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by neowizard1287


Eamann has just about had it. All of his petpets are being attacked by petpetpets! Your job is to stop them. In this game you play as Eamann, who shrinks himself down to petpetpet size, whose main goal is to liberate his 6, yes 6, petpets from the curse that is the petpetpets. Using your ever so handy pest-be-gone you will help save Eamann's petpets from certain itchiness of dooooooom! Yes, DOOOM!

Now for all those people that think this is like Evil Fuzzles who are really good at it and think they will uber dominate this game, read below.

Now the actual objective when you are in the game is to zap the required amount of petpetpets for the level without running out of ammo or having the itch-o-meter fill up all the way.

MUHAHAHAHAHA @ you. Just kidding, but if you were good at Fuzzles, you definitely should be above, um, pathetic at this game.

Now the controls for the game are very simple. For this game you will need:

  • 1 working Mouse, yeah, a computer mouse
  • 1 hand with working fingers
  • 1 working Computer
  • and last but not least, Vision - the ability to see stuff

Yeah, you probably have all of this stuff, but oh well. Um, make sure your mouse works and all; that helps; and that about sums up your preparation.

Okay, well, here are the 2 basic controls for the game:

  • Move Mouse to aim
  • Click mouse to shoot evil itchy petpetpets of DOOOOOOOM!

Now that you know the controls of the game, you should start playing, but before that, here are a few things you should know to increase your score and help you.

Scoring is based on 2 different point values:

  • The actual petpetpets of itchy DOOOOOOOM! you zap
  • The bonus at the end of the level

There are 5 different types of petpetpets, each worth different point values. They are all still equally DOOOMful, though, so be sure to zap them all.

Blechy - that reddish leech-like thing that wants to eat you... or looks that way.

Itchi - umm, never seen this one before, looks like an orange fly, so um... ZAP IT IT'S REALLY DOOMFUL.

Zytch - that petpetpetish thing with stripes doesn't look DOOMful... but it is.

Bumbluz - that blue fireflyish thing that wants to zap you... not really.

Mozito - mosquito-like thing that wants to bug you... yes, really. ZAP HIM GOOD.

Green Robotic Petpetpet - refills your Pest-Be-Gone when you zap it. NOT so DOOMFUL but it helps you, zap it.

Pink Robotic Petpetpet - destroys all the petpetpets of itchy doom on the screen, EXTREMELY NOT DOOMFUL, but if you don't zap it, um... you will be doomed by the itchy petpetpets.

Blechy - 2 Points. Levels 1 - 6.

Itchi - 4 Points. Levels 1 - 6

Zytch - 6 Points. Levels 1 - 6.

Bumbluz - 8 Points. Levels 3 - 6

Mozito - 10 Points. Levels 5 - 6.

And last but not least, the bonus at the end of the levels.

You get 75 points for completing a level without having any itchiness from the petpetpets of DOOOOOOOM! on the itch-o-meter. So yeah, zap them all and you get the points. You lose 5 points off of this 75-point total for every petpetpet you fail to zap. So while we are on the topic of itch-o-meter, that means if you let 15 petpetpets of itchy DOOOOOOMfulness slide past you, game over.

And that covers how to score. Now if you are ready for this game and think you can uber dominate it and have never played it, slow down and read on; one more thing I need to tell you about.

The major thing in this game is your pest-be-gone, which isn't so reliable. You get 10 shots out of it before it runs out. Which is really 9 to zap petpetpets with because on the 10th shot unless you shoot a Green Robot Petpetpet you are DOOOMED.

At the end of each level your itch-o-meter is reset back to nonitchiness and your pest-be-gone is refilled. YAYness. Now, you will need more than that to score well in this game. You need practice, and some good tips, which are coming your way right now.

Now before you start, you might notice this pattern when you play. Petpetpets come in what I call waves. Now, each wave, you will see 2 - 5 different petpetpets. So naturally in the beginning 2 levels you can only see 3 maximum. Naturally you think you want the maximum, more points for your right? Well, in later levels, if you get 3 waves of the maximum 5 petpetpets, or even 4 in a row, sacrifices may have to be made in order to not lose due to running out of pest-be-gone.

Level 1 - Noil

Petpetpets required to zap - 25

Pretty simple slow moving level. Observe the orange furry scenery when you are zapping those petpetpets. This is a good level to get used to the game; don't worry, it's getting harder. Just be sure to keep your ammo in good supply and when the pink robot petpetpet pops up, zap it for a nice little 'break.' Once you zap 25 petpetpets, no more no less (yes, it stops you there), you will go on to the next level, wooooo.

