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Costumes for the Last Minute Trick or Treater

by ngc_5128


Halloween is just around the corner. If you are like most Neopians, you have been eagerly awaiting the annual candy drive. Of course, in order to properly harvest your candy, you will need a costume. If you are smart, you will have been planning your costume for quite a while. If you haven't spent at least part of the last eleven months even thinking of a Halloween costume, then you may be in luck; maybe this handy guide will give you some last minute costume ideas.


Materials Needed: Bean Bag of Nova

Ok, so maybe a Nova isn't all that scary of a costume, but it is a cheap costume to make. It is also a fast and easy costume to make. Simply cut a hole in each of the Nova's arms; one for your head, two for your arms, and two for your legs. If you have a tail, you can either keep it tucked in, or cut another hole in the back, whichever is more comfortable for you.

El Picklesaur

Materials Needed: El Picklesaur Brand Wrestling Mask, Boots and Cape

Another costume that is not so scary, but cheap, fast and easy to assemble. Simply don the mask, boots and cape. Don't forget to put on a unitard (or some other type of wrestling garb) to complete the costume, or you could end up in some trouble; and cold! El Picklesaur may not be the best wrestler, but he is definitely the coolest!


Materials Needed: Soothing Bandages. Lots and lots of Soothing Bandages

This is another fast, cheap and easy costume to assemble. Simply wrap the bandages around your body until you are satisfied with the coverage. This costume has some scare potential. Of course, the only people you will be scaring are probably also scared of their own shadow, or a stiff wind. Try moaning and groaning a little bit as you shuffle down the street.

Bobblehead Toy

Materials Needed: Meerca Brothers Toy Rope

This is definitely a scare free costume. It is cheap and easy to assemble, but you will need a bit more time than some of the other costumes in this article. First, you will need to take your rope and paint it silver, so it looks vaguely like a spring. Second, wrap the rope around your neck. You don't want to do this last step too tightly, or you will end up in the hospital. Definitely something you want to avoid. Try moving your head side to side and back and forth in a random manner as you walk down the street, otherwise you just look like a guy with a silver necklace, and that isn't a very good costume.


Materials Needed: Gigantic Balthazar Plushie, surly attitude

This costume is terrifying! Well, it's sort of terrifying, but only if you are a faerie. This costume is pretty easy to make. All you have to do is carefully cut a straight line down the back of the plushie and remove all of the stuffing. Once the plushie is empty, cut out the eyes and make a hole where the mouth is. Since this plushie is so gigantic, the final step is climbing in. If you have a spare Bottled Faerie hanging around, add that to your costume as an accessory. All you need to complete your costume is your surly attitude and you are all set for a night of trick or treating!

Christmas Kookith

Materials Needed: A large box, some Christmas paper, a large ribbon

This is probably the cutest costume mentioned in this article. It is cheap and easy to make, but takes a bit of time. Take the large box, cut some holes for your legs, arms, head, and a tail (if you need one). Wrap the box in some festive Christmas paper, and finish it with a large bow made from your ribbon. My suggestion for actually putting the costume on is to leave the bottom of the box open. That way, you can put it on like a shirt. All you need is to get someone to seal up the flap at the bottom.

Tax Beast

Materials Needed: Tax Beast Piñata, Pillow case, a few Green Grass Skirts

Another horrifying costume! OK, maybe not so horrific, unless you have lots of NP and are easily fooled. This costume scores three out of three on the cheap, easy and fast scale. Take the piñata and whack it until it busts open. Since this piñata is only a decoration, you won't get any candy out of it (a bummer, I know). Once it has been thoroughly whacked, cut off the head and trim the back of it to form a mask. Try your best to retain the mane. If you can't keep the mane attached to the face of the mask, you can glue a Green Grass Skirt to it. Put on the rest of the grass skirts and arrange them so they cover you like the fur on the tax beast. Next, take your pillow case and write 10% on the side. Feel free to alter this costume by exchanging the Green Grass Skirts for red ones and you can become the Angry Tax Beast!

Wind-up Toy

Materials Needed: A giant silver wind-up key, or some silver paint and cardboard

Another costume for the cheap and/or lazy trick or treater that is fast to get together. If you have a giant wind up key hanging around the Neohome, simply glue it to your back and you are good to go. If you don't have one, take a large piece of cardboard, cut it in the shape of a wind up key, paint it silver and glue that to your back. If the candy-hander-outers mention the lack of imagination behind your costume, simply stop moving and get a friend to 'wind' you back up. Walking around like a robot will help you maintain the illusion that you are actually a wind-up toy.

Neogarden Gnome

Materials Needed: Ultimate Bullseye Hat, Bushy Grey Eyebrows, Long Grey Beard

This costume is cheap and easy, and shouldn't take you much longer than the time it takes you to get dressed in the morning to get together. Don your Ultimate Bullseye Hat, Bushy Grey Eyebrows, and Long grey Beard and you are set. Put on some green pants and a red shirt to complete the outfit. Holding some type of flower and putting on a goofy smile will enhance your gnome-ness. Warning: Wearing this costume could be hazardous to your health; not everyone enjoys gnomes.

Disgruntled Yooyuball Fan

Materials Needed: Lenny Paper Mask, Yooyuball Jersey

Like Yooyuball? Disgusted with how your team finished in the Altador Cup? If so, this is the costume for you. Put on the jersey of your favourite Yooyuball team and then put the paper mask on your head. This costume says that you like your team, but are ashamed to be recognized as a fan.

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