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by justanecholeft


It was a peaceful day. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and it was a very beautiful and cold winter day. I woke up that morning and put some omelettes on the stove. I made some toast and bacon. About fifteen minutes later, breakfast was done and my four pets were sitting at the table, hungrily eyeing the food.

      "Eat up guys," I said cheerfully, setting the plates down on the table. ChristmasNitemare, my Christmas Kougra, took out her fork and knife and took a bite of the omelette. Her eyes lit up and she quickly gulped it down. Injustic grabbed his plate and opened his mouth. He tilted the plate so the whole omelette, toast, and bacon went into his mouth. It took him a couple minutes but he finally finished chewing. My other three pets and I were just staring at him.

      "What?" he asked as if he hadn't done something totally weird and disgusting. We just shook our heads in disbelief. TirisfalGlades and Ithalah ate theirs slowly to enjoy the food. When all four of my pets were done, they said quick goodbyes to me and rushed out of the Neohome toward Neoschool. I cleaned up the dishes and ate my breakfast, then settled down on the couch and got out my book, prepared for a peaceful morning at home.


      Only an hour later, the door burst in and Glade looked frantically around the room for me. When she saw me she rushed over and shook me awake.

      "Wha... what happened? What'd Injustic do now? He didn't set the school on fire, did he?" I asked, panicked.

      "No, he's... he's acting like a chicken!" Glade exclaimed.

      "A chicken!" I said in disbelief. "Where is he?" Just then, Nitemare and Ithalah came through the front door, dragging Injustic, who was frantically clucking like a chicken. They held him down while I tied a rope harness to him and tied the rope to a marble pillar.

      "You guys stay here and watch him. I'll see what he has and find out the cure," I said, rushing out the door. I ran to the doctor's office and burst through the door. A pink Uni calmly told me that the doctor was unavailable and I would have to wait a few minutes. I sat down in a chair and noticed a tank full of Goldies behind me. I watched them swim to and fro as I waited.

      "Miss?" a white Lupess, said behind me. I ignored her. The little Goldies were so cute... they were waving at me... aww, how cute!

      "Miss," the Lupess said, getting annoyed. I turned away from the Goldies and looked at her.

      "The doctor can see you now," she informed me. I nodded and followed her to a room where a green Gelert sat in a chair, waiting for me.

      "Why hello there," the doctor said when the Lupess left. "My name is Dr. Green. What can I do for you?"

      "My red Lupe, Injustic, is acting like a chicken," I informed the doctor.

      "Well, it looks like your pet has Chickaroo," Dr. Green said.

      "Chickaroo?" I asked.

      "Yes, where your pet acts like a chicken. Just feed him Herbal Scrambled Eggs and he'll be back to normal," Dr. Green said.

      "Thank you!" I shouted, running out of the hospital. I went to the shop wizard and looked up Herbal Scrambled Eggs. It would have taken only a couple minutes except there were huge lines at every store I went to. It was over an hour later that I finally was on my way home, holding the Herbal Scrambled Eggs. Then, a little window appeared over my head.

     Something has happened!

     The Pant Devil comes and steals your Herbal Scrambled Eggs.

      The Pant Devil appeared right in front of me and stole my Herbal Scrambled Eggs.

      "You come back here, you thief!" I shouted. The Pant Devil looked back in surprise. His eyes widened in fear when he saw me chasing after him, my eyes blazing. He began to fly away but I jumped up and tackled him to the ground. We rolled and I finally landed on top of him.

      "Give... me... back... my... Herbal... Scrambled... Eggs," I said angrily through gritted teeth. The Pant Devil nervously handed me back my Herbal Scrambled Eggs and I let him go. He flew away.

      "That's right, you better fly!" I yelled after him. I ran home, protecting my eggs. When I reached home, I burst through the door and screamed. Ithalah's paws were twice the size of my head.

      "Ohmygosh! What happened!" I screeched.

      "Ithalah's paws just started growing," Nitemare said, looking helplessly at me. I ran back out the door.

      "But what about Injustic's cure?" Nitemare shouted after me, but I was already halfway to the doctor's. This time, I just ran right into the doctor's office.