Level 2 - Warf

Petpetpets required to zap - 28

This is pretty much the same as the last level, just more points to be gotten. No new petpetpets, same robotic petpetpets. Although you may not need it now, practice up on saving your ammo until the very last zap in which you will zap a green. Remember, 9 petpetpets of itchy DOOOOM! zaps and then a nice Green Robotic petpetpet. You will definitely start to need it by next level.

Level 3 - Babaa

Petpetpets required to zap - 30

Wow, grey, much different from the vibrant yellow and orange you have been seeing. Now there is ONE MAJOR ADDITION to this level. A new petpetpet of itchy DOOOOOM. The Bumbluz. This is a must zap petpetpet. More points is good, you like more points... yesss. Now this is where you might have to start counting out your zaps up to 9 because you may find your Pest-be-gone in short supply and you want to conserve every last shot.

Level 4- Puppyblew

Petpetpets required to zap - 35

Yay blue, wooohoooooooo. Unless you liked the grey, then um... boo hoo? Anyways. This seems to be a faster paced level that seems to throw out more Bumbluzes, which if you haven't noticed already, means more petpetpets for you to zap. You will definitely need to use the counting and conserving technique unless you get really lucky and get the lower point petpetpets and don't see many blumbluzes. Which isn't really lucky because you lose major points.

Level 5- Meowclops

Petpetpets required to zap - 38

From yellow and orange to grey and blue, and now we are back to black. Woo. This level is definitely a hard level. This is where I start to encounter difficulty for one reason. THE MOZITO OF UBER ITCHY DOOM IS HERE. 10 points of itchy doomfulness. So if the mozito appears you will have to zap 5 petpetpets in 1 wave which is not good... or bad. If you get 3 'waves' of 5 before you get a reload on Pest-be-gone then it begins to cause problems. Try and conserve and use the Pest-be-gone as wisely as possible. If you can't zap them all, only zap the ones worth the most points. (Think blue!)

Level 6 - Faellie

Petpetpets required to zap - 40

PINK! AIEEEE. Woo. Who doesn't love pink? Me, but whatever. This is certainly worthy of a final level. Lots of mozitos and that means lots of waves for 5 and with not a lot of Pest-be-gone refills among the way. Use everything you've learned on this level and be sure to read below for some additional tips that will help you if you are struggling.

Well, if you've made it past Faellie, I have to say. You have stopped the EVIL petpetpets of DOOM and Itchiness, Congrats!!! Yay. Now you can sit there and be jealous of Eamann for having 6 petpets when only have 1. Darn. =(

Now this wouldn't be much of a guide if it didn't have a few tricks I picked up, so let's get to that. =)

- Before zapping the last petpetpet of the level, make sure you have Pest-be-gone. If you have 1 zap worth of pest-be-gone left and you use it on the last petpetpet of the level, even though you completed the level, GAME OVER. Cool, isn't it?

- If you time it right, the pink robot petpetpet can be used to zap 3 waves of petpetpets instead of the usual 2. If you wait until the very last possible second just as the third wave of petpetpets appears to zap the pink robot petpetpet, it should zap everything on the screen, including the ones you may not be able to see. This is EXTREMELY useful and I recommend you master it. Nifty, eh?

- If you haven't read already, save your pest-be-gone until you have one shot left then shoot a green robot petpetpet to refill so you make the most of your shots and don't take any itchy petpets of DOOM! Challenging? You betcha.

- Self-explanatory, but um, don't waste your Pest-be-gone randomly firing into space. You need it. Duhhhh!

- If you are in a position where you cannot zap all the petpetpets in the wave, only zap the most valuable ones. Don't waste your time on the lesser petpetpets like the Blechy, even if it does look like it's going to eat you. *runs away from it*

- While it may be hard sometimes you can zap 2 petpetpets of itchy DOOMfulness at once. Try doing this at the end of the level to get an extra petpetpet in for the level, or just do it to conserve your pest-be-gone. Wootah.

- Like all flash games, trophies are hard to get. And as you may notice the difference between getting a trophy and getting nothing is about 2 points. Make sure you make every opportunity to get extra points if you are trying for a trophy.

- As much as you would love to blast Blechy a lot because it looks like it is going to eat you, zap the ones that are worth more points first so you score higher. Yeah, that. AND make sure the Blechy doesn't see your own petpet. It may try to eat it whole. =(

And that concludes my guide. I hope you find it useful. Save the petpets! Destroy the petpetpets of itchy DOOOM. Except Mootix, it has an avatar!

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