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A Neopian Guide to Disguises

by sweeteepie87


Have you ever wanted to be a SPY? Have you always loved sneaking around and hiding in the shadows? Have you ever been caught hiding in your owner's closet? You got caught because you haven't read this amazing guide to spying! With this guide, I'll show you how everyday things in Neopia can help you be the best spy the Agency's ever had!

First we'll start with the most important piece of a disguise; the face covering. Nothing is worse for a spy than being identified. There are many fake hairpieces out there to help make you look like an older and wiser Neopet, or simply to help you blend into the crowd. Try pairing some Bushy Eyebrows with a Long Grey Beard, or maybe a Hairy Tash with a Brown Goatee. Attach them with Meerca Brothers Glue, to ensure it stays on your face for as long as needed--I guarantee your best friend won't recognize you!

Masks also cover your face, but don't have to be glued in place! If you decide to use a mask, avoid the 100% Fake Uni Mask and Lenny Paper Mask. Opt for the more expensive but more believable ones, like the Happy Chia Mask or Faerie Kougra mask. Just be sure the mask you choose works with the rest of your disguise; wouldn't you stop and stare if you saw the face of a Chia on the body of a Grarrl? The last thing you want is your cover blown because of a second rate disguise.

Bandanas are also another option for hiding your face, but are seldom used now, as spies tend to get confused with bank robbers. Should you choose this option anyway, bandanas come in only two colors, red and blue. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Now, what good spy doesn't have a pair of shades? They don't really have a function, but a spy isn't a spy without a good pair of shades. Try Jazzmosis Glasses, Cool Shades, or if you like real basic, Plain Black Sunglasses. On a secret mission to Terror Mountain? Pick up a pair of Fiery Acara Goggles to keep you warm. Icy Chia Goggles will act like your own personal air conditioning if you're stationed in the Lost Desert. Got a mission in Maraqua? Then Surzard Goggles are for you. And don't forget, Cybunny X Ray Glasses are good for seeing through walls, and Kikovision goggles can see around corners. These can come in handy in almost any mission. Oh, and avoid extra thick goggles unless you want to be bumping into walls. Now THAT would blow your cover.

Now, to blend in, you need to cover the rest of you. (Remember Chia face, Grarrl body? That just wouldn't do.) The top spies of Neopia use either a Luxurious Purple Cape or a Shadowy Cloak of Darkness. Too expensive for you? Try the Blue Fur Lined Cloak, or a Black Long Sleeved Cape. Still too much? Then the Simple Burlap Cloak might be the best choice. There's also clothing for almost every mission placement. If you're headed to the Lost Desert, a Desert Robe paired with a Ragged Desert Cape will keep you cool. A Jetsam Sweater will keep you warm, if paired with a Taelia Style Coat and a Colorful Bruce Scarf. If you're headed to Altador, maybe try something like a Haunted Woods Team Jersey. Tropical Swim Trunks will help you blend in on Mystery Island. Going up to Faerieland? A Jhudora T-shirt will show who you favor. Going to ask Kauvara a favor? Try a Master Wizard's Cape, she might decide to update her look and get one as well! Finally, a Medieval Shirt will blend in perfectly if you're in Brightvale.

And who could forget headwear? Stylish and essential! Invisihats come in a rainbow of colors, Green, Purple, and Orange. If your mission requires a more subtle disguise, then apply the same rule as with masks. Don't settle for the Broken Fake Uni Hat. Hats like the Tombola visor, Neo Baseball Cap or Jazzmosis hat add much to your disguise. Band souvenirs like a Blue Kacheek Group Cap, 2 Gallon Hatz Cap, or Yes Boy Ice-Cream Cap can help you easily blend into a crowd.

Next is footwear! Throw out your Rotten Old Shoes and Boots; if you're going to sneak, your shoes are most important! Fur Boots or Lucky Green Boots are a good choice for your first mission. Gelert Lightning Speed Boots will get a job done fast... but will only fit if you're a Gelert. Forget the Sandstone Boots; they're way too heavy and will make too much noise. You don't want to get caught because of clunky boots! Emerald Krawk boots, Gelert boots, and Bouncy Green Shoyru Boots are good if you're going undercover. Sandals from the Tombola are good if you're planning to be in the Desert, and Firestone Boots will make trekking up Terror Mountain an easy assignment. Surzard Flippers are a good choice if you have a placement in Maraqua.

Finally, the element that is most commonly forgotten. Who's always right there with you, getting into trouble? That's right, your petpet! If your little buddy is tagging along in plain sight, chances are you'll call unwanted attention to yourself. The best method of disguise is to secure an Invisible Petpet Paint Brush. If that's out of your price range, try painting them to match where your mission is going to be. Are you headed to Mystery Island? Get a Island Petpet Paint Brush so your petpet can blend in with the locals. Going to train in Tyrannia? Same idea, just with a Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush. If you'd rather they blend in with the land, try a Cloud Petpet Paint Brush if you'll be in Faerieland, or a Snow Petpet Paint Brush if you'll be spending some time at Terror Mountain.

Now that you have the essentials for a good spy disguise, get out there and start spying! Good luck, don't get caught, and happy sneaking!

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