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Fancy Eats

by donuts_254


Ah! The wonders of being a pampered pet. But for your pet to be pampered, you will have to give your pet fancy foods! The most fancy Neopets always eat fancy foods and avoid foods like chips, burgers, and foods that aren't fit for a pampered Neopet. After you have bought your pet endless supplies of fancy clothing, shoes, and make-up, it's time to talk about food! Here I will list the fancy, sweet foods that you can give to your Neopet!

When you have a party and want to treat everyone to chocolate (even your pet!), then the deluxe chocolate fondue will do the trick! You can dip treats like strawberries, marshmallows, and more. The fondue even has its little stand, which keeps the fondue from spilling over your Neopet's fancy clothing.

Tip: Anything with the word deluxe in it, means fancy food!

Tired of ice cream? Well, it is time you were! Fancy some sorbet? Sorbet, in case you didn't know, is a frozen dessert similar to ice cream. It is usually made from fruit juice, and it has a mushy consistency. Since it is made from fruit juice, it has fewer calories than ice cream! Sorbet comes in kiwi, blackberry, and orange.

Tip: Any food that has a unique name, like crème brulee, is fancy food!

Chocolate Chip Cookies!? Bleh! What you need is white chocolate cookies! White chocolate cookies are smothered in white chocolate, and decorated with strips of milk chocolate. Only make your pet eat one of these twice a day; you don't want them to gain weight! This cookie can be eaten two ways: as a small dessert or snack.

Tip: Any dessert, dinner, or snack that is decorated very uniquely is indeed fancy food!

Fluffy cheesecake, covered in chocolate, and topped with cherries... No! That food is of course not fit for a fancy pet! The right one is the lime cheesecake. The lime cheesecake is made of fresh ingredients and is smothered in lime. It is also topped with a slice of lime. The sweet lime flavor adds that zing to the cheesecake.

Tip: Foods that are made and topped with fresh ingredients are fancy!

Remember those chocolate slices, covered in chocolate? Forget about that! The mooncake is a small, bite size cake. The mooncake comes in black cherry, kiwi, blueberry, and tomato and cheese. The mooncake is a small but fancy snack! It is filled with fruit, and its fluffy texture makes it even more delicious! Best of all, it has a pretty design, and it is perfect for a fancy party.

Tip: Any dessert that is small, but has a fancy and pretty design, is fancy!

Good old pie! You possibly can't have dessert without having pie! But of course, you have to find the right one. One of the best pies to eat is the blue berry pie. The blue berry pie is a fresh pie made of fresh blueberries. It is topped with sugar powder and blueberries. Remember that your Neopet is only allowed one slice per day! The best pie is homemade pie, just like mother used to make!

Tip: Homemade is the best way to go!

If you want a quick breakfast snack, you are probably thinking toast, but a crumpet is even better! A crumpet is a flat round piece of bread, baked on a griddle, and served toasted. Crumpets are usually covered in butter or jam. Some bakers push in blueberries or chocolate chips before baking. Some even add cheese, so you can eat it as a salty snack!

Tip: Always go grilled, not toasted!

If you are looking for something fancy and exotic to eat at breakfast, you should probably go with fluffy faerie pancakes! These pancakes taste great, and your pampered Neopet will love them! Pancakes are one of the oldest forms of bread and are very fluffy in texture. The faeries make these with their faerie magic, and they go perfect with syrup.

Tip: Try to make your meals faerie, since their foods are very light.

If your pet is going to a party, they are probably going to have popcorn. But don't let them eat buttered popcorn! Enchanted popcorn is better, since it is low in calories. The popcorn is so light, it will probably float into your mouth, and so your pet doesn't have to move a finger! But remember; only feed them a bag of it, since you don't know if your pet will get easily bloated.

Tip: Always make your meals light. Did I say always? I meant always!

If you were looking for some other fancy pastry, listen very carefully; one word, éclair!

Éclairs are normally baked, filled with fresh cream, and coated with chocolate. I advise that you give your pets one éclair for dessert. Éclairs come in chocolate and faerie. Only royalty consumes éclairs, so it is perfect for your pet!

Tip: If you feed your pets pastries like the éclair, only give them the pastries as dessert, and once a day.

Now to Swiss Rolls! Swiss Rolls are sponge cakes, filled, rolled up, and served in circular slices. Swiss Rolls recipes are based on the sponge cake's recipes. You should only feed your pet cream, chocolate, strawberry, and orange Swiss Rolls, since those are the fancier flavors, and come in smaller slices. It is normally filled with jam, jelly, lemon curd, or other fillings, and then rolled up again. The spongy goodness will please your pet.

Tip: Teach your pet to eat slowly, biting in an appropriate manner and holding the pinky up.

What is that aroma I smell? The delicious croissant scent, of course! Croissants are great for breakfast or tea. If you want an exotic flavor other than boring cheese and butter, you should try the following: lemon curd, berry jam, chocolate spread, juppie jam, and chokato. The croissant is a flaky, buttery-rich yeast roll, which oozes with flavor! But be careful, because when you bite into it, jam or spread might ooze out on your pet's clothing! The trick is to hold the croissant gently, and take small bites. That is how fancy people eat!

Tip: When a pastry or dish must be eaten with hands, always take small bites.

You are probably wondering where can you find fancy food for babies! Well, you've come to the right place. Custard is a good fancy meal for a baby, but delicious custard brulee is even better! This isn't just normal crème brulee; this has double the custard! It is also layered with a crust of caramelized sugar. Crème brulee means burnt cream, and describes chilled custard that is sprinkled with brown or granulated sugar. Now, when you eat, don't just shove a spoonful into your mouth! Grab a small teaspoon, and eat with appropriate manners!

Tip: When eating jelly, custard, and chilled desserts, always use a teaspoon.

Now, to our last food of this article, and this one is called pasta! Pastas are delicious covered in sauce and sprinkled with cheese. Lasagna and spaghetti are some of the pastas that your pet will love. Lasagna has layers of meat, melted cheese, and sauce. Spaghetti is covered with tomato sauce and sprinkled with cheese. You can also add some bite-size meatballs to it.

Tip: Don't just eat your pasta with your fork right away! Roll your spaghetti around your fork, and cut your lasagna in squares.

Now that you have seen the list of some fancy eats, lets review the basics. Any food with the word deluxe in it, or a unique name, is fancy food! Uniquely decorated snacks are fancy, and those that are topped, or made with fresh fruits, are indeed fancy foods! Any small dessert that has beautiful, and complicated decoration, is fancy! Homemade and grilled is always the best way to go! Try to always make your meals faerie and light. Desserts that are made with chocolate must be eaten only once a day, and not every day! Always eat slowly, in an appropriate manner, holding your pinky up. When a pastry or dish must be eaten with your hands, always take small bites. When eating jelly, custard, or chilled desserts, eat with a teaspoon. Don't eat your pasta with your fork right away! Roll your spaghetti around your fork and cut your lasagna into square pieces. I hope you follow these rules carefully! Enjoy!

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