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Friendship Garden

by anime_cybunny


That day was the saddest of all time during the friendship.

     A green Cybunny, known as Midori, was saying her farewell to her friend, a pink Cybunny, known as Momoiro. Both Cybunnies were in the same class way back in kindergarten when it was time. Kindergarten was only at its halfway point, but Momoiro's parents, both red Cybunnies, had to move to Terror Mountain because of work. The pink Cybunny hugged Midori and whispered, "We will both see each other again soon. Don't worry."

     Midori nodded her head slowly with tears showing like waterfalls. Even though the two Cybunnies were in kindergarten at the time, they were best friends for pretty much all their lives until then. The green Cybunny hugged Momoiro in return, hoping that both Cybunnies would see each other in the future. However, Midori did not hear anything at all until ten years later.

     Midori hadn't changed colors at all during the past ten years because she enjoyed being a green Cybunny. She obeyed her parents (both were also green Cybunnies), went to school, and scored high on tests and exams. The green Cybunny was now sixteen. Ever since the saddening farewells between her and Momoiro, Midori did not make any friends at all. In fact, all of the other students in the school she attended were gossiping and failing classes.

     One day, it was the last day of school before a long weekend. Midori made sure to use her paws carefully when she made the final circles on her final exam - the one that was probably the easiest of them all. She was in Neopian History that time when the clock showed that school was over.

     "Have an excellent weekend," the teacher, a green Acara called Miss Grass, muttered. She filed the papers away in the left drawer of her desk. All of the students cheered with excitement as they all hurried out of the building to chat with friends. Midori sighed at the bright blue sky, with not a single cloud in sight. She knew that it was going to be another long weekend of reading entire textbooks again. The green Cybunny noticed that her usual route home was closed, so she went into a not very thick forest with her green and sky blue backpack. However, Midori heard the sound of water.

     She hesitated. It was unusual for water to be heard in the area because there weren't any rivers around. Midori slowly crept through the forest as if she was hiding stealthily from something. The green Cybunny saw a pink Cybunny watering a garden full of brightly colored and happy flowers a few Cybunny footsteps away. It was singing a serene song to the flowers, while Midori noticed that she was no longer in a forest. Only a couple of fluffy white clouds appeared in the sky over a quite grassy field. Few trees were around.

     The pink Cybunny Midori saw stopped singing and watering the flowers. She turned to face Midori with a positive smile on her face. Midori noticed a few things unique about the pink Cybunny - the pink flower near her right ear was one of the first things that came to mind. Was the pink Cybunny someone Midori knew in the past?

     "I'm sorry for interrupting your watering!" Midori exclaimed. "I had to take an alternative route home from school!"

     "That's perfectly fine. Don't worry," the pink Cybunny replied. "I only remembered this area from ten years ago."

     "Ten years ago?"

     "Yes. As a petite Cybunny in kindergarten, I watered a single flower in this area. I was very unhappy when I heard from my parents that we were moving to Terror Mountain because of business. The flower I took care of since I was a toddler couldn't be taken with us because of the harsh frigid conditions on the mountains. So, eight years later, I returned to this area once a month to grow more beautiful flowers. They're called Rainbow Morning Flowers. It has been two years since then. I've actually lived around here since a month ago after the Terror Mountain trip."

     "Wow..." Midori became inarticulate before the pink Cybunny continued.

     "I knew a friend that was a green Cybunny like you before I left for Terror Mountain. You look like you have been around Neopia Central for a while - do you happen to know a green Cybunny named Midori?"

     "Yes I do. She's me."

     "That's what I figured. It's been a long time."


     "That's right." After Momoiro's response, Midori ran to the pink Cybunny and hugged her. The green Cybunny didn't know that Momoiro actually returned to Neopia Central. Momoiro placed the watering can down and hugged Midori. Both Cybunnies knew that they were going to see each other more often. However, Midori had a quick question before she had to leave for home.

     "What about your education?" she inquired.

     "In Terror Mountain, students are more advanced and intelligent. I finished my education right before I came back to Neopia Central," Momoiro replied.

     "No way!"

     "It's very true. I guess I could teach you a few new things. What do you already know?"

