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A Hot Diggity Dog Countdown

by soglam


Mmmmm. Everyone LOVES hot dogs. And what better place to get them but Hubert's Hot Dogs? Right smack dab in the Neopian Bazaar, it's a perfect place to stop and fill your tummy after filling your shopping bags. And the prices are great! Everyone loves a fresh and hot hot dog! Here are the Top Ten favorite hot dogs, and recipes so you can make them at home!

Let's start with NUMBER TEN: The Chili Hot Dog!!!

Yummy! The perfect mix between meats and bread! Hubert's famous original hot dog is made BETTER with a heaping glob of chili!!! Neopia's best chunky chili is used to make this delicious dog!

Price: So cheap! Only about 200 Neopoints!

Ingredients: Wiener, bun (white or whole wheat), chunky chili

How-To: Cook the wiener, put it in the bun of your choice and spoon a huge glob of chunky chili on it! Delectable!

9: Nacho Cheese Stuffed Hot Dog!

This looks like a regular hot dog at first, but one bite will send a river of melted nacho cheese into your mouth! This dog is a reservoir for cheese! Nobody can resist this mouth watering cheesy treat!

Price: Only 300 Neopoints! Get one NOW!!!!

Ingredients: Wiener, bun, cheese

How-To: Cut the wiener open, then stuff cheese inside. Close it, cook it, put it in a bun, and eat it. Repeat as necessary.

8: Veggie Hot Dog!

Ok, I know there are some people against eating meat, but that doesn't mean hot dogs have to leave your life forever! Hubert's has come up with a genius idea! A Vegetarian Hot Dog still has all the great taste without the meat! And it's a delicious way to get your veggies too!

Price: Still cheap! Only 200 Neopoints!

Ingredients: Veggie wiener, bun, green shredded veggies, veggie sauce

How-To: Take your cooked veggie wiener, put it in your bun, and drizzle the veggie sauce on it! Garnish with shredded veggies to taste.

7: Hot Dog and Beans Pie!

Yum! Who doesn't love pie? This is the most yummiest pie I have ever had! Hot dog slices and delish baked beans are cooked with a puff pastry around it... isn't it making your mouth water right now? This is definitely a tasty one!

Price: A bit more expensive, around 4000 Neopoints. But worth it!!

Ingredients: Hot dog slices, baked beans, pastry

How-To: Line a pan with puff pastry dough. Fill with a mixture of baked beans and hot dog slices. Put another thin layer of pastry dough over the filling, and cook until the dough is golden brown. Take it out of the oven and enjoy!

6: Camouflage Hot Dog

If you're hiding from a band of angry meepits, you're more than likely to get hungry. This is the PERFECT hot dog for you! It blends in with your surroundings so the meepits don't see a nice juicy hot dog and attack the hot dog, and you.

Price: Not TOO expensive, just around 1000 Neopoints!

Ingredients: Hot dog, food colouring

How-To: Take a hot dog and paint it camouflage before you anger the meepits. It's good to carry some of these all the time in case you REALLY agitate the meepits.

5: Watery Hot Dog

Wowie wow wow! It's a 2-in-1 snack! If you're thirsty AND hungry this is the delicious hot dog for you!

Price: only 190 Neopoints! This is a must have snack!

Ingredients: Bun, and... um... a water wiener

How-To: try for hours to get the water wiener into the bun. I'm sure it will stay in there long enough for you to gobble it up...

4: Creamy Hot Dog!

Double cream, double dog please! This doubly delicious dog is delightfully delectable! Two all meat wieners, drizzled with yummy mayonnaise, and put in a bun makes this hard to resist! Two wieners is better than one!

Price: Still going cheap! 200 Neopoints!

Ingredients: 2 Wieners, mayonnaise, and a bun

How-To: Place two wieners on top of each other on a bun, then spread mayonnaise over it. You may want to spread mayo in the bun first, if you want it EXTRA creamy. Yummy!

NOW we're in the top three! This is making me so excited to tell you about the BEST of the BEST!!!

(aren't you getting hungry yet?)

Number 3 is the Spaghetti Hot Dog!

Two great meals in one! A plain hot dog is dressed up in spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, and meatballs! They even use an EXTRA big hot dog to fit all the spaghetti on! It's so great!

Price: This is one of the more expensive ones; about 7000 Neopoints will get you this treat.

Ingredients: Wiener, bun, noodles, tomato sauce, and meatballs

How-To: Cook the dog as normal. Spoon cooked noodles on the dog, then some sauce. Add as many meatballs as you wish to make this delectable fit-for-a-king meal!

Almost there! Number two is...

The Faerie Leaves Hot Dog!

This is for you heath nuts out there, but this delicious dog will float all the way to your tummy! Organic meat is placed on an organic bun, then filled with organic faerie leaves with wings! Mmmm, you just cant resist the floaty goodness!

Price: This is actually quite inexpensive; only 1000 Neopoints and this is soaring toward you!

Ingredients: Organic wiener, bun, and faerie leaves

How-To: The leaves are quite hard to find, but once you do, put them into your organic dog and you're on your way to a floaty healthy treat!


HOT DOG FLAVOURED YOGHURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!! THIS TREAT IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR CAPS LOCK!!!! But I will turn it off now. :D Anyway, the genius who invented this made the best tasting thing in the world! This yoghurt is HOT DOG FLAVOURED. And it comes with some extra wieners for some great dipping material! This is totally irresistible! Completely delectable! Incredibly flavourful! Nobody can go on in life without this!

Price: WOW! Only 50 Neopoints! Stock up on this! IT'S GREAT!!!!

Ingredients: Hot dog flavoured yoghurt, wieners

How-To: Place some cooked wieners in the yoghurt. You're good to go! (This yoghurt may be hard to find. But you will!)

Well, that's the end of my countdown. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

P.S. Nobody was harmed by evil meepits in the process of this countdown.

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