do not wish to see your beautiful Grundo being ruined by an unfortunate hole from a misbehaving Lab Ray, do you?

Battledoming is also a big no for these pets, due to the quantity of poisonous and fiery weapons, melting, or other accidental bad chemical reactions. Even though their soft body is resistant to most attacks, a rough blow might knock them unconscious rather quickly, due to their lack of bone structure.

Fourthly, let's talk about grooming. Considering how absorbent their skin is, using make-up such as lipsticks, eyeshadow or shampoo may give horrible results. In fact, you will be unable to remove this lovely shade of blue you put on your pet's lips. Unless you eat the lips, of course.

Never offer any hot food to a Mallow Grundo. He or she will feel greatly offended. As stated earlier, these pets cannot stand heat, even within their body. Try to use diplomacy when someone offers them a Cup of Hot Borovan.

Finally, it may not be a good idea to enter the Gourmet Club with an edible pet. Competition is harsh, and you may find the remains of your pet on the ground. At least, stay positive by thinking that one of your competitors will be one step closer to the trophy.

In conclusion, Mallow Grundos are lovely pets, even though they are a little more fragile than other pets. There is a directory of Mallow Grundos in Neopia, named "Mallows Against Roasting and Smores" or M.A.R.S. Have fun with your yummy pet and follow this wise advice: DO NOT EAT.

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