     "Actually, I read all of the textbooks in the school. I'm just going about."

     "Really? You should take the advanced final exam. Is it offered?"

     "Yeah. I already applied to take it."

     "You should be out of school in no time." Momoiro gave a quick smile and a hug. The pink Cybunny heard a large stomp close by, which Midori also heard. A giant Hopso appeared moments later to stomp on the Rainbow Morning Flowers. Midori was shocked and appalled when the first bunch of flowers was taken out by the Hopso's first stomp in the garden.

     "Stop!" Midori shouted at the Hopso before she pulled out two Padded Cybunny Gloves from her backpack. The green Cybunny pulled them on as she raced to leap on the giant Hopso. Momoiro pulled out a couple of Rotten Carrots, tossed them at the giant Hopso, and hopped to catch up with Midori. Midori threw a few punches at the giant Hopso, but she was punched to the ground with one attack from the giant Hopso. What a powerful Petpet!

     Midori's landing took out a couple more Rainbow Morning Flowers. The green Cybunny saw Momoiro also being punched to the ground on the other side. It seemed that the giant Hopso was going to take out both Cybunnies with one powerful and strong stomp, but Midori and Momoiro both dodged the stomp at the last possible second. Both Cybunnies grabbed the watering can of water, tossed it at the Hopso, and both fell over on a few flowers. Water splashed all over the giant Hopso. It was unable to see for a moment because water got into its eyes.

     Momoiro thought for a moment on how to take out the giant Hopso. Midori, however, found a Taokicarrot close by. Perhaps it was going to be enough to defeat the giant Hopso! The green Cybunny grabbed the Taokicarrot, hurled it at the giant Hopso, and waited for a moment.

     "Eat that!" Midori commanded. "It's good for you! It's a specialty carrot!"

     A few seconds later, the Taokicarrot had landed in the giant Hopso's mouth. The giant Hopso obeyed as it crunched down the carrot. However, because of the sour taste, the giant Hopso began shrinking and falling. Midori and Momoiro both knew that the Hopso was finished. Momoiro ran through the garden to catch the falling Hopso. The pink Cybunny managed to grasp the Hopso at the last moment before the Hopso landed painfully on the ground. It looked full of anguish to Momoiro. Midori noticed that most of the garden was destroyed by the attacks.

     "The flowers..." Midori whispered quietly. She knew that Momoiro really enjoyed flowers even when they were best friends as little pets. The green Cybunny thought for a moment on how things would somehow seem better. Quickly, Midori came up with a little song she wrote in boredom during English class.

     Pretty rainbow flowers

     Blooming in the morning light,

     Sunrise after sunrise presents their beauty.

     Momoiro pretty much got the idea of the song, so while patting the Hopso lightly, she continued the song.

     Why don't you show your petals?

     Why don't you show up again?

     Have you been crushed by footsteps?

     Midori went over to Momoiro and the Hopso. The green Cybunny checked to make sure that the Hopso was not severely injured. A miracle occurred as both Momoiro and Midori finished the song.

     Even though it's no longer morning,

     Pretend that the sunrise is appearing again.

     Flowers are beautiful and serene after all.

     All of the Rainbow Morning Flowers, even the ones stomped on and taken out, bloomed as if they were watered perfectly well. The sun shone brightly in the sky before a sunset commenced. Momoiro and Midori both carried the Hopso back to its original home. However, the pink and green Cybunnies found out that the Hopso didn't have a home at all! Midori also found out that Momoiro was staying in the hotel ever since she returned to Neopia Central. An idea popped up in the green Cybunny's head.

     "Momoiro, would you like to live in my house?" Midori asked. "There's an extra room that no one uses. I'm sure that my parents won't mind the Hopso at all."

     The pink Cybunny nodded as a response as she passed the Hopso to Midori. Both Cybunnies were clueless as to what to name the Hopso. It rested quietly on Midori's arms for a while as Momoiro and Midori were on the way home. Momoiro whispered something to Midori. The green Cybunny nodded in agreement with Momoiro. While the Hopso continued sleeping, Midori and Momoiro whispered to the Hopso.

     "Have a restful evening, Mizu."

The End

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