      "Ithalah has huge paws!" I shouted, still holding my herbal scrambled eggs. The doctor told me to get Magic Smelly Socks and I hurried to the shop wizard. Once again there were huge lines at the shops but I finally got the socks. Holding the socks as far away from me as I could, I ran home and burst through the door. Ithalah's paws were at least twice as big as before, Injustic was breaking the rope and clucking frantically, and above it all, Glade's fur was turning purple!

      "What is happening here!" I shouted. Nitemare came up to me and hid behind me.

      "What is going on with my brother and sisters?" she asked me.

      "I don't know!" I yelled, stomping out of the house. I was still holding the medicine. When I stormed into the hospital for the third time, the doctor met me halfway. I explained about Glades' purple fur and the doctor said to buy Honey Blossom Extract. After running all over Neopia Central, waiting in long lines, and trying to get the lowest price possible for the third time that day, I was in a seriously bad mood. If the Ghost Lupe had seen me then, even he would have backed off in fear. I stomped home and screamed in horror when I saw that Ithalah's paws were now each as big as the couch, Injustic was running wildly around my Neohome, clucking like a chicken and pecking at the ground, and Glade was turning rounder. Worse, Nitemare came up to me.

      "Ugga, ugg, ugg, ugga, ugg!" Nitemare screamed, terrified. I screamed as well and stomped out of the house. The doctor met me outside.

      "Nitemare can't speak!" I screamed. "She's saying ugga, ugg, ugg, ugga, uh! What is happening to her!"

      "She has Ugga-ugga," Dr. Green replied. "Get some Sporkle Syrup." I stomped to the shop wizard but he told me there were none for sale.

      "What do you mean there are none for sale!" I shouted at him, still holding all three medicines.

      "Try the... trading post on Mystery Island," he stammered. I screamed and stomped off. Everyone stared at me as I passed. I boarded a boat to Mystery Island; everyone avoiding sitting next to me. I was sure I had the look of death on my face. When we reached Mystery Island three hours later I stomped off the boat and to the trading post.

      "One hundred and eighty thousand Neopoints?" I shouted in disbelief. "I only have one hundred and sixty five thousand Neopoints." The girl crossed her arms.

      "One hundred and eighty thousand," she said firmly.

      "Listen here," I said angrily. "I have a Lupe at home who thinks he's a chicken, a Kougra whose paws are getting to be the size of Meridell, a Lupess who is turning into a fungus ball, and another Kougra who has taken a liking to talking like a Kougra from Tyrannia. I NEED this Sporkle Syrup and you are the lowest price!" The girl looked a bit scared. She handed me the syrup in exchange for the Neopoints I had. After thanking her through gritted teeth, I got on a boat to Neopia Central. When I got home three hours later. Ithalah was standing outside. Her paws were the size of her bedroom, yet she was still her small self. Injustic was running around the garden, pecking up sunflower seeds. Nitemare was coughing, trying to talk normally, and only Glade's head showed, otherwise, she was a complete fungus ball.

      "Ohmygosh! How could this happen!" I screamed. I went to Glade and poured the Honey Blossom Extract down her throat. I forced Glade to drink the Sporkle Syrup, made Injustic eat the Herbal Scrambled Eggs, and put the socks on Ithalah's huge paws. Ithalah's paws shrank to normal, Injustic was blinking like he had just woken up, Nitemare was talking nonsense to make sure she could talk normally again, and Glade was checking herself over to make sure she was all herself again. I sat down on a bench and put my head in my hands.

      "Dream, we're back to normal," Ithalah said, putting her normal-sized paw on my shoulder. I smiled up at her.

      "Yeah, you guys are, finally," I said.

      "Sorry we caused you so much trouble," Nitemare apologized.

      "Yeah, I didn't mean to act like a chicken," Injustic said sheepishly.

      "It was scary turning into a fungus ball," Glade said. "Another hour and I would have been a huge fungus ball forever."

      "The good things is, I got you all the medicine in time," I said. They all four smiled at me.

      "Yeah, you did," they all said in unison.

      "Oh and guys?" I said. "Don't ever do that again." They all nodded.

      "Trust me, we won't." Glade laughed.

The End

Author's Note: Sorry, I was really bored... and this made me laugh. Hopefully it will make you laugh too! ;P Thanks for reading! ;)

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