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Why Am I So Blue?

by elfwick


When I was a baby Xweetok I would often go wandering on my own, looking for adventure. I was a very curious little Xweetok, constantly getting myself into tight situations from which my owner, Elfwick, would have to rescue me. I remember one particular adventure better than any other. It was the adventure that inspired me to become a Defender of Neopia.

     I had just given Elfwick the slip inside the Pharmacy. She was stocking up our medicine cabinet because I had just gotten over Bloaty Feet and had used up all of our Magic Smelly Socks.

     Well, actually, we had only used a couple of them. I snuck the rest into my Secret Sanctum because I like socks, but I digress.

     Elfwick was talking to the Elephante Pharmacist and wasn't looking my way. I seized my chance and, holding one of my comic books over my head as camouflage, raced for the door.

     Once outside I immediately started looking for an adventure. I wandered all over Neopia Central. I checked by the Magic Shop. Usually there's a spell going awry there. But alas, all was quiet. There were just a few Usuls looking for a healing potion.

     I next went to the Petpet Shop. I had seen a little Noil there causing a bit of trouble the week before. I thought maybe he might show up again; but no such luck.

     I wandered over to the Money Tree. Every couple of days the Ghosts stick a small Neopet or petpet up the tree. I was almost always the one that got them down. I was too late, though. A Faerie Ruki was helping a baby Pteri out from the top branches. I looked for an adventure everywhere, but Neopia Central was quiet.

     There were many places where I could usually find some trouble. I tried the Auction House, where I had stopped some vandals from stealing the giant hammer attached to the top of the building. The Food Shop was where I had put out a couple of fires caused by Dragoyles with a bad case of the hiccups. Again and again I ran into dead ends. I guess it was just a slow day for crime in Neopia.

     I contemplated leaving the town all together. But that was when I heard it.

     I could hear two squeaky voices crying for help. I looked over my shoulder and felt a little thrill at what I saw. A fierce looking Skeith was pushing around a couple of JubJubs by the Rainbow Pool.

     Finally, I had a chance to save someone!

     I approached carefully, assessing the situation. The Skeith was holding the JubJubs over the Rainbow Pool one at a time, threatening to drop them in just to see what color they would turn. The older JubJub, a Christmas JubJub, was whimpering that his little brother, a blue JubJub, couldn't swim. This just made the Skeith laugh louder. His laughter sounded more like a chorus of five Neopets rather than just one. I knew I just couldn't let that Skeith force those JubJubs to take an impromptu swimming lesson.

     "Hey you, let those JubJubs go, you villain!" I shouted as I stumbled out from behind a bush.

     The Skeith turned slowly around to face me. I quickly recovered from my stumble and drew myself into a Fighting Lenny pose, standing on my left foot with my right leg and both arms cocked and ready to strike.

     "Hey guys," he said, "look who wants to play hero!" The Skeith snickered.

     It was then that I realized that those five laughs I heard really were from five Neopets! Four of the Skeith's cronies came lumbering up behind me. As I wheeled around to take stock of the situation I saw each of them with a stupid slobbering grin on each of their faces. A Ghost Lupe, a Darigan Lenny, a Halloween Korbat, and a Mutant Kougra glared at me menacingly

      "Who do you think you are?" the Kougra guffawed.

      "Yeah, baby, what's your problem. We're just having a little fun with our new friends," mocked the Lupe.

     The blue JubJub struggled and whimpered in the Skeith's burly claws.

     "Let's show this baby what we villains do to wanna-be heroes!" cackled the Lenny.

     They all chuckled menacingly, advancing toward me. They were built for strength, not smarts. Even so, strength plus a dull mind can equal great danger for a baby Xweetok.

      My muscles tightened as they loomed closer. When they were almost upon me I let loose my awesome Battledome skills...

      My foot shot out, connecting with the Lenny's beak, knocking him flat. My paw snapped backwards connecting with the Korbat's head and the Korbat was out cold.

     One flying leap and a kick and the Lupe was out of the picture.

      It was down to just me, the Skeith and the Kougra. They came at me fast, but they were no match for my super abilities. It took no time at all to dispose of...

     "What? What's so funny? Why are you laughing? Don't smirk at me like that! How dare you question my amazing abilities! I am not making this up; I fought all of those Neopets! Oh, okay, fine."

     Here's what really happened...

     As the five Neopets came upon me the JubJubs made their escape, all but forgotten. I did draw up into my Fighting Lenny pose, not like it did any good. The Kougra flicked his paw and without any further ado I was gasping for air and struggling to get out of the Rainbow Pool. As I clung to the side of the pool, coughing and spluttering rainbow water out of my lungs, I cringed, waiting for the bullies to make their move.

     "Hail, fellow Neopians," a brave, proud voice rang out, "Leave that poor blue Xweetok alone!"

     Relief flooded through my veins. There standing before me in all his amazing glory was none other than Judge Hog! I was saved. I was awestruck as I watched the villains take no time scattering like little petpetpets avoiding the big paw of a Neopet as the leader of the Defenders of Neopia walked toward me.

     "Let me help you out of there, you poor Xweetok," said Judge Hog, as he lifted me out of the Rainbow Pool and plopped me on the grass, "You should be more careful. Still, that was brave thing you did, risking your life for those JubJubs."

     He had a mischievous twinkle in his eye. I smiled gratefully and thanked him for his help. I couldn't believe that the actual leader of the bravest group of superheroes in all of Neopia was standing right there with his hoof on my shoulder. Right then I knew that I wanted to join him. I would follow this brave Moehog to the ends of Neopia!

     It was then that reality hit me. Just a moment ago he had called me a blue Xweetok! Did I really hear that or did I just have more rainbow water in my ears?

     "What color am I?" I asked desperately.

      Judge Hog looked at me, puzzled over this crazy Neopet who didn't even know what color he was.

     "Why, you're blue," he said with a concerned note.

     I sighed mournfully. "Thank you, that's what I thought you said."

     "Well, you'd better run along home now and dry yourself off," Judge Hog said in a friendly voice.

     I nodded and thanked him again. I slopped back to the Pharmacy, wet, blue, and wondering how I was going to explain to Elfwick that her million Neopoint Baby Paint Brush went to waste on her now blue Xweetok.

The End

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